Tuesday, October 6, 2020

September Prime Purchases

AND, it's the first Tuesday in Oct. and that means I get to share with you some of my Amazon finds.


If you have been reading my prime purchase entries for very long, you likely know that I love bags.  These are large merchandise bags but they come in handy for soooo much.  They are great for carrying things somewhere or they can even be tied with a cute bow and ribbon and used as a gift bag.  You and a friend could split them and each take half.  Either way, they are nice to have.


These are the greatest little tape measures and are perfect for your purse.  I ALWAYS have a tape measure in my purse and I can't tell you how many times I use it.  These come 3 to a pack and would make great stocking stuffers and little "happies" for friends.


This is a cute travel makeup case.  It is soft sided but has plenty of body to stand firm.  It has removable dividers and it is the perfect size for my makeup and I LOVE the animal print!


Okay, I needed a new wallet and let me tell you, this is the "granddaddy" of all wallets.  I LOVE it!  It has lots and lots of space for cards, money and coins.  And, it keeps everything so organized and easy to find.  The coin and bill compartment is separate and you don't have to unsnap it to get to those.  It's easy access.  It comes in several colors and I got the red.  It is so pretty and it is real leather.   Yes, it is a big wallet but that's what I like.  If you are not into a big wallet then you likely will not care for it.


Do you ever buy a pair of shoes that slightly slip on your heels.  Well, these may take care of that issue for you.  They adhere inside the heel of the shoe and will keep your shoe from slipping up and down. I have to use these a lot as I have a narrow foot but so often the shoes I want/like do not come narrow and I need heel pads on a medium width plus insoles.  If I like a pair of shoes a lot, I'll do whatever I have to do to adjust the fit.  But, they still must be comfortable.  I'm long over wearing uncomfortable shoes. 



This is the greatest handbag!  It allows me to keep the items inside my purse organized.  It has a center zipper compartment  and that way I can have two sides to keep my "stuff."  And, it has two really big outside pockets and those are a MUST for me on any handbag.  It comes in several colors, is large but not too large and has a magnetic snap closure.



If you like buttered theater popcorn, then you will love this spray.  I love popcorn and I love butter on it but I don't want the calories that butter adds.  This spray is calorie free and oh, so good.  No joke!  I have never seen it before but it will now become a staple at our house.


Okay, now stop laughing!  I had no idea you could purchase these until I recently saw them in someone's car.  I immediately ordered some and have shared them with my children.  It seems that all of our Grans have at one time or the other thrown up in the car and these would have sure been handy. Yes, a child does have to be old enough and able to hold them but anyway, not to be gross but felt I owed it to you to let you know these are available.  They are packaged very compact and then open up to a large size.  Enough about these.  


I shared the capri version of these back in the spring and now that cooler weather is around the corner, these would be nice to have.  As I said, I use these for lounging clothes but they are pj's.  So, suit yourself and wear them for either or both.  These wash  and wear well.

That's it for this month and remember, Christmas is just around the corner.  So, perhaps these posts can help you with your Christmas shopping ideas.

Wishing each of you splashes of joy!!!


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  1. Those glossy black shopping bags are really nice and you're right; they would make great gift bags too.

  2. I just love those little tape measures, I have one in a couple of my purses. That glossy black bag is dynamite! I love those pajamas, I would use them for lounging clothes as well, I’d be too hot at night, LOL! Have a beautiful day and big hugs!

  3. Thank you for sharing, I ordered those bags and have used them a LOT! Hmmm, spray butter flavor looks yummy! I love buttered popcorn:) Enjoy your day dear friend, HUGS!

  4. It's always fun to read your picks. I have one of those mini tape measures that attaches to my key chain. I have used it countless times. I have kept barf bags in the side pocket of my door for years and years--ever since one of the kids vomited in my brand new car...first day I had it. lol xo Diana

  5. Gosh Lee, this one was chocked full of great finds...so great, some are sold out, like the bags and butter. 😭I had no idea you could buy the barf bags like that. My mom has some she's gotten when she's been in the hospital, and gave me one last Christmas when we were coming home because I wasn't feeling well. They're really such a genius thing to stash in cars, etc... Hope all is well with you. We're headed to Edmond for a wedding the weekend before Thanksgiving and to see Kent's mom (if we can, she just moved into asst living yesterday) Take care. XOXO

  6. Loving all the finds today Lea. Never thought about keeping barf bags in the car. GOOD idea because who knows when they might be needed. I used to keep a mini tape measure on my key chain. Never know when it might come in handy. Need a new makeup bag too and I love me some pj's. Thanks for sharing all the goodies. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  7. Love your finds this month, especially the wallet and purse. Oh how I wish I had those barf bags when my son was younger. Motion sickness is no fun! Thanks for linking up with Prime Purchases! Tanya - The Other Side of the Road

  8. Al of these products look great and very practical (especially the barf bags). I can personally vouch for the push button tape measures. I have one for my purse, too. Very handy!

  9. You always find the greatest things!!!! I love that wallet, but sadly (can't believe I'm saying sadly), my husband gave me a Dooney & Burke wallet and don't tell him but I do NOT like it. It is just not user-friendly. I love those pj's!!! I may put those on my Christmas Wish List! I recently bought some VERY COMFORTABLE ones (that I will use for lounging, not sleeping) at Wal-Mart. Sooo inexpensive but sooo comfortable and cute to boot! And I'm going to check out that Popcorn Spray...good stocking stuffer for the kids!!! Thanks for being such an awesome shopper and sharing:)

  10. Me again!!! I just checked on those pajamas. Are you sure that's the right link? I just love the striped ones but don't see those.

  11. Always fun!! Thanks for doing these posts! I'm going to check out a few things! (We have had those 'barf bags' for a few months, by the way! LOL)


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