Monday, April 22, 2013

Miscellany Monday

I love starting my week with Carissa and it's been over two weeks since I have done so.  I'm looking forward to being random and sharing some random stuff with you today.

Dawg tired..........
Is this precious or what?  This is our little man completely tuckered out last weekend.  His Momma said he slept for 1 1/2 hours just like this.  Can you even imagine?  It hurts me to even think about staying in that position for more than a minute or two.  I guess you call this "going until you can't go anymore."
Meet Ellie........
While on our recent visit to Gainsville to visit Hubby's sister and husband, my SIL took me to a cute boutique in their downtown area.  This is where we meet Ellie.  Ellie sits on the counter and keeps a close eye on everyone that comes and goes.  She was so precious and never made a sound nor did she ever try to get down.  Her owner said she will stay there all day long. I really could have brought her home with me. ~I cannot remember the type of dog she is, some mix that I had never heard of~
What a man........
    When I heard that George Beverly Shea had passed away this past week, a sadness filled my heart.  I cannot remember a time in my life that he was not a part of.  My childhood was spent listening to his records.  And, I thought he was an old man then but to listen to his voice was a soothing balm to my soul, even as a child.  I will never hear "I'd Rather Have Jesus" or "His Eye Is On The Sparrow" that I will not immediately think of him.   I cannot imagine the rejoicing that took place as he entered heaven's gates.  What a man.............
Lemons and limes......
 I'm thinking nothing says spring and summer like lemons and limes.  So, that's what I chose as decor for my dining room this season.  The faux fruit is so realistic in both color and texture and I get a tart taste in my mouth every time I walk by our dining room. ~pucker - pucker~ 
The Orchid.........
Our doorbell rang the other day and one of our local florists was standing there with this gorgeous orchid in her hand.  It was from a most thoughtful friend that was remembering me in the loss of my Aunt.  I have never had any experience with orchids so we shall see how long I am able to keep this one alive.  I have done internet research and they are very tricky but I figure anyone that can grow beautiful African Violets like me can surely keep this alive as well. ~ grin~  We shall see!  In the meantime I will be enjoying it's beauty while it is thriving. 

Lea @ CiCis Corner
Lea @ CiCis Corner

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  1. That orchid is simply gorgeous! Wishing you good luck on keeping it alive. ;-)

  2. Love your lemons and limes. So bright and cheery and two of my favorite colors! Hope you have a great week lovely lady.

  3. I loved hearing George Beverly Shea sing those songs! He's rejoicing with Jesus now!

    That picture of your grandson makes me long for mine! I wit could see them more often.

    Precious dog and how good she is to just stay there!

    Beautiful orchid, but I can tell you it wouldn't last long here. Unfortunately, I have a black thumb!

  4. I've never had an orchid, so I dont have any tips for you! But that one is beautiful. And so is your lemon lime decorations :) I may just have to pick some up at the store today and do a little decorating of my own! Happy Monday!

  5. Darling pic of your tuckered out little man. The orchid is gorgeous! My mom had several of these and often used to give me cut blooms from them and they lasted simply forever! Love them. Enjoy your day!

  6. Chris gave me an Easter Lily at Easter and I have no idea what to do with it so that it doesn't keel over! It's so pretty, as is yours! That little dog looks a lot like our Bella, who's a Shih Tzu. I bet it's part Shih Tzu. So sweet!

  7. I'm loving the lemon's and lime's, Cici, and that Ellie is a beauty for sure. I'm afraid she would have probably ended up in my arms :)

  8. Cute little guy's "get up and go" just got up and went! I hadn't heard GB Sheat had passed away. I know what you mean that he always sounded like an old man, but that voice was soothing. The orchid was such a thoughtful gesture. Hope you can make it rhrive.

  9. Thank you for visiting me! I love your photos -- that little boy is adorable! I'm sure you don't kiss him much! And I'm sorry about the loss of your aunt!

    Many blessings!

  10. I have lemons and limes on my ktichen island : ) I felt the same about George Beverly Shea.. I can't help but feel like we've lost something which is very rare these days. Men like him and Billy Graham, who never waver from their calling and who no hint of scandal touches.
    I always loved his version of Everything to Me too.

  11. lovely post! such wonderful things you shared! they all remind us to just stop and enjoy the little things in life. blessings!

    Allie @ Framed by God

  12. What an adorable pic of your grandson! He must have really been dawg tired to sleep so long like that. Very cute pic! "His Eye Is On The Sparrow" is one of my favorite songs too. Speaking of limes-Trisha Yearwood made a fabulous looking lime cake the other day on her cooking show that I want to try soon!
    Love the cupcake quote too! haha

  13. So sorry to hear about the loss of your Aunt....I've been out of the loop for so long :-(
    Looking forward to catching up soon!


  14. Awe, what a precious photo of the little guy! And the orchid is just lovely! Praying you have a blessed week!

  15. Oh what a great idea the lemons and limes were, they look beautiful! I called my dad as soon as I read that George B Shea had passed. I have fond memories of my parents listening to his music in the evenings!


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