Friday, April 8, 2016

Pet Peeves

I'm always thinking of content for blog posts and thought that sharing some of my pet peeves might be a fun and interesting post.  I mean, we all have them, so why not just put them out there.  Hope you enjoy!
1. It is so aggravating to buy an item and the price sticker is attached like it was applied with super glue.  I mean, can't they apply all price stickers with easy removal adhesive.  And, I've even bought cloth place mats that had price stickers that made the biggest mess and practically ruined the place mat in the process of removing it.  Aggravation!
2. Now, if you are guilty of this, then I do apologize in advance.  But, I do not think Facebook is the appropriate place for an unspoken prayer request.  It is so interesting to me how folks will put on there that they have an IMMEDIATE prayer need but either won't or can't share what it is.  Well, to me, that is the type of prayer request that  needs to be shared with your closest of friends or perhaps no one.  I have had prayer concerns in my life that were never shared with anyone outside of the Lord.  All a post like that does is cause folks to wonder and imagine what in the world the need is and often they conjure up something entirely wrong.  Just my thoughts.........
3. And, speaking of Facebook, why on earth can't we change our profile picture without anyone knowing it and it not be published for everyone to see.  I like to change mine but I HATE that I cannot do it privately.  I think it can appear a bit self proclaiming.  Ugh!
4. I am big on having a ticket for any and all purchases that I make and that includes gas.  But, more times than not when I go to pump my gas the pump is out of paper and as a result I do not get a receipt.  In fact, it's gotten to where I am actually surprised when I do get a receipt.
5. I think there should be a law against automated customer service.  When I call a business, I WANT to talk to an English speaking individual.  I do not want to have to listen to choices and punch the appropriate number.  I applaud any business that still pays an individual to route their calls and on the other end is a helpful person.
6. I am not a speed demon by any stretch of the imagination.  I do go the speed limit most of the time and if I am not I certainly do not drive in the left hand lane.  It is more than aggravating when someone is driving leisurely along in the left hand lane blocking others from passing someone else.  It's their choice to drive under the speed limit for sure but they need to do it in the right hand lane.
7. And, last but not least..........if I am attending a function and it is suppose to start at a given time then I am more than appreciative that it does start at the stated time.  I have been to affairs that started as much as 15+ minutes late with no explanation, which left me thinking that they just weren't conscious of other folks time, nor did they care.    Most everyone's time is precious to them and just as valuable as anyone else's.  Some folks seem to think their time is all that matters.  Nope, that's wrong!

Okay, there you have a few of my pet peeves.  I'm betting I might have hit upon one or two of yours as well.  
NOTE: I may or may not get another blog post done before I fly out to Virginia on Monday.  Just know I'll have all kinds of fodder when I return.

Happy Weekend!!!!

Lea @ CiCis Corner
Lea @ CiCis Corner

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  1. Lea... you and I are on the same page when it comes to pet peeves. I want to add one. How about the person (I hate to admit it, but women are most guilty) who waits to see the grand total on the register and THEN decides to start looking for their wallet. Or worse, starts looking for their checkbook, asks for the date, and takes their sweet little time writing the check. I think checks should be banned from grocery stores. Hmpf. I feel a lot better, now. Have a great weekend, dear Lea.

  2. Yes, we do share some of the same ones, Lea! I actually had a dream with you in it last night. Alise and I came and stayed at your house (only in my dream it really wasn't your house) for the weekend and Corey Feldman - an old 80's actor from my day - was there as well with his entourage. Weird and so random!

  3. #3 I agree and delete the subsequent post that announces that I've changed my profile or cover photo.

    #6 and I agree with you again ... it's illegal to use the left lane in Illinois except when passing or to take an exit.

  4. Well we can be friends in real life because we have a lot of the same pet peeves! Although I have to say, I like it when I'm given the option of a receipt. I end up having quite a stack of receipts in my purse that I don't really need. These days a receipt isn't even needed to make a return.
    We're off to Nashville and Memphis in the morning so if I'm a no show at 'my place' you know why. ;)
    Have a great weekend and safe travels!

  5. Completely with you on the profile picture announcement. I just sometimes want a change but it appears it's all about getting compliments if it's a face picture (as opposed to flowers or something). It also feels like others are wanting compliments or at least comments when they change their profile pic. That's why I don't change mine as often as I'd really like. I don't usually care if I get a paper receipt. If I don't, I'm glad it's not automatic. I appreciate that events start on time as well. Shows respect for people.

  6. Keeping you prayer for traveling...and no Facebook here...smiles

  7. You hit some of mine too. The stickers that are not easy to remove and customer service recordings...totally agree! Safe travels, Lea!

  8. Well you certainly have hit a few of mine that's for sure, lol. Just today I was removing the sticker from the bottom on a new glass bowl I bought and I practically had to take a chisel to it to get it off. Not really but close. It definitely threatened my fresh nail polish that's for sure. And I have never changed my profile picture believe it or not. I like that pic of me and there aren't many that I do that's for sure, lol. And truthfully nothing aggravates me quite like not being able to get a live voice on the phone....soo frustrating. Sure hope you have a good time on your trip!

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  10. Lea, good ones! Especially #7. Especially when they're waiting for latecomers. I say, Don't penalize the people who were considerate enough to arrive on time by making them wait for the people who couldn't be bothered!

  11. Lea, good ones! Especially #7. Especially when they're waiting for latecomers. I say, Don't penalize the people who were considerate enough to arrive on time by making them wait for the people who couldn't be bothered!


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