Monday, November 10, 2014

HELLO Monday!

 It's Monday and time for some hello's this new week............

HELLO Formidible now I'm sure most of you know that this is the "birthday group" that I belong to.  We take 3 outings a year to celebrate our birthdays.  This past Thursday we took off for LeCompte, La.  It's a small town about 120 miles from here and they were having a flower show Thursday afternoon that we attended.
Before going to the flower show we made a couple of stops and had a delicious lunch.  There is never a dull moment when we are all together and Thursday's trip was another for our "book of memories."

HELLO fun day........this past Saturday we met our daughter, SIL and Clancy man in Shreveport for the day.  Our SIL was working the Food Safety Booth for the USDA (his employer) at the state fair and while he worked we played. ~smile~  Bridget and I went to the outlet mall and Poppa took Clancy to Bass Pro Shop that adjoins the mall.

  Later we went over to the state fair and checked out some of the exhibitsIt was the first time Hubby or I had ever been to our state fair.  You might say we are just not "fair people."  We have probably only been to our local fair a couple of times and that was when the kids were young.  
Saturday was such a gorgeous day and that made our time together that much more enjoyable.  We're just so thrilled that our daughter and family now live close enough that we can meet up with them in just a matter of a couple of hours.  
HELLO new house progress......the brick work continued this week and some of the stucco work was completed.  The stucco guys make me a nervous wreck the way they appear to be so sure footed up on the roof and put ladders up on scaffolding and go up and down like monkeys.  Tommy reminds me that they do this every day and I am quick to remind him that accidents still happen regardless.  The big photo above shows one of the finished eaves.  The sheet rock was finished last week and the sheet rock finishing will begin later this week.  It all continues to come together.
HELLO 85th my Daddy.  His birthday was yesterday and for the very special occasion I placed flowers in the church honoring him.  He attended worship yesterday and they recognized him and many came to him following the service to wish him a good day.  I'm pretty sure he felt very special and we are grateful he is doing so well.  If a miracle would restore his vision he would really be doing well, but he does the best he can with what he has left. 
HELLO my cousin, Lisa........who is in ICU at a hospital in Norfolk, VA. where she is recovering from brain surgery.  On Wed. of last week she suffered a brain aneurysm behind her left eye. She endured a 9 hour surgery on Thursday.  The Drs. are very optimistic regarding her recovery but she is still very critical at this time and I ask that you please add her to your prayers.  She is a vivacious, wonderful Christian gal and we want her to have a full recovery.  She is 57 years old.  This is just a reminder that we never know from one day to the next how drastically our lives can change.  She went to work just like every other day on Wed. and that afternoon her life was at stake.

NOTE! In my Friday letter post I mentioned something about Simply Jane and getting all the British shows from this site.  Well, it should have been, not Simply Jane.  I'm so sorry for this confusion!!!

Wishing you a wonderful new week!!!


  1. I am so sorry about your cousin and will remember to pray for her. Enjoy your day!!

  2. Good morning! The time with your formidable friends looks wonderful as always, and the time spent with your daughter and Clancy? Well that just can hardly get better. How wonderful to be soo close now. What I wouldn't give to have my daughter move that close. Clancy is such a little doll. House continues to move nicely along, and happy birthday to your sweet dad! Sorry to hear about your cousin, will keep her in prayer. Have a good week!

  3. It is always fun to review your week with you. Those formidable women just never age. BTW, you were in my old stomping grounds for your day and trust you ate at Lee's. Enjoy your new week of fun activities to share with us.

  4. Prayers definitely be lifted up on your cousin's behalf for a full and speedy recovery. I'm not much of a fair gal, either, but it's a great place to people watch.

  5. Lord, we ask Your blessings on Lea's cousin Lisa. Please bring her through this to a full recovery. Bless her family, friends, and those who are attending to her medical needs. Show us Your power! In Jesus' name we pray. Amen.

  6. I think it fun for us, when you share highlights from your week. The formidable friend group that you are a part of, sure looks like a good group to be a part of.

    Happy Belated Birthday to your dear dad! Honoring him with flowers in the front of the church, was a nice way of letting him know, how much he is loved.

    Your cousin is a pretty lady and I pray for her as she walks through this difficult aspect in her life.

    Thanks for sharing today!

  7. Happy birthday to your dad. Our dads are the same age. You never know what will happen next. Will be praying for your cousin. And the house is certainly coming along nicely. Can't wait to see the final outcome.

    Blessings and love,


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