Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Prime Purchases

Yes, it's that time again, time for Prime Purchases and I think there's some really good ones this month. Grab your coffee, tea or favorite drink and enjoy!


I had been seeing these advertised on TV and the more I saw them the more I thought I might enjoy having a set.  I figured that Amazon would have them so I checked there before going to the website advertised with the Spurtles on the TV ad.  I LOVE them and have used them daily since getting them. They are a combination of a spoon and spatula.  I'm a sucker for a new kitchen gadget or utensil.



Okay, if you do very much slicing then I highly recommend this mandoline.  I ordered both myself and our daughter one and she slices 3-4 times a week.  She said this put her old one to shame. It is so well made, easy to use and even comes with gloves to wear while you are using it if you so desire. I will not use it all that much but I will sure enjoy it when I do.


Clarks really "upped" their game a few years ago in their shoe style.  I wanted a pair of navy wedge sandals and these are perfect.  They are very stylish, comfortable and they come in more colors and  are reasonably priced.  It's a win all the way around!


My friend, Katie, over at Preppy Empty Nester, had this on her Prime Purchases last month and I decided to give it a try.  I have had a couple of others that just were not all they were cracked up to be.This one is definitely the best I have ever owned and it reaches all of my back.


I had never heard or seen these until a couple of months ago when the Gran girls brought them over.  I was so intrigued and played with one of them myself.  I decided that it might be something my Dad would enjoy so I ordered him one.  He definitely thought it was interesting and he has "played " with it from time to time.  If you've never seen one, you push the pops thru on one side and it makes a popping sound.  Then you turn it over and push them back to the other side. It's silent when you push them back through.  A very cleaver invention for sure!  If you are one of those folks that like to fidget then you need one of these.  They come in lots of designs and colors.  All of our Grans love them!


Most of you know that I love to bake cookies and I give most all of them away.  So, I'm always looking for cute ways to package them.  These bags are perfect and I add one of my cute labels from Etsy and they have a very "official" look.


A dear friend gave me some of this a year or so ago and it is probably the best vanilla I have ever used.  Needless to say, I use a whole lot of vanilla in baking and I needed another bottle and checked Amazon and there it was.  And, I love the bottle, so attractive!  And, it does make a great gift.



This is a beautiful pewter looking tray.  I say pewter looking because it is actually recycled aluminum. The beaded edge is such a lovely touch and it makes a great tray for me to use for my long loaf pound cakes.


And, here's the size loaf pan that fits the above tray to a "t."   It comes as a set of 2, so that's a good reason to just double the recipe, make 2 and freeze one.  And, of course, if you are into bread making, these would work great for that too.


I have been a huge fan of Thymes air fragrance for years.  I like to have it in all of our baths and let me assure you that IT ONLY TAKES ONE QUICK SPRAY!!!  Some folks have had to learn that the hard way by spraying it way to much and the fragrance fills the entire house. ~big laugh~  Lavender and Gold are my 2 favorite Thymes fragrances.


I was in need of new longer length cami's.  I have probably had my old ones 7-8 years and they are almost worn completely out.  I wear a cami everyday!  And, I love the longer length and if you need them to be tunic length they can be or you don't have to pull them down that far and they will be regular length.  These are made of a bamboo/rayon mix, so soft and comfy.



We have big (and heavy) pots on either side of our front porch.  I use artificial plants in them and got these this go around.  They generally last a couple of years before they start to get ragged looking from the wind and the dust.  I'm hoping these will fare better than the last ones.  These are shorter and hopefully the wind will not whip them around as much.  They are well anchored in the pots with sand and rocks but the wind played havoc with our last ones that were tall.  It's taken me almost 6 years to figure out what will work with all the wind we get here on this hill.  It can sure be aggravating!


I recently had the sprayer break on one of my essential oil fragrances.  I found this and decided to give it a try.  Well, I was more than a little impressed when it arrived.  It is so, so pretty and the atomizer works great as well.  It looks so impressive setting on the mirrored tray in our bathroom.It looks sooo much more expensive than the $6.99 that it cost.


I love backpack purses when we travel.  They make carrying a purse sooooo much easier.  I ordered this one to use on our upcoming family trip to Branson.  It also has a shoulder strap should I want to carry it that way.  It has outside  pockets that will hold your phone, a bottled beverage or whatever your heart desires. It comes it lots of fabulous colors and is made of a really nice faux leather.


This is the cutest purse charm or key chain!  I'm using it on my backpack "just because" I love all the colors and it adds a certain "sass" to the bag.  There are lots to choose from but this one caught my eye. I think they would make a neat gift as well

That's all folks!  Now, go and have yourself a wonderful day and remember to be the sunshine in someone's cloudy day.

Lea @ CiCis Corner
Lea @ CiCis Corner

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  1. I literally have 10 tabs open with all your awesome finds this month! You just can't beat Clark's for comfort, and the spoon/spatulas would make a great gift. I'm saving the faux plants for reference when my current ferns die. Thanks for linking up with Prime Purchases! Tanya - The Other Side of the Road

  2. Oh my, so many great suggestions this week. There are several I plan to check out.

  3. I definitely recommend wearing the gloves when using the mandolin! A friend of mine was using hers from Pampered Chef a few years ago and ended up in the ER with stitches!! Love all your finds, Lea!

  4. Loving those wedged shoes! I too wear lots of cami's and I am always needing longer ones when laying tops and I want the cami to be longer than top. Will check these out. Since I bake so much I need to check out that vanilla too. Oh Mercy...I can done see I will be paying good old PRIME a visit. LOL! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  5. Where have spurtles been all my life? I never heard of them. They are so cute! I am going to surprise the Mister with a set! Glad you like your lotion applicator. Have a wonderful week, Lea.

  6. I just added the spurtles to my list! Always love reading about your finds!

  7. Always, always fun, Lea! Going back to check out a few things!! xo

  8. Those sandals are pretty. I’ll have to check out those long camis. I wear camis everyday but need new ones and definitely prefer the longer length style.

  9. You got some nice buys from Amazon. I like the sandals and the backpack looks just perfect for traveling.


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