Tuesday, March 1, 2022

February Prime Purchases

And, here it is March! And, the first Tuesday means Prime Purchases.  
Here's to another edition!


I had some lady friends for a very casual sandwich lunch the week before Valentine's and I ordered these cute placemats to use.  The pom pom fringe makes them.  And, I found the blush pink napkins to match so it was perfect.  I have several sets of the straw like round placemats but none with this fringe.  I wish they came in more than the 3 colors they come in, but, for now, they don't.


In looking for some Valentine/heart desserts plates and mugs I ran across these.  Well, they were even better because they don't limit the use to just Valentine's.  They went perfect with the placemats and the ladies all had comments about how pretty they were.  They have a very vintage look and they come 6 to a set and most of the time these type items come 4 to a set.  


I can't remember whose blog I saw these on but, they are the "dandiest" item to have.  They take the place of using your fingernails to scrap things with.  They have a flat end and a rounded end and they will take price tags off, labels off, and even sticky on your counter tops.  There are 5 to a packet and I put one in the kitchen, one in my office and one in my purse and gave one to a friend.  Not sure who in the world came up with such but I suppose they are laughing all the way to the bank now.  Such a simple item but so handy!


These spoons are just too cute and I put them on my coffee tray and they add such color.  I will say that the depth of the spoon isn't much but I just use two spoonfulls if necessary.  Not a big deal!


If you've been hanging around my blog for long then you know that I LOVE cute bags.  These are so cute and in such great colors.  They can be used for gifts or a lot of other things.  If I'm taking something to someone I love to take it in a cute bag.  I couldn't resist these when I saw them and there are 48 of them, 6 of each bright color.  And, the stiff handle is a favorite for me, I do NOT like the ones with a loose cord handle.


I am a big fan of Bagallini handbags, they are made of a heavy duty lightweight nylon.  This one can be a backpack or a handbag and there is a place for absolutely everything.  It comes in 3 colors and this pattern, which is what I ordered.  There are times when I like a backpack but I won't be limited to just using this one as a backpack.


I love a sugar scrub for my hands and I love the smell of this particular one.  It comes in 3 other fragrances if you are not a fan of mango.  I love to use it before I go to bed and then put my hand lotion on and let it go to work overnight.  I really enjoy it during the winter months when our hands tend to get drier than normal.


I LOVE wedge sneakers and was looking for some in silver/grey and these fit the bill totally.  I like the height of the wedge but, more importantly, the comfort it affords.  I'm just not "into" a regular tennis/sneaker shoe.  I like height.  These are a good neutral but will look great with grey as well.  And, they are "cute" and that's important too. ~chuckle~  Sadly, I had to return these because they were just too big.  I thought because they laced that they would tighten up on my foot but that was not the case. So, they went back but still wanted to share them because they are such a cute sneaker. 

So, there you have it, another Prime Purchase entry.  Hope something "spoke" to you.  Until next time,

Blessings abundant!

Lea @ CiCis Corner
Lea @ CiCis Corner

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  1. I absolutely LOVE those placemats and the mugs and dishes - so cute! I would love to have both and may just have to treat myself, I bet your girlfriends were blown away by such a pretty table!

  2. I think that I need a scrigit. I have ruined way too many manicures. Also, I donated all of my wrapping supplies and you just reminded me it. I need to order those bags! Have a wonderful week, Lea.

  3. I am a fan of sugar scrubs! They really smooth the rough, dry skin!

  4. I love those placemats and might order the gray for a neutral. I also love the bag - would be perfect for travel. Thanks so much for linking up with Prime Purchases!

  5. I love the tree hut scrubs! Those vintage looking plates and cups are so beautiful! I could see packaging them up with some tea and small treats as gifts as well!

  6. Always fun! I am going back to look at a few things! Thanks for sharing!! xo


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