Monday, December 14, 2020

A Recap of Past Days

And, life just keep right on rockin' along, although very different, it keeps on rockin'.

We had a lovely Thanksgiving with my brother and his wife and our niece and her boy friend.  Did I tell you that my brother and his wife have recently moved to Tyler, Texas?  Well, we are so excited!  They have always lived a very long ways away and now they are a mere 3 hours up the road.  Now, Ashley and John flew in from Iowa, so we were all a little concerned that all the "Covid Cooties" that might be floating around here in our house.  But, thankfully, we have all stayed well thus far.

Isn't this the cutest pictures of these two redheads!  This was taken on Thanksgiving Day and it looked like the perfect fall picture to me.  This is our daughter in law and our youngest granddaughter, Andi Kate.

Coleman, Clancy and their Daddy went to their other Grandparents hunting a couple of weeks ago.  Clancy ended up snagging himself a nice buck.  Clancy will stick with it and do what is necessary to have a chance to kill something.  Coleman, well, not so much!  Bless his little heart, he will want to go but doesn't usually last very long.  But, he's only 5, so he's got plenty of time to develop what it takes to be a good hunter.

My "tree fairy" came on the 3rd and worked her magic on our tree.  It really is pretty and is just about the only decoration we have this year.  I have kept it fairly simple this year. I did decorate the front porch, so we have a nice warm and welcoming Christmas look out there.  And, Hubby and I did wrap clear lights around the trunks of a couple of our Crepe Myrtles in the back yard.  We thoroughly enjoy looking at them thru the back windows each evening.  And, I have several strands of the little fairy lights entwined on the mantle and arrangements throughout the house.  They give off such a lovely glow and make me very happy.  

Hubby and I are being extra cautious and careful right now as we don't want to jeopardize our family Christmas.  But, I did host our office staff last Thursday for our annual Christmas lunch.  They should feel very special as they are the only group that we will be hosting this Christmas season. ~smile~

They are indeed a special group that do a good job of caring for the insureds and we are so fortunate that none of them have contracted Covid up to this time.  And, we hope and pray it stays that way.

I just had to share this easy, easy praline recipe with you.  Perhaps you have seen it before but if you haven't, you need it in your file.  I had never made pralines until I saw this recipe a couple of years ago.  They were too time consuming and you never knew if they would turn out right.  Well, these are awesome and it takes a mere 10 minutes in the microwave and then work quickly in dropping them out.  I will tell you that you need a rather large glass bowl because the mixture gets very bubbly after about 6 minutes and if the bowl is not big enough it will bubble right on out of the bowl.  Take my word for it!  And, never forget that pralines make a wonderful sweet to share.  You can thank me for the recipe later. ~laugh~

Santa made a stop by the country club yesterday while we were eating lunch.  I decided that I needed to have a little chat with him so I stopped by his station.   

And, I leave you with these.......are they not the cutest!!!!!  The lady that keeps Case snapped  these last week and I could hardly stand it.  This little guy and his family will be coming in on Christmas Day and we'll have our family Christmas on the 26th.  It's just what you do when your family is spread out, you have it when you can.  And, it works and it is just fine.  Added note, Case absolutely will NOT keep socks or shoes on his feet! 

It is such a different holiday season this year.  Covid is rampant in our area and we know so many folks that have either had it or currently have it.  It has put such a damper on holiday gatherings and my social self misses that terribly.  

Christmas cards didn't make the cut this year, so please consider this as our wish to you.  And, isn't it a comfort knowing that HE is the hope of our world!

Lea @ CiCis Corner
Lea @ CiCis Corner

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  1. Adorable pictures. Love seeing all the family together. Girl, you are rocking that picture with Santa. Hugs and blessings to you and Tommy. Cindy

  2. I'm glad you've had and will have some family time. Praying everyone stays healthy and you enjoy a wonderful Christmas together, no matter the day. Babies make everything more cheery,don't they? Love your tree!

  3. Amen to that last! Loved the photos and I am so happy you will celebrate with family on the 26th! I enjoyed your post!! xo

  4. You had a busy recap and still things to look forward to. This will be the most unsettled Christmas ever for us, but hoping to have some positive and fun things to blog about when this nightmare is all over.

  5. Love your pictures especially of Case (so adorable). Thanks for sharing.
    Glad you will celebrate with family on the 26th!
    Have a great day my friend.

  6. I always enjoy your Christmas post that has the Christmas tree in your home (with the explosion of decor spewing out the tree top!!) and seeing the staff at Tommy's office. Such beautiful women that help make the business a success.

    Your family is so good looking. Thanks for sharing it all!

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