Friday, July 29, 2022

70 Years Young...............

WOW! Here I am!  I've made it around the sun 70 times and today I'm beginning my 71st time.  It sure did get here quickly. 

I'm not sure how you are suppose to feel when you get to 70, but I still feel really good and, thankfully, I'm enjoying good health.  I do not take that for granted either because I know in the snap of a finger, it could change.

I've learned sooooo much in my 70 years and for me, the old adage, "we grow older and wiser" is definitely true.  My goodness, if I had known in my younger years what I know now............. But, time marches on and I'm definitely trying to look forward with anticipation, not backward with regret.

One of the most important things I realize more and more (even though I've known it all of my life) is that the things of this earth matter not, but the love of God, family and friends is my most valuable possession.  Yes, I've enjoyed many, many material possessions but not a one of them has ever brought me the happiness and joy that my Lord, family and friends have brought me.

I've never, ever pondered any birthday I've had as much as I have this one.  I've had so many thoughts, such as:
I've lived way more years than I have left to live for sure.
Have I lived a life that has made a difference?
How much longer will I live? 
Will ill health befall me?
Will I be stricken with eye issues that alter or take my vision?
Will I one day be a widow?
Where will I spend my last earthly days?

And, there are other ponderings but I know one thing for certain, whatever befalls me, I serve a God that goes before me, preparing the way and when my time comes, I will spend eternity with HIM. What a blessed assurance!

My prayer is that for the time I have left on this earth I will be all HE would have me be, an encourager, a light in the darkness, a difference maker and live everyday to the fullest.

Here's to the awesome years I've had so far and to the years I have yet to live. 
 He's been faithful and good!

NOTE: A big thank you to my DIL for obliging me with a 70th birthday shoot.  We had so much fun acting silly and making memories.

Lea @ CiCis Corner
Lea @ CiCis Corner

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  1. I enjoyed this Lea! And I can so relate with all your comments and ponderings as I am right behind you. I will be 68 in Sept and time marches on a pace and speed I can hardly believe. I hold on as best I can anymore thanking Him for every moment I am granted and hoping to make a difference and do as much for Him as I can while I am still here. Hope your birthday is amazing!

  2. Happy 70th birthday! I'm celebrating mine in September - lots of great folks born in 1952!
    Enjoyed the photos and say "Amen!" to all you said in this post.

  3. These are beautiful photos of a beautiful lady. I have enjoyed reading your blog for many years now. Your positive attitude is so helpful to me (to all of your readers, I'm sure).

    One of my late husband's reminders to me over the years, no matter what I was doing, was "to finish well." In reviewing his life, I know he did just that, and it's my aim to do the same. I have no doubt you will, too, no matter what may come your way, be it positive or challenging.

    Happiest of Birthdays to you, dear friend!

  4. Wonderful pictures! Enjoy all this new year and decade brings. As we get older I think we're much more aware of how precious our good health is. You look fabulous and I'm glad you feel fabulous. Happy birthday!

  5. Happy Birthday! You make 70 look fabulous!

  6. Awesome pictures!! Absolutely love this post! Happiest of birthdays!!

  7. Happy birthday, Lea!! I am halfway through my 70th year and have had many of the same thoughts as you. Like you, though, I trust in our Lord and Savior and will go where He leads me. You look fabulous and your DIL did a great job with your photo shoot!! Have a wonderful celebration weekend!! xo

  8. Welcome to the 70's Club, so glad you could join us. Hugs to the moon and back sweet friend. Glad you had a marvelous day. God Bless and keep on posting the Good News.

  9. Happy birthday Lea. Your photo shoot turned out darling. Hugs and blessings, Cindy


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