Monday, January 5, 2015

HELLO Monday...........

It's the first Monday of the new year and I love both of them, a new year and Monday's.  They both represent a new beginning to me, a fresh start.  I'm hoping your first few days of the new year have gone well and you are off to a great 2015!
Now for some HELLO's...........

Hello drinking more water.........I have never been much of a water drinker but I hope to change that this year.  In fact, I don't drink a lot of anything.  I usually have a couple cups of coffee in the morning and maybe one in the afternoon on a cold day, a Diet Dr. Pepper for lunch and tea for dinner.  But, I am not someone who goes around with a drink in their hand at all times. ~that would be my Hubby~  I decided I would try to drink 5-6 bottles of the little 8 ounce bottles every day.  The 16 ounce bottles are just too much and I feel defeated when I pick one of them up.  I know, crazy but hey, the little bottles are working for me and so far I have managed to drink 5-6 of them the past 4 days.  That totals about 48 ounces per day and I'm thinking "they" say that we should drink about 80 ounces per day.  Well, guess what, when you drink more you also spend more time on the potty and I can't imagine drinking 80 ounces of water, but perhaps I'll grow to love water! ~time will tell~
Hello pretty baby bump.........we are only 5 weeks and 5 days away from the due date of our baby girl.  Windy is still doing very well, gets weary and a bit tired but trudging along.  Baby girl still doesn't have a name but we trust by Feb. 15th she will. Names are certainly being discussed just have not settled on the right one. 

Hello growing up.......please tell me when did these two precious ones get so big?  

Hello new house spite of holidays and rainy weather, things are moving at break neck speed on the new house. 
Carpenters have been busy working on moulding around floors, ceiling and windows.  The cabinets are going in but weather really halted that this past week.  They cannot bring them in with it raining but we are suppose to have many days of sunshine this week so hopefully more will be installed this week.
 This is a finished window in the Master Bath and the only thing lacking on the back windows is the trim in-between each window.
Since our brick layer could not work outside he is working on the steps coming into the back door off the garage.  I love them!  We hated to even have steps coming in the back door but since we chose to have a block foundation, there was no way around it.  They have a very low rise so hopefully we won't encounter any issues that we can't handle in the years to come. 
~it's called aging~ 
Things are a big mess inside and out but our contractor is hoping that the brick layer can finish this week and then we can begin getting the yard in shape and pour the driveway.  We are ready to have things as neat and tidy as possible around there.  
Next on the agenda is installation of inside doors and the outside columns on the porch and the one in the dining room.  It's all hands on deck and things are really coming together and it's very exciting.
Wishing you a wonderful first week of 2015!

Lea @ CiCis Corner
Lea @ CiCis Corner

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  1. Good morning! Well I have always been a water drinker over here. In fact, it's pretty much all I drink with the exception of one cup of herbal tea in the morning. I have never really measured it but I am one of those people with a drink constantly in my hand, lol. I started this up about 8 years ago. I think given time you will work right into drinking lots of water. Your dil looks great! How exciting to be soo close. Melody has got quite a while yet but it is going quickly. And the exciting it is. It is coming right along. Most of the fun stuff is left to go in and honestly I can just imagine your excitement. Mine is almost as large, lol, to see it all done. Enjoy your week!

  2. Your Windy is indeed a very cute prego lady. I chuckled when I first saw the picture of her in front of that tree; with her hair blending with the decor, the tree, looked like a floor-length wig with a big up-do on her head! LOL. The windows in your Master BR look wonderful--all that LIGHT! Too bad about the yucky weather, but it'll come together and the weather will be a distant memory when you're rocking on your front porch!

  3. Happy New Year and Happy Monday! Great job on the water, something I really need to do as well. I can't believe that little miracle will be arriving in 5 weeks!! Isn't it funny how fast other women's pregnancies go? The house is looking very excited for you! Wishing you God's best in 2015.


  4. Happy 2015, my friend! There is nothing sweeter than a baby bump, in my opinion. I know you're so excited for the little one's arrival! I just love seeing all the progress being made on your new home! I bet you can't wait to move in!

  5. Beautiful post, Lea! The grandchildren, your DIL with her blessed baby bump, and your house are all so full of hope and blessing as this New Year begins!

  6. Way to go on drinking the water! I love drinking water and usually put a little bit of fresh lemon into mine. Seeing your picture reminded me of my MIL's house at Thanksgiving. She had Ozark water too. It is bottled just like our Arrowhead water. I think they are both Nestle. New baby, how exciting and your home is gorgeous!!!

  7. I hear you on the little ones growing up too quickly. My oldest grandson will be 13 next month. 13!!!!! He's already a good 4-6" taller than me and his voice is already deepening ... there are times when he looks and sounds like a real man. Nooooooooooooooooooooo!!! But I love that he still loves his Nana, still loves getting and giving hugs.

  8. House is looking good. I tried the water thing....I really did. I do okay in the summer but just can't seem to manage all that water in the winter so I do hot unsweetened green tea, I'm hoping it's a good compromise. You've got to be getting excited about that new little one, have a good week


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