Monday, November 22, 2010

Miscellany Monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters


 I have probably made dressing 3 times in my life, but this year, it is up to me to make it.  So, I have sought the advise of many great cooks, and Googled recipes and hints . Saturday morning I made my dressing and it is now in the freezer awaiting Thursday.  I feel very good about it and am hopeful that my family will think it is very good. ~smile~  I will let you know how it goes.


What is this you ask? Well, this is what has to be done to my hair after it has been washed and dried before this tool can be used.
My hair is so thick and course that I have to flat iron small sections at a time and I find clipping it into sections to start with it the easiest way for me.  When my Hubby first saw me doing this (several years ago) he thought it was some kind of new hair style and was quite worried.  Can I just tell you that I could part with a lot of things before I could my Chi Flat Iron.  Love, love it!


These two precious fellas cause us to have signs such as this on our front and back door.  It only took having one package left at
the door to cause me to have to make this sign.  The package was strewn all over the front yard.  You would really think that that folks would know better than to leave packages laying right at the door when they see two nosey dogs running around in the yard.  Might I add that everyone who comes to our doors gets the biggest chuckle out of my signs. ~laugh~

Taken Saturday evening during the performance
Hubby and I and another couple went to our local Little Theater last evening to see an Elvis impersonator perform.  I can't say that he was that great of an impersonator, but he did sing very well and he was as cute as a button.  ~chuckle~ It did bring back a lot of memories of the two times that I actually did see Elvis in concert, scarf throwing and all. ~smile~

As we celebrate Thanksgiving this week I want  you to know what a privilege it has been to connect with you through blogging.  I never dreamed there were so many wonderful folks out there in "blogland."  I feel a real kinship with many of you and appreciate your words of encouragement and inspiration.  I have been blessed!

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Lea @ CiCis Corner
Lea @ CiCis Corner

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  1. Too funny on the sign on the door. Obviously your UPS/Fed-Ex guys don't have labs! LOL


  2. Oh this was a funny post today! Love the hair!! LOL and the doggie sign -

  3. So, what did you do before Chi Flat Irons existed? I would love to see that picture!

  4. The only person our dog barks at is the mailman. You'd think he would know him by now. I guess he just doesn't like men in uniforms! He hasn't gotten into any packages though. He's usually in the backyard or in the house. ~ Happy Thanksgiving if I don't talk to you before Thursday!

  5. I have never made dressing before and am making dressing this year too. I am using the simple recipe on the back of the bread box! That picture of your hair is too funny! I wonder what was in the package those precious pups got a hold of? I am thankful I found you through blogging. You make me laugh and smile! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  6. Straightening my hair looks similar to that. :) Cute blog!

  7. I'm cracking up over here!
    I have hair like yours also, and I used to be a hairstylist...a long, long time ago!
    I love the picture!



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