Wednesday, November 18, 2020

A Mickey Kind of Hodgepodge

From this Side of the Pond
And, how can it be 8 days until Thanksgiving?  With all this year has held and all the adjustments we all have had to make, it truly has flown by.  But, for now, I'll get back on track with today's Hodgepodge questions.  It's always a nice diversion for sure.

1. It's Mickey Mouse's birthday (November 18)...happy birthday Mickey! He reads here, right? Have you ever been to Disney, any of the parks at all? Are you a Disney superfan or something less than that? They're open right now so tell us, would you go if you had the time/money/a free trip?

Oh, yes, I've been to Disney more times than I care to count.  I am definitely not a superfan and I vowed that when we went with all the Grans in 2018 that I didn't plan to return.  Disney is a grand place and there isn't one i that hasn't been dotted or one t that hasn't been crossed and their motto has to be "cleanliness is next to Godliness."  But, with that being said, I'm over Disney and think that families miss so many other grand places across this country because they think their child/children MUST go to Disney in order to live. But, let me hush about that and likely the only time I will ever go back is for the annual flower show at Epcot in early spring.  Hubby and I might actually try to go to that at some point because I hear it is stunningly beautiful.  If we should ever go, we will go to Epcot for that and no where else. 

2. Your favorite place to go when you want to be quiet as a church mouse? Would those who know you well describe you as more churchmouse or perhaps more like mighty mouse? 
My favorite place to go for quietness is right here in our home.  I love quiet with perhaps a little easy listening music and I can generally get all I want and need right here.  I'm definitely NOT a churchmouse but perhaps somewhere between that and mighty mouse. I enjoy having a good time and I do have a very contagious laugh but I prefer to blend in with the crowd, not stand out.

3. The day before Mickey's birthday happens to be National Homemade Bread Day. Did/will you celebrate? Do you bake your own bread? Last time you had hot out-of-the-oven homemade bread? What's your favorite kind of bread? 

Well, had no idea there was such a day.  I do love homemade bread but I can't even remember the last time I made it.  I use to have a bread machine and enjoyed using it for a few years and then lost interest and have never regained it. ~sigh~  Tommy and I enjoyed some really good hot bread this past weekend at a little restaurant in a nearby town.  And, they had some delicious cinnamon butter to go with it. Yummy!  Bread with grain(s) or wheat bread is my favorite.

4. What's something you might say is 'the greatest thing since sliced bread'? 
Oh, my, I could say that about soooo many things but the first thing that came to my mind was the cell phone.  Yes, they can be a total nuisance but can we really imagine life without them at this point.  Yes, some folks are wayyyyy tooooo attached and as with most things, too much importance can be placed on them.  But, they truly are "the greatest thing since sliced bread." 

5. Let's keep the gratitude theme we started last week rolling on through November. Share with us five little things you're grateful for today. Small blessings. One catch-they all must start with the letter T. Gotta keep us thinking, right? 

1 - Well, think Tommy would have to first, I mean I've spent the past 
49 years of my life with him.  It's been quite the ride that I'm thankful for.
2 - Time - thankful for every day the Lord gives me
3 - Treats - such as peppermint chocolate that's popular this time of year
4 - Thanksgiving - when family will be here and fun will ensue
5 - Trinity - God the Father, Son and the Holy Ghost

6. Insert your own random thought here
Thanks to so many of you for your prayers and thoughts concerning my Dad's surgical procedure last week.  He had an agressive skin cancer removed on his neck and he did absolutely beautifully.  He had the entire staff wrapped around his little finger and we could not have asked for better treatment.  He was a little uncomfortable for about 36 hours but after that, it was uphill.  He has about a 3 1/2 " incision and it has healed without any problems.  It was done on his 91st birthday so he'll have an easy way to remember turning 91 for sure.  He's a trooper!

Lea @ CiCis Corner
Lea @ CiCis Corner

Hi there! My name is Lea. I've been wife to the best Hubby for 44 years....Mom to a son and daughter....CiCi to 4 precious Grans....lover of family and friends....enjoy laughter and a good time....shopper....picture taking maniac....maker of delicious fudge....organizational enthusiast....memory maker....Southern Belle...and most importantly.....a Child of the King! Welcome to my little corner!


  1. So glad your dad is doing ok. Cell phone both good and bad points for sure.
    Enjoy your day.

  2. I'm so glad to hear that your dad is doing better now. That is quite a surgery to undertake at 91. I agree about Disney. We took 3 trips there with the kids - one as preschooler/toddlers, one in elementary school, and one as teens. And that will be enough for us until we have grandkids. Disney has changed over the years. I looked at pictures when we went - even during the Christmas break - 15 years ago compared with our recent trip in 2017. It is so much more crowded now, and I don't like crowds! When we went with the kids when they were little, we walked right onto rides and didn't need a mobile app with fastpass. As always, I love your posts. Happy Thanksgiving.

  3. I'm glad the procedure went well for your Dad. Great news!
    Peppermint chocoloate....yummmmmm, that makes me ready to try the peppermint chocolate chip shake at Chick fil a. I like to get one each year.

    Happy Wednesday!

  4. I enjoyed your answers and many were similar to my own. Now that you mentioned the flower show at Epcot, I wouldn't mind going for that and also the food and wine festival might be nice. I've never been to either but those are the only things I'd want to do at Disney these days. So glad your dad did well with the surgery! Have a great day :)

  5. I loved your 5 T words and wonder why it was so hard for me. I want to go back and copy exactly what you wrote. So glad your dad did so well.

  6. So glad to know your dad is doing well and his surgery was a success. I am sure he charmed the entire hospital. I remember thinking he was quite dapper in the photos you shared recently.

    Love your feelings about Disney. My oldest daughter is dying for all of us to go...her family, her sister and her sister's family, Paul and me. I look forward to going because I haven't been since it opened in the 70s but there are lots of other places to visit, too!! I won't want to go every year. And they went twice last year. Too much!!

    You have a beautiful smile to go with that contagious laugh. Quiet time at home is the best. I have enjoyed being home more because of this dreaded virus but have also missed the freedom to go when I want/need to.

  7. I think Disney now is so 'planned', by necessity but still. It's such a popular destination that it's hard to go without booking every detail ahead of time, and that's not as much fun in my opinion. There are so many wonderful places to see all around the world! So glad your dad is on the mend.

  8. Like you, the quiet in my own home is my favorite refuge for solitude.

    I am so glad to see that your dad got through his surgery so well. That is a hard experience for anybody, but especially at his age. He is quite a trooper and he is so blessed to have you looking out for him!

  9. Trinity! Great answer!! We feel the same about Disney World! My home is my quiet place, too. This was a fun Hodgepodge and I enjoyed your answers!

  10. So glad your dad did so great...he's a tough cookie for sure:) We took our kids to Disney once when they were little...all we could afford. I gave my grands the money to go several years ago and instead they went on a Disney Cruise (I wasn't too happy). So couple years back I gave Granddaughter as part of her Christmas a family trip to Harry Potter World...she was "dying" to go!!! She said it was so awesome! Very thankful I could give her that experience. I used to love Mighty Mouse cartoons...but I'm definitely not mighty! Not a churchmouse either though I don't think! Hope you and yours have a fabulous Thanksgiving. I am thankful we met:)

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