Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Men and Deer Season - Part II

I know that many of my "faithful blog followers" have been waiting with baited breathe to see the Hyatt Deer Stand put together and in it's "rightful place" in the woods. So, here you are! Tommy gave up on hopes of it not raining and things drying out and just decided that he and some "strong backed" buddies would "brave the elements" and take it on up there today. All went as planned and the stand is "waiting and ready" for deer season to begin.
Tommy would have nothing but for me to climb up in the stand and take a look inside and then take a peek out of one of his windows to see how far he could see the little Bambi's coming. I guess, if I were a deer hunter, that I would think this stand was definitely a real prize. But, as I've stated before, I can't think of being more miserable than sitting in that little box from early morning until late evening, being quiet and getting up "close and personal" with nature. ~smile~

After he showed me the stand, we went to take a load of sweet potatoes and spread them around to feed the deer and get them ready for the season. Tommy has never fed the deer sweet potatoes before, but had heard from hunters that did, that is was a worthwhile endeavor. So, off we went on the 4 wheeler through the woods and mud holes.

It really was a fun outing and gave me more insight into the "art of hunting" and the enjoyment that it brings Tommy, and we made a memory!

I bought these shoes two years ago to take on our Alaskan Adventure and knew that they would likely come in handy at some point after that. Today was a day that they were definitely handy. I prefer "prissy, stylish" shoes, but those just will not work for some things. Besides that, I feel like a "real woman" when I put these on!

Lea @ CiCis Corner
Lea @ CiCis Corner

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  1. I love seeing you up in a deer stand! Not too many people I know look pretty in one! Now you just need to get Mr. Tommy to write a post on here! :)


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