Wednesday, August 19, 2020

The Wednesday Hodgepodge

From this Side of the Pond

It's Wednesday and that means it's Hodgepodge time.  Enjoy!

1. Five years ago this month hubs and I relocated from New Jersey to the Palmetto State. What were you doing five years ago this month?

On August 14, 2015 we moved in to this house.  We had been in our former house for 35 years and had spent a couple of years working on the plans for this house.  It was a HUGE move but we have so enjoyed these past 5 years.  We were still unpacking boxes, and getting settled when we got a phone call from our daughter that she had just gone into labor and that we needed to head that way. Coleman was due the first week of Oct. but decided to make his entrance on August 31, 2015.  So, off we went and believe it or not, they had just moved from Texas to OKC (like 2 days before), and they had boxes on top of boxes and they needed us to start unpacking and get their house in some kind of order.  I look back on it and cannot believe we survived all of it but we all know that's just what parents do.  It makes me tired just recalling it. ~chuckle~

2. What was the last 9-5 job you worked? Tell us about it.
Well, we are really digging up memories today for sure.  My last job was a bank teller, a job I had until I "retired" to enter Motherhood 43 years ago this month.  And, in those days, it was an 8-2 job.  It was the greatest job on earth and I so enjoyed my banking days.  

3. Plead the fifth, high five, take five, it's five o'clock somewhere, or the big 5-0...which number five phrase relates to your life in some way currently? Tell us how.
I think I would have to say "plea the fifth" and that's rare but there have been a few times in the past months that I have had to "plea the fifith" when things turned political. Now, that's mentally, not verbally.  I just choose to keep my mouth shut.

4. During this season of spending so much time at home, what distractions get in the way of being your most productive? Or have you been extra productive since this whole thing started?
I would have to say I feel I have been very productive.  The first few weeks I cleaned out, straightened up and reorganized things that were already organized. ~no joke~  I have baked and baked and baked some more and I picked up crocheting again.  I did get distracted with the Netflix series, Anne With An E at the very first of the pandemic.  But, I'm much happier with busy hands than idle hands. 

5. Give us a list here of your top five anything.
These were the first 5 things to come to my mind and I'm sure our country's current state of affairs had a lot to do with that. 

5 Day Makers
1 - Start your day with a quiet time with the Lord. It's a difference maker!
2 - Do something nice for someone everyday.
3 - Always be kind.
4 - Always be encouraging.
5 - Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

6. Insert your own random thought here.

We were in Oklahoma last week and while we were there we celebrated this little guy's 1st birthday.  His actual birthday is this Friday but since we were there Bridget decided to go ahead and celebrate.  He had no reservations at all about digging into his smash cake.  He is the happiest little guy and totally mesmerized by his two older brothers.


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  1. Great 5 Day Makers! 2015 was a busy year for you. It is a blessing to have parents to call on when you need help and to know they will just take care of what needs doing. Your grandson looks so happy with his smash cake and like he is actually interested in eating it, unlike some I have seen. Happy Birthday to him!

  2. I love your Day Maker list and sounds like you're always busy - 2015 especially. We could have that scenario this year - we're in the process of moving, and our daughter and her wife are also looking to move and are expecting a 2nd baby at the end of November. I think things could get hectic! lol. Your grandson is very cute. I've only just come across the idea of smash cakes - it's not a thing here in the UK - yet! Enjoyed your post.

  3. Love the Day Maker! And oh that little one is just too cute. I want to just kiss his little cheeks. If you and I could spend a day together baking girl....WE WOULD HAVE A FREEZER full of goodies! LOL! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  4. 2015 sure was a busy time for you! I agree with you on just choosing to keep my mouth shut when it comes to politics, things are just too ugly out there and opinions are stronger than ever. I absolutely love the photos, he is so precious! I hope you have a great day :)

  5. What precious birthday pictures. So glad you were able to celebrate with your little guy! I like your list. I honestly cannot imagine trying to navigate these crazy times without my faith. Have a great day!

  6. I remember that time in 2015 when you were meeting yourself coming and going. Isn't it good to look back and know you survived it. We will one day look back on this period and be grateful we survived it as well. Without faith and a hope in our eternal future, our outcome would be different. Love seeing that precious, happy boy.

  7. Kids with their smash cakes are always SO cute. Your little guy is adorable! It was great that you were there to celebrate! This was a fun Hodgepodge!!

  8. I love your day maker list. We were moving at the same time! Your grandson is so cute!

  9. So glad you were able to celebrate with your grandson...Love those pictures.
    Honestly, don't know how people are making it through life without their faith.

  10. Your "5 Daymakers" are excellent advice for all of us, and especially during this political climate!

    I remember when you were unpacking at your current house and got the call to help Bridget. But I had forgot that they, too, had just moved, too! That was indeed a wild time for all of you!

  11. What an absolute doll your birthday boy is. Love that baby chubs. Wishing him a healthy, happy year.
    That must have been a huge move 5 years ago, and then to be called away just as you were settling in. But for good reason!
    My sister was a bank teller right after college. She enjoyed the job, too. I always thought I would like to try it. Being a librarian was a fabulous job for me.


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