Thursday, March 25, 2010

Welcome Spring!

Yes, I've been welcoming spring the past several days. I really wanted to rush it just a bit, but I think it may finally be safe to say that "spring has arrived" here in Northeast Louisiana.

Part of welcoming spring for this Southern Gal is getting a pedicure. Must have those feet in "top notch" shape, and those toe nails painted to slide in those "ever so cute" flip-flops. I've actually worn flip-flops 4 or 5 times in the past couple of weeks
and I can hardly believe how far flip flops have come since I was a little girl. Oh, my, who would have ever dreamed that we'd be sportin' rhinestones on them?

Of course, spring means getting to "play in the dirt" too. I went to the plant nursery and picked up a few plants and have had fun planting them. Those pictured are Red Verbenas. This is an area beside our patio and I dearly love the angel that graces that area. I found her last year and so far she has survived the "elements" just fine.

I picked up some Sweet Potato Vine to go in the pots on our front porch. I put trellis' in the pots and the vine should make quite a show as it climbs. Of course, it is a thirsty, thirsty plant and I'll have to remember to water it once or twice daily when summer arrives. This reminds me of when my Mom would let us root Sweet Potatoes in water when I was a little girl. Guess that really dates me doesn't it? I bet few kids have that privilege today. ~smile~

Hubby just told me that beautiful weather is forecast for the next week. Hot diggity dog!! I am keeping my precious, almost 6 month old, Granddaughter the first of next week. Looks like we'll get to swing in the swing on the patio and stroll around the neighborhood. Sounds like another great way to "Welcome Spring" to me!

Happy "Flip-Flopping Spring" to all you Company Girls and for more good blog reading check out Rachel Anne's Home Sanctuary.
Lea @ CiCis Corner
Lea @ CiCis Corner

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  1. I can't wait to quit wearing socks! But, alas, we had a dusting of snow this morning. No one is very happy about that! Should hit 60 in Cincinnati tomorrow...It gives me hope. :)

    I need a few more warm days before I can even think about gardening.

    Have a sunny, great weekend!

  2. Cute flip-flops! You are wise to plant your sweet potato vine in a container! We planted it in our yard in Baton Rouge, and it took over!

  3. I love spring!!! Cute flip-flops :) Have fun with the granddaughter

  4. I cannot WAIT until it's warm enough for flip flops - seems like the weather can't make up its mind lately. But when it IS warm enough, you'll never see me in sneaks unless it's downpouring.

    Enjoy your beautiful weather!

  5. You people are killing me with your gardening skills! Maybe some of it will rub off on me?

  6. Oh I can't wait for flip flop weather just hope it lasts as long as the winter seemed too. I love swet potato vine. I bet it will look great!
    Have a great weekend.

  7. Jealous! We were heading into spring with the sunshine and all, but then we got rain yesterday, and some more coming up next week after 3 days of sun, they say. I don't's confusing me. It's sunny and chilly today. I am so ready for flip flops!!! And a pedicure!!!! Way overdue if I must say so myself. I know you'll have a ton of fun with your granddaughter! Enjoy your weekend.

  8. I'm a Southern gal living in Denver, CO - I will have to wait a little while longer for my own foot treatments :) I am so charmed by your sweet potato and trellis - I might have to borrow that idea for myself!

  9. Thanks for stopping by today. I'm really looking forward to sock-less weather, which seems to be just around the corner here in Nebraska.

    It's nice to get a peek at some of your garden ideas. We dabble in vegetables, and that's about it. I'm hoping the frost danger will soon end and I can start planting with my kids. Enjoy all that green down there!

  10. How'll be at least two months before we can do all the things you talked about! We're still wearing winter coats! Have a great week...enjoy!

  11. Oh, I cannot wait for that spring to come here! We saw a bit of it yesterday so I am hoping it is finally on its way!

    LOVE the flip flops. I am like an old lady...I just cannot wear many, I have really high arches and they kill my back and feet. You are sporting the adorable shoes and I'm gonna be walking around in my orthopedic tennies! :)

    Your yard looks lovely! I know it will be gorgeous this summer!

  12. Cute toes! When my daughter came home from college last week we got out spring pedicures together! Always a treat! We've worn our flip flops a couple of times, but the weather here in VA hasn't made up it's mind what it wants to do yet.

    The cooking school looks like it was a lot of fun! I've always wanted to try one of those torches.

    Have a great week!

  13. I finally wore flip flops for the first time this week. I've been so ready but I've just been so cold. So glad the warmer weather is finally here.
    I think I might try a sweet potato vine this year. Of course watering on to two times a day could prove to be a problem for me :/ or for the plant I should probably say.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  14. Love the flip flops. I wish I had the stylish ones I have now when I was a kid. I get to bring mine out this week. It is suppose to be 80 degrees one day this week. Woo hoo. Lovin this weather!!
    Have a good week and thanks for sharing your concern for our illnesses. Everything is much better now.


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