Sunday, March 22, 2009

A Beautiful Lord's Day

First, let me address something that I stated in yesterday's blog and after I read it a couple of times, I thought it might have not come across as I intended it to. I'm talking about when I stated that "I see it, I like it, I get it." Please know that all of that is hinging on whether or not it meets my budget requirements for this project. So, now that we have that straight, we shall move on........

Secondly, my #1 daughter read my blog and was quite complimentary of it, but did say that I sure did like to use quotation marks. And, she is correct, so I will try to refrain from using them as much as I really want to. I really do like the "little fellas." :)

It has been an absolutely gorgeous Lord's Day and even if I had not attended church, my soul would have been blessed just by observing God's Masterpiece in all of the nature and landscape surrounding me. Sweet hubby and I did some outside projects for a while and enjoyed soaking in all of this beautiful day and watching Rhett and Rosco (our dogs) frolic and play. How anyone could not believe in God is beyond my wildest imagination. Do they think that all of creation just happened?

One of the projects that hubby and I worked on today was putting up our new gazing balls in the flower beds. We usually just have silver ones and this year we got two silver and two called mystic (they are multi-colored). We enjoy seeing the sun reflect off of them and think they make a nice addition to our landscape. We've always bought the inexpensive ones and the glaze would come off by summer's end, so this year we bought ones made of stainless steel and hopefully they will be more weather proof. Now, why I think anyone would be interested in that is beyond me, but perhaps it will motivate you to add a gazing ball to your landscape. :)

Must scoot, I hear some clothes in the dryer calling my name. A most blessed and happy week to all of you "blog readers."

Lea @ CiCis Corner
Lea @ CiCis Corner

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