Monday, June 2, 2014

HELLO Monday............

It's Monday, and the first Monday of June.  How can that be?  We are almost half way through another year and it seems like we just celebrated Christmas.  Whee! time, it does march right on......
HELLO Maxi Dress.............. 
It seems that Maxi Dresses are the "be all, do all" right now.  I found this one on the sale rack at Chico's a few weeks back and decided to "go for it."  I really like the longer length and think they are so feminine.  Trouble with most all dresses (no matter the length) that they are sleeveless and this gal hasn't done sleeveless in many a year.  But, they make so many cute shrugs that cover a multitude of sins, so I just popped one over this dress and thought it made it very nice looking. ~grin~
HELLO lots and lots of boxes and paper..........
This is what it looks like around our daughter's house right now.  The moving van unloaded their "stuff" this past Saturday and she is in the midst of trying to get the boxes unloaded and the "stuff" put in it's rightful place.  She said she had never seen so much packing paper around each item in her life.  I suppose they were going to be doubly sure that they were responsible for nothing breaking.  But, it caused them to have probably double the boxes to unpack because half of each box is packing.  Oh, the joys horrors of moving!

HELLO Cypress Knees........
Hubby and I were out with friends on a little excursion this past weekend and saw more cypress knees than the law allows.  Perhaps they are a rarity where you live, but, they are in abundance here in the swamps, bayous and lakes of Louisiana.  And, it is so amazing all the items you can find made from these "ugly looking things."  They almost look like some kind of creature when they are sticking out of the water but can sure be crafted into some nice looking decorative pieces.  

HELLO  43 years of marriage........
    Tommy doesn't look none too happy does he?  And, I look like I might be 12 years old.            
 Hubby and I will celebrate 43 years of marriage this Friday, June 6th.  We decided to take off on a little getaway to celebrate and our destination will be Branson, MO.  We have been going to Branson for many years and never tire of it.  It has lovely countryside, great entertainment, good food, and shopping.  What else could one want?  And, we know once the house gets under construction that we likely will not be going off, so we'd better go NOW!  We'll leave Wed. for 3-4 days and return ready to tackle the task that lies ahead. 
And, remember, this week to..........


  1. Happy upcoming anniversary to you and your husband. And you two look so very young in your wedding photo. Time certainly does pass quickly. I've never been to Branson but wondered what it was like. Good to know. Enjoy your Monday.

    Blessings and love,

  2. I have a few maxi dresses and find them so comfortable. What is a cypress knee? Happy Anniversary to you and Tommy!

  3. I love those maxi dresses. My dil's and my daughter have several of them. NOT a good look for me, but yours looks wonderful! Happy anniversary!! 43 years is wonderful, and deserves to be celebrated with gusto. A little getaway sounds perfect! Enjoy your day!

  4. I looked for some maxi dresses to take with us to Hilton Head, but unfortunately I decided to look at the last minute ... as short as I am, even petites need to be shortened, and I didn't leave myself enough time. :-(

  5. The maxi looks really good on you. I've considered one but back out every time. They are supposed to be really comfortable though. I sure don't envy Bridget with the unpacking, but the setting up a new home can be exciting as well. Hope you and T have a wonderful trip and Happy advanced Anniversary. Can't wait to hear all about the new house.

  6. Love your maxi dress! Happy Anniversary to the two of you. Enjoy your trip to Branson. Our favorite restaurant there is Cantina Laredo at The Landing. Best Mexican food that we've had outside of Mexico.

  7. Love the maxi! I feel the same about the sleeveless deal.. I just saw a photo of my in a sleeveless and oh arm looked more like a leg! Could have thrown a shoe on my hand and freaked somebody out :-)

    Hope you have fun, and may God bless you both with many more years together.


  8. Wonder how much profit the moving companies make on all that paper as filler? Anyway, i know it means she is closer which is all that matters. Happy 43rd. Have a sweet time away.

  9. Happy almost Anniversary! I love the maxi dress. I always have the hardest time finding one that doesn't touch the ground so I''ve not had any luck yet. Yours looks great!

  10. I remember wearing maxi dresses when I was a teen, but it's like you said, they all seem to be sleeveless, and I don't do sleeveless well anymore either. Love yours, I think the shrug works well. Hope you have a nice anniversary, we will be celebrating ours this weekend as well.

  11. Happy Anniversary! Have a wonderful trip!

  12. Can I just tell you how gorgeous you look in the Maxi Dress? Happy anniversary to you both!

  13. Happy Anniversay! Ours was yesterday, 13 years. :). I like your dress. I have wanted to get one for myself but haven't been in the mood to try on when I've seen them.


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