Monday, November 15, 2010

MIscellany Monday

I decided on my way to church yesterday morning that I wanted a cup of coffee from McDonald's (I happen to think they have great coffee). I pulled up to the drive 
thru and told the lady I wanted a regular coffee with two creams and then I pulled up to the window to pay. When she took my money she said, "next time you need to be sure you order a Senior coffee."  Oh, my goodness, talk about humbling! She just pretty much told me that I look over 50 years old and you know what, I'm sure she's right! ~chuckle~ But, does she know how good it would have made me feel if I had pulled up to the window and ordered a Senior Coffee and then when I went to pay her she had said, "well, Mame, you certainly do not look like you qualify for a Senior Coffee."  But, you can bet your bottom dollar that the next time I order a McDonald's coffee, it will be a Senior Coffee.

Do men ever grow up?  I mean really!!  We're out taking our family Christmas picture last Sunday when the above incident took place.  Hubby just decides right in the middle of our having our picture taken that he will start acting silly.  Good grief! Now, do understand that we were sitting right at the edge of the bushes while our picture was being taken.  Thank goodness, no one was present but our children and grandchildren and our daughter was taking the picture and just could not resist snapping this.  That's okay, sometime I will catch her when she is least expecting it.  Payback will come!!

We enjoyed the most gorgeous day this past Friday and I took advantage of being outside and planting pansies.  I usually fill about 10 pots in various locations and we enjoy them until the spring.  These little fellas are amazingly hearty.  They can be covered in ice and snow and will come out smiling.  I do love me some pansies! ~wink~

If you did not read my entry about these little quick and easy munchies, then by all means click here and find out how to make them. 
I began sponsoring a child through World Vision this past summer and I am so impressed with this organization.  They definitely "dot their i's and cross their t's."  They have everything so perfectly lined out to make one's sponsorship such a privilege. I'm amazed at what a mere $35 a month will do for a child. My child is a 12 year old girl in Zimbabwe.  Should you ever feel led to participate in a ministry such as this, I highly recommend World Vision.

Can I just tell you how much I love my Nikon Coolpix S8000.  I decided a couple of months ago that I needed a purse-size camera so that I would never be without one. My Nikon Coolpix P90 is just too big to carry all the time and I found I was missing a lot of picture taking by not having a camera with me at all times. The S8000 has the largest zoom (10X) of any of the tiny cameras at this time and more often than not, 10X is all I need.  I wouldn't give up my big camera but I sure do like my little one.

I assume I'm not the only one having issues with Blogger emailing my comments to me.  It just quit about 3 days ago and when I checked on the internet, it seems that Blogger is working to get it fixed.  That's just a nice convenience that I really enjoy and we all know how nice it is to get comments and having them sent straight on to you via email is just "the icing on the cake."
Stomach Virus BE GONE!!!! My sweet daughter in law called me very early this morning to tell me that our son had the stomach virus.  Little Princess had it last week and we thought that everyone else had escaped, but no such luck!  Since our son is Diabetic it's a bit more concerning than for the average person.  DIL had been up most of the night and needed some help this morning with the Princess so I left about 5:50AM and picked the Princess up and she will be in my care today.  A sitter normally comes to their house to keep her but not today.  Now, hopefully DIL can escape this terrible bug!

Thanks Carissa for hosting Miscellany Monday. I know you are a busy person and could so choose not to host us each week, but we really do appreciate your time and effort.

A most happy and blessed week is wished to each of you!
Lea @ CiCis Corner
Lea @ CiCis Corner

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  1. I hope that virus goes away. It's so horrible. Praying for healing! I loved loved the photo with your hubby and you! So cute! I love it!

    Thanks for your randomness!

    many blessings


  2. We just sponsored a child last week through Compassion International. I will blog about it soon I hope.

  3. Praying for your DD's family.

    And as far as I know, I'm not having any troubles with Blogger sending me my comments ... but I didn't get many this weekend (because I didn't post until late last night).

    I love the recommendation on the pocket-sized camera! I was thinking the other day that I wish I had a smaller camera that I could just carry in my purse to snap photos of the Ts or the sunsets or whatever when I don't have my bigger camera with me. I always decided against a smaller camera because I didn't think it would perform as well ... but if you're pleased with yours, I'll definitely have to check it out! It may make it to my Christmas list!


  4. Oh dear, I will be praying that your son passes the bug quickly and doesn't give it to your daughter-in-law :( So glad that you were able to keep their little bundle of joy - I'm sure it was mutually agreeable! That picture is so great of you and your hubby! Very fun and playful - looks like a happy time!

  5. I enjoyed the silly christmas pic more than ever. Seems that you have a fun loving husband! And, I'll be the one to say "over 50?!?!?!" you look GREAT!

    Hope your son has a speedy recovery!

  6. you are such a sweetheart.

    shame on that lady telling you to order a senior coffee. i'm certain she was only concerned about saving you money and didn't think before speaking. plus, you look so young.

    i love world vision. we've had a boy through them for 7 years now... it's been a joy to see him grow up!

    hope your family gets well soon!

    your sweet treats look fantastic!!!

  7. I love McDonald's coffee. Think of all the money we save by going there. I am laughing hysterically at that picture of you on the ground! What a jokster your bubby is. That is frustrating about blogger. Now I am off to check if I had some comments that missed in my email.

  8. Haha ~ Love the pic of you and hubby ~ I'm married to a Big Boy myself. Someday I'll tell the story of his love of "surprises."

    The hardiness of pansies explains why they survived winter in IOWA last year =) They got covered with the first snow like an insulating blanket, and came out beautifully in the spring. Very sweet treat for me since I didn't have much time for flowers this year.

    I'm off to see about those pecan muchies!

  9. Oh I love the coffee thing...since I will be turning 50 in January and already getting AARP mail??? I hear there are discounts for cruises from age 50 up!!

    The picture is just great...your husband has life in him!!! I know your kids and grandkids love fun and a good laugh.

    Love the rest post!!

  10. Do men ever grow up? That is a good question. I know that my husband does the same kind of thing during our family pictures!! What are we gonna do with them? :-)


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