Friday, August 29, 2014

Friday Fragments

Half-Past Kissin' Time
It's Friday and that means some fragments from the week.  It's been a busy week around here with "house decisions."  Now off to a little "fragging" with Mrs. 4444.........

 Most of you have met Cody, my little adopted Asian grandson.  He is the son of the couple that own the nail salon I have gone to the past 14 years.  They are a very special family to me and they refer to me as their "American Mom."  Hubby and I got to spend some time with all of them this past week out at our new house.  They had not seen it and wanted to check it out since construction had started.  When they drove up Cody (his American name, I cannot even pronounce his Vietnamese name)  started hollaring, "Ms. Lea."  It was his first time to ever call me by name and it melted my heart for sure. He is 3 1/2 and he has a 17 year old sister and a 14 year old brother so he pretty much "rules the roost."  
Things got exciting the other night when we were leaving our friends house.  The road going to their house is surrounded by woods on both sides with a few feet of clearing before the woods start.  Well, Hubby and I are going along and all of a sudden he slams on the brakes and says, "there is a copperhead snake!"  We were in my vehicle and there wasn't a gun in it.  Let me assure you that Hubby is always packing a gun and was so aggravated that he did not think to put one in mine before we left that evening.  Anyway, I thought the snake was in the middle of the road but he spotted it off the side on the ground.  He jumps out, grabs a huge stick and goes to beating that snake to no avail. (see upper right photo)  I am inside the vehicle screaming when the young man that lives across from where the excitement was happening shows up with his pistol.  Tommy steps back and Bart blew the head right off that snake. I decided not to take a picture of that. ~too nasty~
Some of our good friends are moving into their new house this week and asked if we would like to have their packing paper and boxes.  
We're a long ways away from moving but I will likely start going through stuff and packing by November.  So, this worked out great.  I want to take my time and methodically go through things and try to get rid of everything that will not be going to the new house before we ever move.  We shall see how it goes. 
Back in April I had my Dad set up with the Louisiana Center for the Blind.  He has Macular Degeneration and has had for about 20 years and now barely has enough vision to function.  The center got him set up with a digital reader and just about any book that he would like to read is available for his use.  I recently ordered him the Mitford Series by Jan Karon.  He started it on Tuesday and is totally absorbed in them.  I had read them years ago and remembered how very good they were and thought that he would probably enjoy them as well.  It is so wonderful that there are so many wonderful provisions made for those with impaired vision.  Dad's reader definitely adds enjoyment to his day.
And, as if you didn't know, college football gets back and going this weekend.  And, while I don't "get into" football, I will always pull for our Tigers!  Enjoy your weekend!


  1. I didn't realize that your dad also suffers from macular degeneration. There's a lot of that in my family so I am concerned about doing what I can to avoid suffering from it myself.

    A cooperhead snake? Yikes! The only good snake is a dead snake ... glad that one is now a good snake. ha!

  2. My Mom also suffers from macular degeneration however she is also going deaf. I read one of Jan Caron's books this week. I loved it.

  3. Sweet Cody is the cutest! I know you are just the best "American mom" to them. I can't wait to see more from your's so exciting! Football in my world kicked off last night in ATL with a big Rebel win, so this Ole Miss girl is happy! Yay for fall!

  4. Cody is adorable, the snake not so much... YIKES!

    Wonderful your Daddy has the opportunity to still enjoy books. I inherited all of my Mom's books so I have lots of that author. I haven't read any yet but my sister said she is great.

    Happy sorting :-)


  5. Oh my goodness- I hate snakes so much!!!

  6. Cody is a cutie!
    I love that you will have the boxes and can pack at your leisure.
    Totally love the ease with which you all discuss your gun ownership; we have plenty in our house, but the thought of whipping one out to kill a snake cracked me up. We just passed a conceal carry law not too long ago, so people here aren't as accustomed to the idea as they are in your neck of the woods.

    I'm happy for your dad :)

    Thanks for linking up. Have a great weekend!

  7. OMGoodness what a nasty snake! I am SO glad we don't have any dangerous snakes in Philly.
    The little guy is so precious.
    Have a safe and fun Labor Day weekend.


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