Monday, July 10, 2017

10 Daily Habits - 10 on the 10th

I'm linking up with sweet Erin today for her 10 on the 10th link up.  July's is
10 daily habits.  Well, since I'm such a creature of habit, I had to link up this month.

1 - My first daily habit is heading straight to the coffee pot once my feet hit the floor, around 5:30AM.   I can't imagine imagine starting my day without a cup of coffee.

2 - With coffee in hand I go to spend some time in the Word and in prayer. I struggle at times to make sure that, even though this has been a habit of mine for years and years, that it is more than a habit. I want it to be a special time for me and the Lord to begin my days.

3 - I am then off to shower, do my makeup, grab another cup of java and then make the bed and tidy up our bedroom.

4 - Normally, it is my habit to go and get on the glider for 30 minutes and enjoy a Hallmark movie while doing so.  But, right now, while my eyes are healing that isn't allowed, but I'm hopeful after Aug. 5th to be "back at it."

5 - I then get dressed for the day and depending on what my plans are as to what I wear.  But, it's my pretty much my habit to wear earrings, necklace and bracelet with whatever I wear.  I do love accessorizing. ~chuckle~

6 - I have a habit of making a list for any errands I need to do each day and shortly after dressing I'm usually off to get started on those.  I like to get errands done early in the day. And, 4-5 afternoons a week I go and spend some time with my sweet Daddy.

7- I stop by my desktop computer 2-3 times in the morning and another 2-3 times in the afternoon.  Those stops include checking my email, scanning through Facebook and doing any needed Quickbooks work.

8 -   I take a sweep by the laundry room to see if there is any that needs to be done.  I do not generally do laundry every day.  It's just the two of us, so I probably do laundry 3-4 times a week.

9 - I always think about what we'll do or what we'll have for dinner early in the day.  If we're going to actually have a meal then I want to take the meat out of the freezer in the morning and sort of think through what we'll have with it.  But, least you think this is a daily habit, let me tell you that 2-3 times a week we enjoy a sandwich and chips while watching the news in our comfy  chairs. Ah, we earned this right and we enjoy it. ~chuckle~

10 - If we have no plans after our dinner then I change into what I call my lounging clothes, settle back into my comfy chair, play on my laptop, watch a little TV, head to do the face washing and skin care routine and eventually off to bed so I can get up and do it all over again. ~smile~

So, in my last 2 posts you have learned even more about me, be that good or bad. ~smile~

Lea @ CiCis Corner
Lea @ CiCis Corner

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  1. Lounging clothes are the BEST!! Happy Monday beautiful!

  2. Ha! I like to accessorize, too, no matter what I'm wearing! I feel naked without my watch and bracelets!!

  3. You are so organized but I did know that about you. Watching a Hallmark movie while exercising is a great idea. I've never been in the habit of having coffee or tea in the morning. Most days I never have any at all and now I'm only allowed decaf. I usually do laundry one day a week and I never watch the news.

  4. I USED to like to accessorize too, but not anymore, lol. I USED to put on my make-up every day as well. But these days, I only put it on if I am leaving the house which is just not everyday..more like a couple times a week (now this does not include week-ends...hubby is home on week-ends, and we are usually on something and then it goes on right after my shower) Morning time prayer and time in the Word is ALWAYS a good start to the day though. I wash our towels every other day, but other then that laundry is only done once a week. Sheets and I rotate rugs are done every other. When I think of the days of laundry for 4 kids, goodness I feel like I barely even do it these days, lol. Have a good week Lea!

  5. haha, I love the we earned the right to do it, and we do, I am so going to use this :) What?! No Hallmark movies that needs to get fixed fast :) Those are my favorite.

  6. Starting the day off with coffee, in the Word and prayer -- I'm right there with you.

  7. Love love love your daily habits and I smiled at your "chuckle" notes. I totally want to come over and watch Hallmark movies with you and enjoy a sandwich by the tv! You have earned the right and I hope to someday too - chuckle ;). So glad we connected! I will continue to pray for your eyes to heal in good time! xoxo ERIN

  8. I love to get into my "comfy's" once dinner is cleaned up and we are home to stay. I love that you stay active on your glider. I have a stationary bike that I'm not very good at remembering to ride... someday hopefully.


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