Tuesday, April 5, 2022

March Prime Purchases

And, here it is, March prime purchases. 


This is the cutest top and comes in a few colors. I love the sleeves! It is just perfect for this season. I got the white and the gray one.  I am constantly amazed at the choice of clothing on Amazon.  I've ordered enough that I realize the reviews are the way to go.  But, it's so easy to return that it's not that big of deal if you happen to not like the item or it isn't quality made. 


I keep "page markers" by my chair at all times.  I might see an article, a recipe or something I want to refer back to and these are so handy to "mark the page."  These are so cute and I got 2-3 packages so that I could give a couple of them away.  They add an extra sass to page markers for sure.


I make bows to use on the trees by our front door each season.  Just one large bow at the bottom to generally match the color of the pillows I have on the benches.  I was a happy gal when I found I could find the ribbon in any color on Amazon and I didn't have to go chasing it down from store to store. This is a great wired ribbon for protected outdoor use.


I love  buffalo plaid check and use these pillow covers on our porch benches for the various seasons of the year.  And, like the ribbon, they come in great colors and are a thick and weatherproof fabric. They come in a few sizes and I opted for the 24 x 24.  These are only covers so you will need to order the pillow forms below to fill them with.  And, while these pillow forms are 24 x 24, they are not as tight as I like.  So, I buy a bag of  poly fill and add some to each corner to make sure the pillows are tight. Tight pillows look SO much better. ~in my opinion~


Okay ladies, if you need a HUGMONGUS mirror, then this is for you!  I love everything about it except that it is not lighted.  It's a regular mirror on one side and 3x magnified on the other.  I love that part for sure because, for me, 3x is enough magnification.  Anything more is distorted.  I don't want or need a lot of light on a mirror when applying my makeup but just not sure this one will work for my makeup application.  I do love the size though.


If you are like me, you probably have some tops that you wish were just a tad longer.  Well, no more worries, meet the shirt extender!  These are the "cat's meow."  They just slide on and extend under your top for a longer length.  They are especially great when you wear leggings and need to make sure your derriere is covered.  I got the white, gray and black. NOTE: they run very small so I suggest you size up.


I love kitchen gadgets!  While at our daughter's a couple of weeks ago her husband used one of these tenderizers on some steak he was about the grill.  I was intriqued and decided I might need one of these in my kitchen.  I do make a chicken dish where the boneless kitchen breasts are tenderized before using and this will be great to have.  It comes in black, white and this lime green and, of course, why not lime green.  It will certainly be easy to find. ~grin~


I love this tea pot but I do not use it for what it is intended to be used for.  I keep tea in our refrigerator ALL the time.  I make it by putting tea bags in a glass container and bringing the water to a boil in the microwave.  I've always just used a 4 cup measuring cup but this is soooo much cuter and has a top to put on when I take it out of the microwave and a spout to pour it into the tea pitcher.  It is made to use with loose tea but it works great for tea bags as well.  I just removed the attached strainer.


I've been using the same flatiron/curling iron holder (for traveling)  for years and years and it was time for a new one.  This one is plenty big and has room for the cord as well and is very well padded and comes in several fabric prints.


Oh, my goodness folks!!!! This right here is a game changer!  A tub of bacon grease without having to fry one piece of bacon. I love to add a tad of bacon grease to green beans, peas, etc. but I never have it so I generally just add a couple slices of bacon.  Not sure who dreamed this up but what a brilliant idea!


Gals, these are just the cutest and most comfortable jean type crop I've nearly ever owned.  My dear daughter introduced me to this brand and they have regular jeans, crops, capris, jeggings and in every shade and cute camo prints.  I'm so picky about jeans and these fit all my criteria for a good fitting and comfortable jean.  You just might want to give them a try.


I know lots of folks hitting the big 70 this year, including myself.  I'm thinking that a cute tee might be a good gift for some of them.  Amazon has lots and lots but this is one that I ordered to have on hand.  I think this one would be especially cute with a crown to wear.  Might make turning 70 a little less traumatic. ~grin~

That's it for this month.  Hope you saw something that "spoke" to you.

Have an awesome April!!

Lea @ CiCis Corner
Lea @ CiCis Corner

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  1. So many good finds! I love that 70th Birthday shirt! You look fabulous!

  2. Great finds- Love the blouse, and love the 70's shirt!

  3. I really like that lace sleeved top...very pretty. We have that meat tenderizer in the black color. Husband uses it all the time.

  4. You always have the best finds. I literally have 7 tabs open on my browser right now from all the links! Thanks for linking up with Prime Purchases! :) Tanya

  5. Great Amazon finds and deals. Loving the shirt! Yes girl get and wear it proudly. Happy April dear Lea. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  6. The METALLIC POST IT PAGE MARKERS are my favorite of your offerings here. So practical. And any ribbon that has wire in it is a hit with me!

  7. That 70 shirt paired with those jeans would be so cute and stylish! Hope it will be a fun celebration this year!

  8. Oh Lea, I love when you share your purchases! I see so many things I want. That lace sleeved top is gorgeous, and the extender is wonderful. I’m goi g to check out the jeans, too. The teapot is darling! Thank you for sharing. I’m going back and check everything out again. Happy Easter!


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