Monday, April 4, 2011

Miscellany Monday - I'm Sad

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

Yipee! it's time for Miscellany Monday.  This is definitely one of my most favorite memes and I think Carissa is just short of being a genius for coming up with this idea!  

{one} Several years ago 7 of us ladies formed what we call a "Birthday Group."  We take about 3 outings a year to celebrate each others birthdays and this past week we took our first outing for this year.  We headed to Jackson, MS. to do a little "retail therapy" and to have a lovely "dining experience" at a nice restaurant.

One of our group ordered the Waffle with Chicken. Have you ever heard of such?  We certainly had not, but it certainly did look impressive. Agree? And, the gal that ordered it said it was very good.

{two} Oh, my heart is sad! My heart is very sad!  We found out a couple of weeks ago that our daughter, her husband and our precious Clancy will be moving.  Yep, that's right!  And, not just down the road either, but way, way down the long highway.  They will be relocating to Dodge City, Kansas. 

I don't look at distance in miles, but rather in hours and that calculates to be somewhere between 13-14 hours.  Let's just say, too far!!  Definitely not a weekend trip or a 2-3 day trip.  Our SIL is going to work for the Federal Gov't as a USDA meat inspector. It is a wonderful opportunity and the job definitely "fits him to a T."  So, in that respect, we are very happy for them, but we will sure miss them and we all know that we will not get to see each other near as often as we would like too.  But, there are "bazillions" of folks that live even further away than that and we will adjust and we will live over it.  But, my heart is sad!  Our SIL will begin work on the 11th of this month and our daughter and Clancy will join him at the end of the school year, June 1st. And, did I say I was sad? ~tear~

{three} In light of #2 I am thankful for such things as Skype.  I've never used it before, but you can be for sure that we will be figuring it out between now and June 1st. I'm also thankful that our daughter was able to secure a 4th grade teaching position there.  The Lord has  brought things together beautifully for them and for that, we are more than just a little thankfulAnd, on top of that, they were also able to secure a spot for Clancy at the Childhood Development Center that is associated with the Community College .

{four} I am reminded almost every day of just how quickly our lives can change. We never know from one day to the next and I was reminded of that once again today.  Hubby's office manager's 15 year old twin daughters had a bad 4 wheeler accident yesterday afternoon.  They were in the woods surrounding their house and hit a tree.  One of the girls is being transported to a hospital about 100 miles from here.  She is bleeding internally and they cannot find out where the bleeding is coming from.  The other twin is cut up and has a concussion but it appears she is going to be okay. 
We have known these girls since they were born and they are precious girls.  We are praying that they both will make a full recovery from their injuries.

And, life goes on...........

Lea @ CiCis Corner
Lea @ CiCis Corner

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  1. Wow -- two whammies to take in at once. The twins will be in my prayers and so will your family as everyone makes the transition. BTW, my dad and I Skype all time! It's great!

  2. Skype is a wonderful tool. When our daughter was in Ireland, it was so nice to be able to see and hear her! I know it will hard on your heart...I will pray that everything goes well with the move...

  3. Oh I feel your mother heart daughters are both a 12 hour car ride from us which granted, is better than an ocean apart, but still too far. How wonderful though that your daughter was able to get a job too. I love when things fall in to place-very confirming that we're on the right road. Skype is easy and we have a Mac and so do my girls so we Ichat which is like skype in that I can see them.

    I will pray for the is fragile, that much is certain.

  4. Oh, Mrs. Lea...I feel your pain at having your daughter move so far away. I am about 1800 miles from my parents and a little further from my sisters and it is tough! We totally love Skype and Facetime on our phones!

    Knowing you...I'm pretty sure you will make the best of it! Not sure where Dodge City is, but we drive through Kansas every time we go home to visit! God works in amazing ways, doesn't he. He has worked out all the details, like it or not and seems to have very clearly showed them his path.

    Funny, cause I would LOVE to move that direction to be closer to my family and the Lord just keeps telling us NO! His will is perfect, though!

    Special hugs to you today and I will have the twins in my prayers!

  5. Wow. Dodge City. That is a just a few short hours from me. :) I don't think I even know where you all live, but I can safely say it will be an adjustment. :) It is so hard when family moves that far. My sister is that far and I hate it, especially for our kids.

    Hope the rest of your monday is happy.
    Oh and I love the birthday club idea. How fun.

  6. Lea, I am sad too that the children will be moving so far..but thankful all is working out for and Tommy may stay with us coming and going as you travel to see them...we are about half way...looks like the ladies had a good trip to Jackson...a special time together...So sorry to hear about the twins...praying all will be well soon...I am sad today too for you...

  7. Oh that's so hard to have your daughter moving! I live around the corner from my parents and that would be very difficult. Never had chicken and waffles, and I probably won't try it! lol

  8. I am sad that your daughter and her family are moving. I am thankful for Skype so that you can stay in touch. I will pray you through! I will be praying about these precious young girls involved in the accident. Can I just say that I am not sure what to think about the waffle/chicken thing? Did she eat it with syrup?

  9. Oh! My heart goes out to your family and friends.
    First, even tho this is a great opportunity for all involved it will take some getting used to. I've never used SKYPE, but I understand some people think it's wonderful.
    Second, the accident brings me to tears. Please keep us informed. Praying both girls will be ok.

  10. So true that many families are in your situation, We have children/grandchildren in the states while we are in Germany for hubbies work. We've lived in China with the kids back in the states. But Skype, frequent flyer miles, planned vacations and holidays all seem to make it much better. You will work it out, I'm sure.

  11. My heart is sad for you. I can't imagine being that far away from our grand children. We have always talked about moving south for retirement, but we both would be lost without family near by. Skype is wonderful, you will love it.
    A prayer tonight for the twins. So sad. Things change life in an instant.


  12. Oh, Lea, as a mom/grandma, I can imagine the sadness you're feeling. May you find comfort in the knowledge that it's quite apparent that God has His hand all over this move. {{hug}}

    I'll also be praying for the twins.

  13. Oh I am so sorry :(

    (((HUGS))) and prayers for you sweetie.


  14. waffles with chicken are getting popular. i don't get it.

    it's so hard to be away from family. mine are 3,000 miles away and it's far! i'm so sorry. hoping it will go easier than you expect.

    it's so sad to hear about that accident. just another reminder that our days are numbered. praying for them.

  15. Oh yes, I've learned that life can change in an instant. So sorry that your daughter is moving. I was always the only daughter who lived far away and still do. But thank the Lord for phones, emails and Facebook. Love each one of your photos.

    Blessings and love,

  16. Oh, wow, Lea. I'm so sorry. These things are understandably making you sad! Even in the gratitude for good jobs and schools, I would have plenty of tears to cry if any of my kids moved away and took grandbabies with them. (Not that I have grandbabies yet, but I've already decided I want them all to live within 1/2 hour of me whenever they come along.

    SAying a prayer now for the twins and their parents. What a horrible accident. Hugs from your friend in Maryland.

  17. I've been thinking about you since B made the announcement on facebook. James thought it was an April Fool's joke. It is hard not to be near your family. HUGS!

  18. Bless your heart!! I can imagine the range of emotions you are feeling right now and I will be praying for peace for you. I just know you will make the most of any situation and will figure out a way to still have lots and lots of quality time with Clancy ;) I read your post earlier when I had no time to comment and I have been praying for the twin girls all day. So scary and a good reminder of how fragile our earthly life is, how quickly it can be taken, and why we need to focus on our eternal life.

    xoxo, Kelly

    P.S. I also need to figure out skype so the kids can see my brother more often. Let me know when you figure it out!

  19. I have seen those waffles with chicken on the food channel...haven't tried them

    Sorry about your daughter moving so far away, yea for technology that will keep you close...not like past generation's moves.

    Sorry about the accident...each time I hear of one or a youth losing their life, which has been a lot around here lately, I too think about how fast our lives can change.

    I am so glad I know the one who holds us in His hands through it all.


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