Tuesday, September 1, 2020

August Prime Purchases

Can you believe, it's the first Tuesday of Sept and also the first day of Sept. What a year this has been and I don't want to rush time, but I'm ready for 2021 to get here and hopefully bring with it, some kind of normalcy.  We can always hope can't we?  But, for today, I'll share with you some of my Prime Purchases.


I'm pretty sure I have shared these sheets with you before, but I ordered a couple more sets and wanted to make sure you hear about them again.  These sheets are just great and for such an affordable price. And, they have such a great color selection.  I like to match my sheets to the bedding and with all these color choices, that's pretty easy.  If you are in need of sheets, then you just might want to give these a try.


I love touchless soap dispensers and just ordered this one for our guest bathroom.  I have one in the kitchen also.  I feel like those are the most used places for hand washing and guests use our guest bath and this seems to be a wise choice in these "germaphobic" days we are living in.  It comes in 3-4 finishes to match whatever you decor may be.  It works great, you just have to remember that it will not work with a thick handsoap and will often get hung up.  I always Simple Human hand soap in the two dispensers I have and they never miss a beat.  It can also be found on Amazon.


Piko Women's Famous 3/4 Sleeve Bamboo Top Loose Fit ...

I remember the first Piko top that I ever bought about 8 years ago.  I loved it and they are even better now as they loosened the sleeves and that was a wonderful improvement as they were skin tight.  I enjoy wearing these with leggings on a real casual day.  They come in soooo many great colors.  If you are looking for a great casual, comfortable top, this is for you. 


These are like small Charcuterie boards and so nice looking.  They are a great size to use for a cream cheese block with a sauce over it with wheat thins.  And, I think they would make a great gift with cookies or candy or perhaps both placed on them.  They come 3 to a pack  and they would work well along with a large Charcuterie board.  As someone said, Charcuterie boards have become "works of art."  And, I heard someone refer to them  as "grazing boards" as well,  So, suit yourself, as to what you call them.


I LOVE makeup brushes!  I have never used them for my foundation until lately and I don't think I'll over go back to applying it with my fingers. I ordered this foundation brush and LOVE it and I love the way it smooths out my foundation.  The short bristles make it so easy to manage and it works perfectly for applying foundation.  I have learned a lot about using makeup brushes from watching You Tube videos.  I'm pretty sure there's a You Tube video on just about anything you want to learn how to use or do. And, makeup brushes can cost a small fortune but this one is very reasonably priced.


A sweet friend of mine gave me one of these a couple of weeks ago.  I liked it so much that I ordered one for my husband's office.  They are automatic fragrance dispensers and work like a charm.  I have mine on the top of a cabinet  just as you walk in our garage door.  It keeps such a fresh smell in the air and they make Lysol spray for them as well but, of course, those are not to be had right now.  They are battery operated and I have mine set to go off about every 15 minutes.  It has 3 settings and I'm not sure how long the batteries are going to last but I'm sure a while.  You can get a few different fragrances but, I prefer the Fresh Linen

So, there you have it and if you see something you want to try, click on the link and order it.  It's just that easy, in fact, Amazon shopping it wayyyyyy tooooooo easy and convenient.

And, I leave you with this............

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Lea @ CiCis Corner
Lea @ CiCis Corner

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  1. Great finds. I love the wooden charc. boards. They would make a perfect gift with cookies on it. Also love the room freshener. We were pet sitting for a friend, and my kids kept commenting on how good her house smelled. I had to know the secret, and it was an automatic spray like this. Thanks for linking up with Prime Purchases! Tanya - The Other Side of the Road

  2. I also enjoy your Prime purchases. Love makeup brushes too and just popped the one you recommended in the cart. Those little trays are so cute. Would be perfect filled with cookies for gifts. Love Tanya's idea. Hugs and blessings dear Lea. Cindy

  3. We bought our favorite sheet set from Amazon too.

  4. You always find some fun and useful things for us to explore! I actually saved the sheets from the last time you put them here. I need to order a set. Thanks for doing this! It is always fun!

  5. The wooden trays and soap dispensers are my favorite finds. Love these ideas!

  6. I always love looking at your Prime purchases Lea. Lots of good ideas here. I've just started using a foundation brush too and love it. xo

  7. Some many great things! Have always wondered about the automatic fragrance dispensers. Nice to see your review. I would like to have one near our litter boxes!!
    And the Charcuterie boards or trays are really pretty. One of the activities I want to add to my fall bucket list is to make a Charcuterie tray. I seen such pretty ones on Pinterest and a friend of mine made a super cute one for Valentine's Day. I need to get with the program.

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