Wednesday, October 27, 2021

A Halloween Hodgepodge

Joyce has given us a fun Halloween Hodgepodge today................

1. Is Halloween a big deal in your neighborhood? Was it something you celebrated as a child? With your own children? Do you like candy corn? 

Our porch 

Well, there are only 10 homes here on "the hill."  And,  there are only a couple with trick or treating age children.  So, while we do hand out candy, we are "off the beaten path" and just do not have many trick or treaters.  So, don't guess it's really that big of deal.

I have very vague memories of Halloween as a child.  I'm quite sure I went trick or treating but perhaps it just wasn't that big of deal "way back when."  I sure don't have any memories of costumes.

We did have a good time at Halloween with our kiddos.  They always had costumes and we had such a great neighborhood that handed out great goodies.  It was always a fun, fun time.
Bridget as the cutest clown ever when she was about 4 years old.

As to candy!!!! I've never liked it.

2. Are you a scaredy cat? About what? 

When it comes to lizards and frogs, I can scream like someone is after me.  No joke!  I cannot stand them and they love our porches so I seem to have issues with them quite frequently. And, the few times that one has gotten inside our house.  Well, let's just say that I can "raise the roof" until they are gotten rid of.

3. Last time you were somewhere that should have been busy but felt like a 'ghost town'? 

The first place I thought of was my nail salon.  I was there yesterday and over the years it has generally been so busy that you couldn't stir the ladies with a stick.  But, the past couple of months, not so much.  There was only one other lady there with me yesterday.  I have a feeling it's a sign of the economic times and that the government stimulus has ended. In case you are interested, I went with a coppery orange color for my nails. ~smile~ 

4. Do you like chili and if so how do you like it? Beans or no beans? Meat or no meat? Beef or chicken? Spice or no spice? Favorite toppings? 

I love chili!  And, we eat it a lot in the fall and winter months.  If I'm eating it on a hot dog, then no beans, but otherwise, I want beans.  I've never heard of "no meat" chili, mine is always very meaty with either chicken or beef.  We like both and fairly spicey.  I love shredded cheddar on top of mine. 

5. Would you describe yourself as a night owl? What time of night qualifies? What are you doing while everyone else is asleep? Do you then 'sleep in'? Define 'sleeping in'. 

Oh, I'm definitely NOT a night owl! I'm pretty much asleep shortly after 10:00PM every night, but I am up around 5:15AM every morning.  I have always enjoyed the early morning hours far more than the late night hours.  Ever so often on a Saturday I will sleep in until 7:00 but I'm so conditioned to getting up early that it's a stretch for me.

6. Insert your own random thought here. 

My Christmas shopping is well under way.  Compared to many, my shopping isn't huge anyway, but I have way more than half done and what I have bought is wrapped.  I like to wrap as I buy because I dislike wrapping so much and I do much better when I don't let it pile up and have so many packages to wrap at one time.  I feel a bit bad saying this, but most all of my Christmas shopping is done on the internet.  Our daughter and DIL just send me the links to what the kids want, I click on it and BAM! it's done.  

And, until next time,  I hope we can rest in this.............

Lea @ CiCis Corner
Lea @ CiCis Corner

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  1. Wow - I'm so impressed with your Christmas shopping! I usually don't start until around Thanksgiving. I love shopping and supporting local businesses but I agree . . .my daughter and daughter-in-law send me links and I buy pretty much everything online now. I do enjoy wrapping presents and will usually wait and wrap them all at one time.

  2. Love the color of your nails. That’s my happy color for sure. I cannot and do not buy for any of our grandkids. And it is equally as difficult for grown ones. They don’t need the money either, but that’s all I know to give the grands that they will actually like. So, enjoy giving while you have little ones.

  3. I am about to get my Christmas shopping started and I mainly order on line as it's so much easier. But from what I hear, I best get started as shipping is suppose to start being much slower. I am ready to start my Christmas decorating too. I truly love everything about Christmas. We live in the country and have no kids to hand candy out too but I do keep a stash of Little Debbie cakes just in case. When our kids were little all the cousins got to together and went around to each others house and my kids always had costumes. Sometimes I made them and at other times I bought them. Speaking of chili, I just made a pot recently and it was so good but I wanting me some chili. I'd prefer NO beans to be honest but Marty says that not chili to him so in goes the beans. But we do like very meaty and a tad spicy. I normally dribble a little hot sauce on mine. Hope you have a great Wednesday. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  4. I love the nail color. Great choice for the season. Jealous of your nails, I can never grow mine out like that.

  5. I am further ahead with my shopping than most years and congratulate myself for planning ahead and wrapping and sending home two large in size gifts with my brother when he was here for my niece's wedding. I am never that far ahead of the game and so happy I don't have to figure out how to mail them. I have quite a few things I need to wrap and it's going to be a rainy weekend I think so maybe that will happen. Love your nail color!

  6. Love the nail color. My daughter sent me pics of what the boys wanted for Christmas. I, too, ordered on-line and it is all here.

  7. Your coppery-orange manicure is beautiful. Love the color and the highlighting.

    As for reptiles in my home, I'm with you all the way!

  8. I LOVE your nails! Beautiful! I didn't think about the salons but agree that they are not nearly as busy as they used to be. Joyce gave us another fun Hodgepodge! Happy Halloween!

  9. I agree that the morning hours are better for me than late night; I just can't think!

  10. OH! Oh! I forgot WH, I so enjoyed this post, Lea, your porch is so lovely! Just love love your nails, the color is so pretty!
    Have a great day,

  11. I don't mind frogs and thank you. I am not a night owl either. I love mornings. Your porch is very pretty. I have made meatless chili, but never chili without beans


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