Monday, June 23, 2014

HELLO Monday!

Monday, June 23rd, one week from today and this year will be half over.  Is that possible?  Time is flying by and before I turn around each week it is another Monday and another chance to say HELLO!

Hello pretty little girls........these 3 little cuties are the Granddaughters of our dear friends and neighbors.  They paid us a visit the other afternoon with their Pops and I just couldn't resist snapping this picture and they were more than ready.  This is Stella, Kate and Anna Lise. I'm pretty sure fun follows them wherever they go.
              Hello new summer read.....
Meet my friend, Becki Stevenson!  Becki has just authored her first book, Another Summer, and it was released last week.  I have not had a chance to read it yet, but the reviews are great and if you enjoy a nice romance, then it's probably a book you want to get.   You can find it on Amazon, in either paperback or ebook.  I believe she is already at work on her second book.  Becki is a recently retired English teacher  who
has always had a love of writing.  Perhaps                                                         she has just started her second career. 
                                                      All the best Becki!

Hello Birthday Lady.......Ann Barham, a resident in the assisted living facility my Dad lives in, celebrated her 85th birthday this past Saturday.  Her 4 children gave her a big celebration party there at the facility and she was celebrated in "grand style."
I went over and attended the event with Daddy and it was an enjoyable time for both of us.  "Ms. Ann" has lived in Bastrop all her life and owned a drug store with a soda foundation on our town square for many, many years.  She is such a dear and the definition of a true "Southern Belle."
Hello new house progress......It was a busy week out on "the hill."  The footings were dug, the concrete poured in them and now the block foundation is being laid.  This is a rather time consuming way of doing a foundation but it was what we wanted for the look of our house, so it will just have to take however long it needs to.  We had a week of beautiful weather, rather hot, but the guys came just at sun up to work and left shortly after lunch. Weather permitting, they should have most of the foundation done in the next week to 10 days and then perhaps we'll begin to see some boards go up.  We went Friday and picked out all of our plumbing fixtures and that was not all that difficult.  We had done our prep work before ever going to look and that made the job a lot easier.  We also stopped by the granite warehouse to browse again and I "think" I may have decided on that as well, but there are just wayyyyyyyyyy too many choices.  I'm thankful I have a decorator that is assisting me in these "big" decisions.
Just a note..........we have my brother and his son and my husband's sister all coming in today and tomorrow, so don't imagine there will be any more blog posts this week.  But, never fear, I will return! Have a wonderful week!

Lea @ CiCis Corner
Lea @ CiCis Corner

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  1. Have fun with your brother this week... You must keep us posted on the progress of this new home! I know it will be perfect and will all come together in NO time! I always enjoy reading the sweetness in each of your post!!
    Have a great week!!

  2. Those girls are certainly photogenic in their darling dresses and sweet faces.

    Too many choices in home choices, for sure. I get paralyzed and wiuld definitely need someone to narrow tge options.

  3. Ann was always the epidomy of a southern lady - perfectly coiffed, made up and dressed impeccably with the air of a true southern lady. And from the pictures, she still is. But, how is it possible that she is 85? Please say "Hello" to her from us when you see her again. Enjoy your week with family and we'll see you back here later.

  4. Those little girls are adorable. I especially love the big red bow.

    Your friend's book sounds really good. I may have to check it out when I get caught up on some of my reading.

    Have a great week visiting!

  5. I'm very curious to know more about your foundation, why it takes longer than other methods. Congrats on building your what is sure to be beautiful home!

    The girls are darling, and the cover of your friend's book is beautiful. Boy, that photo of you and your dad is sure a keeper, too.

    Have a great week!

  6. All of your friends and neighbors are good-looking! How did that happen? (smile) Have a good week,

  7. Those little neighbors of yours are little dolls...soo sweet. And your birthday gal looks wonderful. How on earth could she be 85! Such a cute picture of your daddy. The house progression is exciting! Enjoy your week!

  8. I always love seeing the older generation honored. What a blessing, and the cute pic of you with your dad. LOVE that!

    Can't wait to follow the progress of your new home!


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