Monday, November 3, 2014

HELLO Monday!!

The Monday's just keep sailing by don't they?  But, I've always loved Monday since it's the beginning of a brand new week and new opportunities and responsibilities always lay ahead.  And, heck, it's just good to be alive another Monday!  Now, on to some HELLO's..........
HELLO to the continuing process....... the "going through and packing" process continues here at the Culp house.  I bet you look at the above pictures and are so thankful that it is NOT you. ~chuckle~  I started on the walk out attics this past weekend and got almost one whole side done.  The plastic containers hold all my seasonal decor and it's all nicely labeled with the contents and I will have a fabulous storage room with shelving made especially for them inside the house.  Can I just tell you that I am as excited about my two storage rooms as I am anything in the house.  It will be the most convenient storage anyone could ask for.  One will be nothing but adjustable shelving and the other will be filled with cabinets.  AND, if it all doesn't fit in them, then it will not be staying. ~no joke!~  

I am so glad that we have two large landing areas at the top of the stairs in this house and that is where I am putting all the boxes and such as I pack it.  I imagine it will be full to overflowing by the time the move takes place, but at least it's upstairs. ~outta sight, outta mind~  It allows our downstairs living area to remain very livable.

In the going through process I came across the kids Senior pictures, baptisimal cross stitched certificates  and such stuff as this.  Goodness, while there is sentimental attachment, none of these have hung in our house for years and never will again.  So, I unframed all of this type thing, keeping the items that were in the frames but will be selling the custom frames at the appointed time. It is a very BIG job for sure but I feel good every time I get a little more done.

 HELLO brick laying........yes, last Friday, Carl and his trusty crew began laying the brick on the house.  They came on Thursday to set up for the process.  It seems that for so many projects, the setting up is a HUGE part of the process and this was no exception.  But, once they started it was so interesting to watch them and the rhythm with which they work.  And, as with the sheet rock, this job is NOT for sissies.  It is hard work!  But, Carl and his crew certainly do seem to enjoy what they do and we are more than pleased with the way it is looking thus far.  We decided to go with a flush joint.  It's one of those things that I have never paid any attention to when I see houses but when it came time to decide what type of brick joint we wanted, I became more observant.  And, Hubby and I like the flush joint best.
HELLO changes......this has been mine and Hubby's church for the past 40 years. When we joined the church around 1974 it was thriving!  The new contemporary way of worship was just beginning to invade worship but had not found its way into church worship.  Christian artist were  up and coming and the new contemporary Christian music was budding.  But, at our church it was as traditional as traditional as could be and I imagine that was the case with most all evangelical churches.  Our pastor and Music Minister (now known as worship leaders) were donned in suit and tie as were most all men and we ladies were in our hose and dress. I'm sure you are getting my "drift."  My, how things have changed!  And, I do know that I am really dating myself with these comments but I imagine I will always struggle to fully embrace contemporary worship.  My roots just go too deep in traditionalism.  Is there anything wrong with contemporary/modern worship? Absolutely not, it is just a matter of preference.  And, as all the proponents of contemporary worship have said, "the message has not changed, just a new way of sharing it."  I guess I sometimes  feel like the church of today feels as though they must put on a type of "dog and pony show" to attract the people through it's doors.  And, I suppose if it brings folks to the Lord, then it certainly can't be all bad. 

  Our church is currently without a pastor.  Our pastor of the past 12 years, left for another pastorate 2 weeks ago.  Our first Sunday without him we transitioned to two worship services. One is a blended worship(8:45AM) and one is a modern worship service (11:15AM).

 Just an added note here:  Due to major economic set backs in our small town our church has suffered greatly in recent years as many folks have moved from our fair city and it has left a definite void in our church membership.  We have done things to try and attract folks to our church and going to two worship services is another way of hopefully reaching younger folks in our community.  We are now mainly an older aged congregation and we desperately need young folks if we are to survive. 

It remains to be seen at this time if the two services will accomplish what they were created to do.  I'm hopeful we will see positive results from them.   I miss all of us not worshiping together and since we are not a big congregation to begin with, each service is fairly small right now. Hubby and I attended the modern worship last week and the blended yesterday.  Not only do we prefer the blended style of worship we love the earlier time. 

I love many of the contemporary Christian songs of today (The Message on Sirrus radio is one of my most favorite stations) but they will never replace the hymns. And, many of the younger generation has no real appreciation for choir. Choirs have been replaced in many churches by Praise and Worship Teams.  I am truly sorry that the younger generation of today will not have the appreciation of the hymns that we have.  I'm also sorry that we have become so relaxed in the way we dress for church. I know, I know, most folks think dress has nothing to do with worship.  But, I'm of the opinion that our neatness in appearance  prepares our attitude for worship. But, I am probably in the extreme minority in my way of thinking but I still like to put on my Sunday best to head to church. ~a great big chuckle~ I try very hard to adapt and try to have an open mind but I suppose it will likely always be a struggle for this very traditional gal!  I can't help but wonder what the Lord thinks about all these changes in our worship to HIM.  I wish that Sundays were days that folks automatically got up, attended church and just enjoyed worship, whether traditional, blended, contemporary, or modern style.  But, since they don't, our churches are reaching out in the way they deem necessary to get folks through the door.  And, that's not a bad thing because it's all about bringing the lost to the saving grace of Jesus Christ.
If you stuck with me through this last HELLO, thank you.  These are just my thoughts and personal convictions and I don't think there is a right or wrong way of worship as long as the Lord is glorified and lives are changed. And, sorry if I rambled a bit, I had so many thoughts coming at me that I may have not made good sense in some of it. ~big laugh~
Happy new week!
Lea @ CiCis Corner
Lea @ CiCis Corner

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  1. Good morning! Well I can just imagine that it is a VERY good feeling to be going through everything and sorting it all into piles of what's what as you get ready to move. I honestly would just LOVE to have such a storage area (or room) in my house. How nice that will be for you.

    And your right, I love that the Lord can be worshiped in soo many ways, and really has no real concern (like us!) as to what we are wearing other then the condition of our hearts. We definitely have a VERY modern worship team at our church, but then by far the vast majority of the congregation are young adults with their families. Though there is a good mixing in of us "older" more seasoned folks too, lol. But occasionally we sing the old hymns too and everybody seems to love them as well. Worship yesterday was extended and blessed me soo much. Calvary Chapels (as we are) have always been VERY casual in their dressing for church. For me, this is PERFECT as I am a casual type of gal, lol. We did attend a Baptist church for a short while (years and years ago) when my kids were young and the dress required dresses for the women and dress shirts and ties for the men....which I guess they considered their Sunday best. For me personally this was soo hard. I strongly disliked having to dress everyone up and then change their clothes upon getting home right away and etc. etc. The music was VERY traditional and the organ and the occasional piano was all that was used. There was also a choir that was beautiful. But for all of us this particular church was just that..."churchy" Do you know what I mean? The spirit of worship didn't really flow, and the people were one way for church and quite another way for life. Now I know that there are MANY such churches that dress up for church and use traditional music for worship but are VERY spirit filled and wonderful, but we did not have one of those, lol. I guess what I am trying to say is that I love that the Lord can and is worshiped in many different forms of music (and dress), but as long as our hearts are FULL of our love and praise of Him, it's all He really notices or cares about.

    Hope you have a good week! Sorry for the LONG comment, lol.

  2. Good read, so great you will have interior storage, that is big!!
    Love your beautiful church and what it means to you. They for sure are not just buildings...


  3. Yes, I stuck with you through your wonderful post and appreciate all of your thoughts on this Monday. So much change, that's for sure.

  4. All the discussions for changes in worship are so difficult. I enjoy hymns but also enjoy contemporary worship too. We just have to remind ourselves that no matter the style it is to glorify the Lord. I think many churches are struggling as your church is. We just have to stay committed! I know you are :) Always enjoy your thoughts

  5. The bricklaying is so exciting and wonderful progress! Like you, I am a used to the traditional church, but know that the younger generation is definitely drawn to the contemporary service. I keep telling myself that as long as they go…

  6. Hello Lea! Wow so much is going on in your life! So much change. So many possibilities for new exciting opportunities. You bring a brilliant attitude to it all.

  7. I stuck with you the entire post. our church is a mix of young and old with lots of young families. I love many of the old hymns, there is so much biblical truth in so many of the old hymns. I like the contemporary music as long as it is Christ centered. Our church does both types of music in our worship service. I think the main thing is to glorify the Lord. Hope you all find a new pastor soon.

  8. Believe me, I have heard so many interesting and heartfelt discussions on the topic of "church preferences" in the last two years. I like that you shared your heart on this post. I am finding it is truly individual preferences, but bottom line is, where is our heart in the whole process? Someday, we will all worship God with unified hearts and minds. As for our church, we are still on all old hymns, and I am learning that it a :)rare happening. When I visit our daughter's churches, it is all praise and worship music. I enjoy both.
    Thank you for sharing.

  9. You are ON THE BALL. Are you available to come to TX for a week and help me get so organized?! ;) We've been in this house for 8 years and although my hubby and I are both non-hoarders (ha! - we purge often and don't hang on to things we don't need), there is still so very much "stuff"! Amazing how quickly it accumulates! I'm sure you have far more sorting and packing to do than us, so it's a smart thing to have started early!!

    And YAY! for brick - isn't is such an exciting process? So excited for y'all and excited to follow along!

    Happy week ahead!


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