Saturday, March 21, 2009

My New Adventure............

Yes, blogging is a "new adventure" for me. I have always enjoyed reading blogs from others, but just recently decided that it was something I might enjoy doing too. My Mom always told me that I needed to journal and I never heeded her advise, but always thought it was a great idea. Blogging seems to be a form of journaling, but perhaps not quite as personal. After all, I certainly would not put some of my hearts deepest thoughts on a blog for the world to read. But, I would likely journal those thoughts and my children would have the joy of reading it one day when I had gone on to be with the Lord. Oh! well, enough of that...........they will just have to be content with my "blogging entries." :)

I am currently involved in an "updating" project here at our house and it can be all consuming at times. In the past month I have picked out fabric, paint and wallpaper for the projects and lined out folks to help me "make it happen." I am a very quick "decision maker" and that serves me well at times like this. I see it, I like it, I get it! It's just that simple. I do not "labor" over it and am usually very happy with my choices in the end. It will likely be another 4-6 weeks before this project is finished and I am having to be very patient as I wait for it to all come together. I really wanted it "done yesterday." :)

This "updating project" has really been very theraputic for me and helped me to deal with all that life has dealt me in recent months. The main thing being the death of my Mom. There's just no one in your life like your Mom and there has been such a void in my life since she has been gone. Moms are the only people in the world that are truly interested in every area of your life and I miss that terribly. And, I think of my dear Dad everyday and how lonely he is and the huge adjustment her death has been for him. I think most of us probably do not think much about the time when we will no longer have our parents, I know I didn't. My Dad is the only parent that Tommy and I have left and I'm so grateful to still have him and hopefully he will be with us many more years. Mom would have loved sharing in my "updating project" and I miss not having her help me with suggestions. She was always so good at thinking of things that I would not have ever considered in a project such as this.

It is a gorgeous spring day and it's the time of year that I love most! Hopefully I will be a "faithful blogger" and you will get so excited about reading my new entries. :)
Lea @ CiCis Corner
Lea @ CiCis Corner

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  1. Lea, dear friend---

    I can always count on you to be head of the line in being adventurous and blazing the trail. For awhile I have been thinking of blogging for Jamie's journey towards his double lung transplant in keeping family and friends in touch with what is happening so I won't have to write lots of individual notes, but haven't known where to start. Now I know-------YOU!

    Are you ready to give me my first lesson? You encouraged me to get a digital camera and a laptop, so I have those 2 tools. I love your background "paper". Pink and green are my colors of choice.

    It is beautiful here in Baton Rouge, too. Will go out to spend some time with Ludwika in a little while. Her sister-in-law, niece and daughter from Fort Worth are here for the surgery next week. I know they are having fun being together and I want in on the party.

    Love to you and the fam,

  2. Dear Lea,
    I like your new BLOG and will try to read it on a regular basis. I can see the value of it for you and for those interested in your life - like me.
    The Chicken & Rice Casserole that Jerry made and I found in the freezer, brought back many memories and a bit of grief as well. Like you said, different things come along to remind us with some a bit more "jarring" than others.

  3. Lea,

    I so enjoyed reading the first entries of your new blog. I too have thought about doing that, but realized I would have to use work time to get it done. That probably would not be the best of ideas. So I just read and enjoy yours.

    I am so curious though about your "updating" projects. Can you give more details as you go along? I look forward to also seeing pictures. Perhaps you could chronical the whole process on the blog.

    I look forward to reading more.


  4. Lea...I am so very impressed with what you are doing with your blog. I have actually never read a blog, so yours is my first!! I will be checking it frequently to see what wisdom and tidbits you will post. You go, girl!!


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