Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A Saturday Project

This past Saturday started out a bit cloudy and gloomy, but by noon had turned into a beautiful, almost spring-like, day. A perfect day to get some outside projects done. As with any homeowner, there is always some project that needs to be done and my thinking is, if it needs done, then "just do it." Hubby, on the other hand, has to ponder it for a while and get in just the right mood to tackle it. Need I say that in our almost 39 years of marriage this has been a "thorn in my flesh" many times. And, I'm sure he would likely say the same about my approach to a project. ~smile~

Our pansies were even smiling and Rosco and Rhett were just being Rosco and Rhett. What a life on this beautiful Saturday. They were sure not thinking about any projects!

We have lived in this house for almost 29 years and for over half of those years we have wanted a brick mailbox. Well, we finally made arrangements to have one built last August. Of course, one project often calls for another. I thought that it needed plaques on either side with our street address on them for a "finishing touch" and Hubby agreed. I began searching the internet for just the right ones, found them, ordered them and they came within a few days. Guess where they have been since? The laundry room! You can be for sure that if I had the "know how" to put them up, then I would have done it as soon as they arrived. But, there are just some things that I do not tackle and putting screws into bricks is one of them. Thus, the reason they have been in the laundry room for 7 months. ~smile~ Remember, Hubby has to ponder these things and get in just the right mood to tackle such projects.

Hubby decided that Saturday would be a good day to put up the plaques as long as I would be available to be his "gopher." We gathered all the necessary items and off to the mailbox we went. Now, you must know that a lot of measuring went into the drilling of that first hole. I am a perfectionist, but Hubby is an "ultra" perfectionist. There is no "eye balling" anything with him.

Once the two holes were drilled, the plaques were carefully mounted into place and we stepped back to admire. We were pleased and they looked like a professional had put them up. ~smile~

I thought while we were "in the mode" that perhaps Hubby would enjoy helping me "ready" my pots on the patio for planting. He agreed, so it was looking like we might get two projects done and marked off of our list. I now have pots "ready and waiting" to be filled with spring and summer plants. Hopefully Spring is just around the corner and soon you will get to see these pots blooming with colorful plants.

I have been blessed to be married to a man that can do just about anything. The only thing he doesn't tackle is a plumbing problem. But, most anything else he can do and do it well. He is definitely a man of many talents. He may not always do things in the time frame that I think they should be done in, but he always gets it done. We have made a lot of memories doing projects together, shared a few intense moments (any project causes these) and a lot of laughter.

If Hubby knew that I was blogging on this he would scratch his head and say, "women, I just don't understand them." He so enjoys my blog and finds it interesting that others often find my blog interesting too. But, he says, "who wants to read about all the "goings on" in other women's lives?" I assure him that it is a "woman thing" and he wouldn't understand, but we bloggers just enjoy sharing a bit of our lives with each other. And, hopefully it will be a great memory for our children as well. But, whether he understands me or not, he loves and accepts me for who I am and that's the "bottom line." And, it certainly doesn't hurt that he's the best "handy man" in the world! ~wink~ I feel blessed for sure!
Lea @ CiCis Corner
Lea @ CiCis Corner

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  1. CiCi, Your mailbox looks great! I am also blessed to be married to a man that can do anything. It is such a blessing! We've been married 10 years and we've never had to call a repair man. I can also relate to having to wait 7 months for the plaque to go up! But at least we know when a job does get done, it's gonna get done just right! My husband can't quite figure out this blog thing either, but I have his blessing! Thanks for sharing and stopping by to comment.

  2. Love the plaques, they look great! We are coming for a visit in a couple of weeks, we may have to drive by and see them in person! I'll let you know when we are coming.

    So glad you got some spring weather. We had a couple of teaser days, but it is back to cold and even a few flakes of snow here. I am SO ready for spring!


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