Friday, October 31, 2014

Friday Fragments

It's been one of those weeks with just enough busyness and that's a rarity.  It's generally too much going on or perhaps not quite enough.  Love it when it works out to be a perfect balance of busyness. Now for some fragments from this balanced out week.

Half-Past Kissin' Time

Tuesday of this week I attended my first ever District Garden Club meeting. It was a lovely event and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  There were probably about 85 women from across our state and a most fun group of women.
Four of us attended from our club.  The host club did an excellent job with the decorations and the meal.  They made us feel very special indeed.
The keynote speaker was a designer from South Louisiana and was a Master Flower Show Judge and after seeing her design work it was obvious as to why she had this designation.  She had about 10 of her designs on display and they were just gorgeous.  There was a design for anyone's taste for sure.  In my "next life" I want to be creative like that. ~big laugh~
Yesterday was "elderly day" at Clancy's school so this is his look for the day.  He had his shirt half tucked in and his walking stick.  Bridget said he told her he wanted to wear tennis shoes with his jeans because that's what his Poppa always did.  So, guess in his little mind his Poppa is elderly because he wears tennis shoes with his jeans.  How funny is that.......Tommy got a kick out of it.
(sorry for the somewhat blurry picture, Bridget snapped it with her phone in a hurry)
These guys have worked hard the past 8-10 days hanging sheet rock in the new house.  I never knew what a hard, hard job that was until now.  Sheet rock is HEAVY and I truly do not know how their shoulders and arms hold up when they are putting it on the ceiling.  But, they definitely knew what they were doing.  And, in case you don't know, hanging sheet rock makes the biggest mess!  It drives
me bonkers, but, no one ever said that building a house would not create a mess at times. ~laugh~  
I met with a professional closet organizer on Wednesday and she is designing our Master Bedroom closets.  It made me happy, happy to hear about all the various shelving, rods, drawers and such that are available to maximize every square inch of a closet.  She is working with our cabinet designer on the cabinetry for the closets.  For an organizational enthusiast such as myself, this is TOPS!

I could NOT resist getting this precious fall romper for our "yet to be named" baby girl for next fall.  I stopped by a shop this past Tuesday that had all their fall clothing 40% off and not only did I get this romper, but I got big sister, Hanna Beth, the matching dress.  I don't imagine that their Momma will get by dressing them alike for any length of time due to Hanna Beth's age, but I'm hoping she will think it is special next fall to dress like baby sister.  I love Chevron print and I love pumpkins, so this was a no brainer and being on sale was "icing on the cake."  
Happy weekend y'all!!!!

Lea @ CiCis Corner
Lea @ CiCis Corner

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  1. I remember what a mess the drywall made when we finished our basement in our Maryland house. But you'll have a beautiful home when it's all said and done! I love the exciting to be welcoming a new little one into your family : )

  2. Good shopping! I remember helping my husband drywall our ceiling. It was hard work and it is a little one.

  3. What an adorable romper! And I love that there's a matching dress, too!

    Personally, I'm not of the opinion that there can be too little busyness ... because that's when I can get in a lot of quilting! ha!

    I guess Papa (DH) is elderly, too, because he wears tennis shoes with his jeans. ;-)

  4. Oh the romper is just adorable! And a matching dress for big sister is perfect. Yes, we had dry wall put up in this home before we moved in and goodness WHAT a mess. And your right, shocking how heavy it is. Your house is coming right along. The closet organizer will be soo nice. Enjoy your week-end! Oh, and guess we've got an "elderly" over here too in his jeans and tennis shoes, lol

  5. How exciting to be building a home. I love the little romper, they will looks so cute.

  6. Clancy is such a character! Kids his age are especially fun!

    Love your tray ceilings and am envious of the closet organizer you are working with.

    Happy Weekend!

  7. I helped paint the ceiling ONCE. And immediately informed husband that I would never help with anything overhead again. That was nearly 30 years ago and I think my arms still ache. LOL

  8. Enjoyed your Friday fragments, as well as catching up on previous post!
    Your new home is coming together so nicely, I am relating to the excitement with you , as i have been there.
    Having a not so busy week is a rarity for me too, that is one reason I am able to visit in blogland on this Saturday.
    Isn't it amazing how observant our grandchildren are of us?
    Thank you for your prayers for my Mom, she continues to recover from surgery, while waiting for the drs. to decide as to what treatment she will need.
    Have a blessed weekend.

  9. The romper is adorable.
    I LOVE the light in your new house!! Just THINKing of hanging sheetrock makes my shoulder hurt.haha
    Here's a tip for your master bath, in case you need an idea; I wish I had put a trash basket beneath the sink-counter with a tip-down blank in the top of the counter so that I could easily put q-tips, makeup garbage, etc. in the trash, out of sight, without walking across the room. Maybe in my next house...haha It would obviously take up valuable drawer space, so maybe it's not the best idea anyway.

    Thanks for linking up!

  10. I am still smiling at the "jeans and sneakers" concept of an elderly person, and the cute picture of your grandson.

    As for the flower arrangements, well, I dream of creating like that. I think you will really enjoy your new gardening club adventure.

    As for the building progress. I appreciate that you share the different projects that the guys are working on. Drywall is such a messy stage.

    Hope you have a good week and the same balance that you had this past week:)

  11. My the house is coming right along...can hardly stand the wait!
    Super cute romper and love the Clancy story :-)



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