Wednesday, July 7, 2021

A Hawaiian Hodgepodge

Yea, for me, this is my second week in a row to join in with the Hodgepodgers.

1. July 5th is National Hawaii Day...have you ever been to Hawaii? Any desire to visit or make a return trip? Pineapple, mango, or guava...what's your pleasure? 

I have been to Hawaii twice and our first visit was in 1984. I just happened to find the above photo from that trip.  Goodness, they were 4 and 7 years old. ~teary eyed~ 
I do not imagine we'll ever return, we certainly do not have any plans to but we sure enjoyed the two times we were there.
I'll take either pineapple or mango and they do serve the most delicious drinks in Hawaii.

2. Last time you were 'thrown in at the deep end'? Explain. 

The first thing to come to my mind was 11 years ago this past June when my Daddy was diagnosed with Guillian Barre Syndrome.  It hit him out the blue and he was pretty much completely disabled over night.  I knew I had to sink or swim and I put on my "big girl panties" and did what I had to do.  It was a long and difficult journey, long, long hospital stay, then transitioning to a nursing facility.  But, God had other plans for him and Daddy made a complete recovery over the course of a year, moved into an assisted living facility where he remains today at the age of 91.  It was truly a miracle and we came out on top of the "deep end".  I really won't mind if I never have another "thrown in at the deep end" experience. 

3. Sun, sea, sand, salt...your favorite when it comes to summer? 

It has been years and years since we've been to the beach and I often think I would like to go.  I'm not a fan of the sun or the sand but there are ways to limit the sun and I can endure the sand if I have to.  I love the sounds and sights of the sea, especially in the early morning and late evenings. 

4. Bury your head in the sand, the sands of time, draw a line in the sand, pound sand, shifting sands...pick one and tell us how the phrase currently relates to your life in some way.

I'd have to say shifting sands.  I'm about to be 69 and Hubby is 74 and we're witnessing some of the tough things of aging.  We've been blessed thus far but we're seeing friends decline in health and even lost some very dear to us through death.  We see our Grans getting older and their interests shifting.  All of this is a part of life but some of these shifting sands can be mighty tough.

5. On a scale of 1-10 (1 = make your own rules and 10=like a warden), how strict were your parents? If you're a parent where on the scale do you land? 

Oh, wow! I'd say my parents were about an 8.  I pretty much just compiled with the "rules of our house" and have fond memories of growing up but I'm quite sure my parents would have been defined as "strict."  Remember, my Daddy was a minister and that might have well played a role in what was expected of us. ~smile~

I think Tommy and I were probably about a 5.  We definitely had rules and thankfully our two played by those rules for the most part.  It would be interesting to see how they would rate us.  I think I'll ask them. ~chuckle~

6. Insert your own random thought here.  

You may remember 3-4 months back that I mentioned our dear friend Charles and asked for your prayers for his healing.  Well, Charles received that complete healing on June 25th when he entered heaven's gates.  Our hearts were and still are so sad but we rejoice that he is now made whole and no longer in the weak and frail state that the past 7 months of illness had caused.  His celebration of life service was so uplifting and such a tribute to a great and Godly man.  He leaves behind a wonderful legacy.  Gerri, his wife, is finding her way and navigating waters she's never traveled before.  It is definitely a time of "shifting sands" for her.  He would have been 78 tomorrow.

Lea @ CiCis Corner
Lea @ CiCis Corner

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  1. Shifting sands is happening more frequently as we navigate through life. Truly sorry to hear about your friend, Charles. A good song I listen to is Scars in Heaven by Casting Crowns.

  2. I think we are all experiencing shifting sands.

  3. Yes, putting on the "big girl panties" is difficult, but God doesn't give us anything we can't handle, does He? :) It's amazing just how much you actually can handle when you don't have a choice.
    Praying for the repose of your friend's soul.

  4. We know all too well about the shifting sands, don't we. Please give my love to Gerri. I have a card to put in the mail today.

  5. Grandchildren grow up even more quickly than our own children it seems.I'm so glad your Dad is still with you. My mom turns 91 tomorrow and I am thankful for every day with her. She will be coming to the lake in August and is excited to meet her youngest great-grandson. I'm so sorry for the loss of your friend. Take care.

  6. Like you, I feel those "shifting sands" -- some caused by the passing of Beloved but also just because life is constantly changing. It's uncomfortable but necessary.

    Your kids look so cute in that Hawaii photo!!

  7. I am so sorry for the loss of your dear friend. Yes, shifting sands indeed. Joyce gave us a very interesting Hodgepodge yet again. xo

  8. So sorry for the loss of your dear friend. Shifting sands are part of life. We love Hawaii. We go every other year. The tropical drinks are wonderful. Happy weekend Lea.

  9. So sorry to hear about your friend. He is walking the streets of gold. Well, I am a beach lover hands down and would become a beach bum quick. LOL! Happy week to you. Hugs and blessings, Cindy


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