Monday, December 4, 2023

December Prime Purchases

Oh, my goodness, just in case you didn't realize it, Christmas is 3 weeks from today! So, hopefully you have most of your gifts bought but if you are still in need of a few more, perhaps something in this post will assist you with that. 

Plant Covers for Freeze Protection

You may have some plants that you need/want to cover on lower than freezing nights.  I do and a friend told me about this handy covers.  I had never heard of them but they are so neat and very, very easy to use.  I have 4 gorgeous asparagus ferns in one of our back flowerbeds and I do hate to lose them.  We had a couple of below freezing nights 2-3 weeks ago and I covered them and we've not had any since so I took the covers off until we have more below freezing temps. They zip and tie on and off very easily.


This is a great "grab and go" jacket.  I say jacket because if you live in extremely cold climates, it is likely not thick enough.  But, for milder climates, such as here in Louisiana, it is great. It comes in several colors, has no buttons, and is just as I say, a "grab and go" jacket.


I decided I needed a vacuum sealer for all the cookies I bake and freeze. I've always used air tight containers and they do work just fine, but I'm thinking these vacuum sealed bags will take up less room in the freezer.  This is very user friendly and just perfect for what I will be using it for.


I have not had a return address stamp in years and years.  They are so handy, even quicker and easier than a label.  They make a great gift as well.


Okay, ladies, if you need a shopping bag, then look no further.  This is such a nice bag, has 4 wheels so there's no dragging it behind you, it stays right by your side.  The handle is the perfect length and it folds up for storage.  It can be a tote as well.  I love it for vendor type shows that are very popular this time of year.  There are several colors and patterns. I took mine to a vendor show this past week and had several folks ask me about it.  


Isn't this the best looking pitcher? And, the best part is how light weight it is.  I have some gorgeous glass pitchers but let me tell you, they are HEAVY and even heavier when full. Acrylic is the way to go and you can find so many good looking items in acrylic.  I don't need anything super dressy and this holds 64oz.  I love that it is square, a different look for a pitcher for sure. 


I use votives quite often for tablescapes and when I saw these I had to have them.  They have a vintage look to them and I have some really good looking votive candle rings that will look great with these.  Votives always give off such a nice ambiance, be it day or night.


I'm pretty sure I have featured these before but since I just ordered another pair, I thought I'd share them again.  I think they are the best slippers made.  I like a full slipper and one that can be worn outside on the concrete and these fit the bill.  I wear them year around but they are really warm for winter wear.  They do come in several colors.


I cannot stand bumps on the shoulders of my sweaters or knit tops.  These hangers take care of that issue and they are not huge like some I've seen.  I like slim hangers due to the space that a thicker hanger takes.  I now have all of my sweaters on one of these hangers and now I don't have to steam the bumps off the shoulders before I wear them.


If you want something cute and comfortable, then this is for you.  The fabric is very comparable to the Air Essentials by Spanx and one fourth the price. The zipper with the wide collar on the top is such a good look. And, it comes in a whole lot of colors. 


This is another great look if you like wide legs.  And, again, the fabric is very similar to Air Essentials by Spanx and very affordable. Very comfortable and sharp looking. 


Most of you likely know about these little "jewels" but, in case you don't, you likely need them occasionally.  I use these for many of my long sleeve sweaters and tops.  I'm not a fan of long sleeves but neither do I like to roll up my sleeve on some things.  So, these help to keep the sleeve pushed up and you don't have to keep pushing it up.  And, it's easy to hide them by pulling the extra fabric over them.  I've used them for many years but must have hidden the last ones I had because I cannot find them anywhere.  So, I just ordered some more.  I'll try not to hide these from myself.  These come in several styles, I just happen to like these.  And, what a great stocking stuffer!


Are you or anyone on your Christmas list in need of new towels? These are 50% off and we love them.  They are just the right thickness, dry extremely well and the edges stay flat.  And, they come in a whole lot of colors.

Well, that's it for my Prime Purchases 2023! 

Lea @ CiCis Corner
Lea @ CiCis Corner

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  1. You posted some very good suggestions! Thank you and I hope your Christmas is blessed

  2. Great suggestions - thanks ! But, I have to stop ordering from AMAZON and other places...we live in an apartment and when the concierge calls to say "there is a package here for you" my funny hubby says, "oh, that can't be for you, can it???" Wishing you a very Merry and Blessed Holiday !

  3. The grab and go coat would be perfect for Houston. We very rarely have to zip our coats or bundle up. I'm loving my address stamp too. Thanks for linking up with Prime Purchases!

  4. I'm intrigued by those plant covers. For the first time ever, I have rose bushes...heirloom roses to boot! I don't want to lose them so I might try these. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Great finds and I saved that pitcher to purchase. It would make a great wedding/housewarming gift too.

  6. Great purchases 🛒. Thanks as always for sharing. Enjoy the Holidays my friend. Hugs

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