Friday, May 21, 2010

Back in the Saddle

Life has been a bit busy the past week and a half and I've missed blogging, but there are just times when it MUST not be a priority. ~giggle~  I am not a person that can handle being pulled in too many directions at one time and while blogging is a real enjoyment for me, it is NOT something that I HAVE to do.  I really am amazed at how these "big time bloggers" post daily and sometimes multiple times a day. Maybe they don't sleep. ~smile~  Anyhow...........

 The Chateau on the Lake in Branson, MO

Hubby and I left on Wednesday, the 12th, headed to Stillwater, OK. (our daughter and family live there)  We decided to go to Branson on the way and spend a couple of nights. We have been many times and always enjoy ourselves. We decided to "treat" ourselves and stayed at the lovely Chateau on the Lake. WOW! what a lovely hotel!

 Me in the HUGE rocking chair at Grand Village in Branson

Hubby sitting patiently while I did a bit of shopping.

 I was so excited over this "find!" I love cute purses and
I thought this was just too cute for summer.  I had 3 ladies
ask me where I got it the first day I carried it. I thought 
that must mean they liked it. ~smile~  Hubby just
shook his head. ~chuckle~

We enjoyed a couple of shows, ate at some fun restaurants, did a bit of shopping and just enjoyed some "down time."

On Friday, the 14th, we headed towards Ok. and we drove most all the way in blinding rain.  It was not fun!  And, our purpose for going was to assist our daughter and husband in preparations for their move to Louisiana on the 28th of this month. We had reserved a U-Haul trailer and had to pick that up on the way, in Cleveland, OK.  U-Hauls were in high demand last week-end and that was the closest one we could find to Stillwater.  We had never been to or never heard of, Cleveland, OK.  It was only about 6 miles off of our "beating path" so it didn't take a lot of time.  I suppose the U-Haul rental place may be the only business in Cleveland.  Quite a tiny place.   

Once we arrived I helped our daughter with some packing and Hubby kept our 19 month old Grandson occupied. On Sunday, Hubby and son-in-law loaded up the U-Haul and later that afternoon we began our journey home.  We decided to stop half way and spend the night.  We always make the 8 hour trip in a day, but since we were pulling a 12'
trailer we thought it would be good to split the trip in half.
Hubby, daughter and Grandson preparing to load.
  Our Grandson didn't see anything but fun in this whole process.

We arrived home around noon on Monday and our son helped Hubby unload the trailer over at the house our daughter and family will be living in.  It is so amazing that it takes hours to load and minutes to unload.  

We look forward to our daughter and her family living nearby and especially look forward to our Grandson and Granddaughter ( 7 months old) getting to share fun times together.  Hopefully it will not be too big of an adjustment for them.  They will go from living  out on 25 acres to living in a subdivision in the city.  They will pasture their horses at a location about 7 miles from their house here.  In time I'm sure they will once again live out and have land with their house to pasture their horses.  Our son-in-law has 5 beautiful Quarterhorses and enjoys spending his free time riding and being with them.
Hannah and Spirit

I have spent the past couple of days getting "back on track" and preparing to have our Grandson with us next week.  We will get him on Sunday so that he will miss all the confusion of the move.  He is a little sweetheart, but he will keep his Poppa and CiCi very busy and it will not be "business as usual" around our house.~smile~  But, we'll make some precious memories to cherish.

In thinking of all that we have going on I can get overwhelmed, but, then I quickly recall the dear friends that we have that would love to be overwhelmed with busyness. Instead, they are fighting the ravages of cancer. I'm so thankful for mine and my husband's good health and just so happy each day to have another chance to live and hopefully make my life count for HIM. 

It's so good to be back with my Company Girls and for more good blog reading, check it out.

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  1. How fun to have your grandkids (and your daughter and son-in-law) closer by!! I hope the adjustment/transition goes smoothly.

    I lost 2 grandparents to cancer. That stuff is not fun.

    Have a wonderful weekend...I always enjoy my time stopping by here. Missed you last week.

  2. Loved visiting today... and I love that purse :)Blessings on your day!

  3. your vacation looked like a really fun time! I hope you enjoy your time with your grandson!

  4. I didn't know your kids were moving back to LA! I know you will love having them closer!

  5. I know ya'll are so glad to have that move out of the way!! Packing up & moving is no fun! But at least you are getting them closer!! Oh and I loved the purse story! Don't we feel like we made a good purchase when we have people comment the first time we carry/wear something?!

  6. How thankful your children must be to have such wonderful parents!

  7. You made a work trip into a fun trip. I know you will be so happy to have your daughter and her family back in LA.
    I enjoyed your update.
    Have a blessed weekend!

  8. Glad you had a good time and are back safe and sound!

  9. Wow, your grandkids are moving nearby! That's awesome! Good to get them out of tornado alley, in my opinion :) thanks for visiting! I love reading your blog, you remind me of the sweet, refined Southern lady I always hoped I'd become. (but there's no chance of that happening with me, I think. I like being barefoot too much!)


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