Saturday, August 22, 2020

Etouffee - Louisiana Style

I've had several folks to ask me for this Etouffee recipe  and decided to make a blog post out of it as their may be others of you that would enjoy having this ULTRA easy and quick recipe for some yummy Louisiana eating.

A sweet friend gave me this recipe about 20 years ago and I've never made Etouffee any other way.  She served it at a club meeting and we all thought that she had slaved over the stove for hours making this.  But, I'm telling you from start to finish it takes about 30 minutes.  The hardest part is opening all the cans of soup. ~no joke~  You can thank me later.........

from the kitchen of Lea Culp

3 cans Golden Mushroom Soup
1 can diced Rotel Tomatoes
1/2 pkg. frozen Seasoning Blend
1/2 stick of butter
1 lb. boiled shrimp or 1/2 lb shrimp and 1 lb. of crayfish

Saute' Seasoning Blend in butter and then add all other ingredients and simmer
for 30 minutes.  If you do not use a non-stick pan then be very careful as
this will stick and burn and that would be real aggravating!  It is served over rice or some folks prefer angel hair pasta. Suit yourself!

My personal notes:  This is easily doubled or tripled and freezes like a dream. I always triple it and I use 2 pounds of shrimp and 1 pound of crayfish.  You can suit yourself on that.  All this dish needs is a salad and french bread and dinner is ready.  It is such a crowd pleaser!  And, if you want to thin it some, just add Chicken Broth to get the consistency you desire. 

Now, go copy and paste the recipe over into Word, run it off, and you'll have this for future use.  

I thought this was a very timely quote for this recipe and the times we are living in.

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  1. Where do you get your crayfish? This would be good to fix, freeze and take north with us.

  2. I have spent very little time in Louisiana, so I had no idea what Etoufee is. I would have guessed it was a pastry for Mardi Gras! So thank you for enlightening me. I can see why this would be such a crowd pleaser and easy on the cook!

  3. What is frozen Season Blend? Never heard of that. Not sure I could get crayfish here. Is that the same as crawfish???? I'm on hubby's Chrome book and I cannot type on this thing without tons of mistakes!!!! Be so happy when my laptop gets repaired!!!

  4. Thanks, Lea. I will try that. I had some great etoufee today at Bonne Docks in Farmerville. Y’all need to try it. A friend of mine just bought the restaurant on the lake, behind the hotel in Farmerville. Everything was good.

  5. I lived in Louisiana for several years.
    I haven't cooked this in years.
    Thanks for your recipe!
    Have a great day my friend.

  6. Thank you for the recipe. Looks so yummy! Can't wait to make this! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  7. That sounds delicious! I will add that to my grocery list next time I go:) Enjoy your day dear friend, HUGS!

  8. Yum! We love a good recipe for seafood. And with cooler weather coming, I will definitely try this. Thanks for sharing. Anne

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  9. This looks absolutely delightful. I’ll try it been thinking about you down there. Hope you’re all safe from the storm. Hugs! xo


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