Monday, September 16, 2019

Inquiring Minds Want to Know!

I have been "missing in action" lately and I do apologize but I just have not been in a "blogging" state of mind.  And, as I've stated before, blogging is purely fun for me and  if I feel that I "have" to, it ceases to be enjoyable.  So, hang in there, I'll at least try to make my posts enjoyable for you when I do blog.

Today's entry was another "FaceBook find" and I thought it would make a great blog entry. And, I always enjoy reading this type entries from others as it's a way to get to know them better.  

▪️First job - Well, as a teenager I babysat, cleaned houses and did a couple of neighbor's ironing.  My first job at an established business at the age of 16 was for Kroger's as a checker.  And, my first job as a young married was a teacher's aide.  I've done a little bit of everything over the years.

▪️Current job -Domestic Engineer, keeping the "home fires" burning and CFO of my husband's insurance business.  That means I pay the bills for him and make sure payroll info gets to proper authorities. 

 ▪️Dream Job - I have always thought I'd love to be a nurse and in all my years of care giving I have often thought that I had earned that degree. ~smile~  But, I'm pretty content with my life just as it is.

▪️Favorite food - Bacon and anything with bacon in it.  Love me some bacon!

▪️Favorite dog - Hands down, a Golden Doodle.  I'm not really a "pet" person but if I were, I would have a miniature doodle.  I'm pretty sure they think they are human.

▪️Favorite footwear-I'm a big fan of Michael Kors shoes, they are very stylish and comfortable.

▪️Favorite Candy - The ooey, gooey Turtle candy. I never, ever eat them but they have just the right amount of everything I like, chocolate, pecans, and caramel. And, they have just come out with "Turtle bites" and I did buy a bag of those the other day but have only eaten one.  Shucks, even the bites have 55 calories in them and they are just that, a bite.  But, ever so often, just a bite will do. 

▪️Favorite Ice Cream- Blue Bell Vanilla and slivered almonds make it all the better.

▪️Your Vehicle color - Pearl white and I'm pretty sure it is the most popular color of vehicles on planet earth.  There's sure nothing unique about it.

▪️Night owl or early bird - Early bird, I've always loved the early morning and am most productive in the early hours of the day. 

▪️Favorite day of the week- Even though I do not work outside the home, I still seem to really enjoy Saturdays. But, it really depends on the week.

▪️Tattoos - Well, not unless you count permanent makeup.  I've had my eyeliner, eyebrows, and lips all tattooed and, might I add, the eyebrows and eyeliner were bearable but the lips, Oh, my goodness, NOT worth the pain I endured. ~just sayin'~

▪️Like to cook -Well, I don't mind cooking and am definitely not a gourmet cook, just plain and ordinary.  I LOVE to bake and feel I'm a much better baker than cook.

▪️Can you drive a stick shift- Indeed I can, it's what I learned to drive on and it was in the hills of Virginia.  Oh, my, it was an experience to say the least.

▪️Favorite color - A blue gray but my closet screams black and white. ~chuckle~

▪️Do you like vegetables -There's few if any vegetables that I do not like.  I could live off veggies for sure!

▪️Do you wear glasses- Only readers and sunglasses.  I can't make it without either of them.

▪️Favorite season- It's a tie between Fall and Spring.  I'm always excited for both of them to arrive.

I'm betting you found out something about me that you didn't know.  And, I can't close without sharing a picture of our little Case.

Indeed, he is one very LOVED little boy.  He'll be a month old Thursday.

Lea @ CiCis Corner
Lea @ CiCis Corner

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  1. Such a precious Baby Boy! I can't believe he is nearly a month old! I know you can't wait to get your hands on him again!

  2. Spring and Fall are my favorites too. Fun questions and answers.

  3. OH Case is adorable! I love learning new things about you! Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

  4. Domestic Engineer??? I think not, dear Lea. More like Domestic Goddess!!!!

  5. Oh my gosh, that baby is to die for! I think we're on the same wave length as far as blogging regularly goes. I just can't seem to find the time or inclination to sit and update. But I did today, as did you! ;) White is the only color car to own - for some reason it stays cleaner longer! I'm loving that Fall is upon us here in the PNW!

  6. A month old -- already! He is beautiful.

    Like you, I am a morning person and I am most productive between dawn and lunchtime.

  7. Case is sooo handsome. I’m with you on so many here...early bird all the way. Now, I wanna fry up some bacon too. Yum! May your week be off and running to a sweet start!

  8. Enjoyed reading your answers and might try it on my blog. I need a prompt to get back in the groove. So happy your new little man is doing welll...what a cutie!

  9. I have been MIA too! Just had lots going on (some not so good) and also couldn't think of anything to blog about! I did write a new post today:) That sure is a precious little baby boy. My baby boy is now 16 but seems like not so long ago he was our sweet baby. Time has a way of getting away from us! My car (Explorer) is also Pearl White. Grandkids used to play a game choosing a color and then counting every car/truck they saw that color. Grandson (smart kid) always chose white...and he always won!!! As for ice cream...I could live on that stuff...but favorite is either BLUE BELL Butter Pecan or Chocolate Almond. We CRAVE Blue Bell!!!! So fun to read all your answers.

  10. Case is darling, congrats again :) Also my cousin from TX swears Blue Bell is the best ice cream!!!

  11. I absolutely adored this post, Lea, and indeed found that we have a lot in common, love Michael Kors shoes, same breed of dog, candy, veggies, seasons, could go on. Thanks for sharing, I feel the same about blogging, it is something I do for fun.
    Your little Case is so precious!

  12. Congrats on Case's arrival! He couldn't be more precious! I sure did enjoy reading this post and getting to know you a bit better, Lea! I'm leaving here with a smile, and a craving for bacon and ice cream! :) Wishing you a wonderful weekend ahead! xo!

  13. Tattooed make-up! Did a make-up artist do it?

    Sweet baby!


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