Monday, August 15, 2011

Continuing On............

First, I know that I said I would update yesterday, but I felt like I would have more to report if I waited until today.  So, please forgive me.  Anyway, it's really not that hard to check to see if I've updated is it? ~smile~ It's hard for me to have a set schedule right now, if I can figure out 2-3 days at a time, I'm doing good.

The first plasma exchange was done on Friday and it was a tough ordeal.  They encountered a few problems but today's exchange was much smoother.
The machine pictured above is what is used and it is an amazing process.  This machine is attached to Daddy through a central line in his neck.  The picture below
shows the tubes running into that central line from the machine.  There are two Doctors and two RN's with him during the entire process.  They are a great group and kept me well informed of all that was taking place. 

Daddy was tired and a bit out of sorts following the procedure and slept for a couple of hours afterwards.  He has 3 more exchanges, on Wed., Friday and next Monday.

Daddy did seem to be somewhat stronger this weekend.  He sat in his wheelchair for an hour yesterday afternoon and said it felt so good to be out of the bed.  The Drs. feel like that the plasma exchange is responsible for his increase in strength and they are hopeful that he will continue to see marked improvement in the days ahead.  Of course, we are clinging to that hope.

Tomorrow morning  is the muscle and nerve biopsy and he is very anxious about it.  He's just been through so much poking and prodding and he's tired of all the additional discomfort that it usually causes him.  The surgeon doesn't feel like the biopsy will be too big of a deal for him and I certainly hope she is correct.  They will use conscious sedation for the process plus local anesthesia at the sites. These are being done to rule out any other issues, besides the GBS.  I don't think that the Drs. are expecting them to reveal anything new.  It will likely be Friday before we hear from the Pathology.  So, once again, we hurry up and wait!

Daddy remains very tired and weary but is hopeful that when all of the tests and procedures are finished and the Drs. give him their prognosis that it be one that gives him something to hang on to. 

Joel returned home on Sat. and I took over.  Sybil will be back tomorrow and after the biopsies, I will go home for a couple of days.  As many of you probably know, it is a tough time for all concerned.  All of our lives are altered and we never know from one day to the next what may happen.

Your continued prayers are so appreciated and your encouraging words mean so much.  I always convey to Daddy all the many, many folks across the country that are praying for him.  You all are so dear to him!

We will continue on, counting on the Lord for our strength and trusting  Him for all that happens, even when we don't understand. 

I will most likely update again this weekend and inbetween times will be updating on Facebook. We love and appreciate you!

Lea @ CiCis Corner
Lea @ CiCis Corner

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  1. Still praying, Lea. For wisdom, strength, and freedom from this disease!

  2. I think of you often and am praying. Thanks for the updates. You are loved and prayed for Lea!

  3. Hugs and husband gives plasma this will remind me to continue to pray for your Dad also.

  4. Hoping and praying with you for both spiritual and physical strength. "His Eye is On the Sparrow and I Know He Watches {You}."

  5. Praying and trusting your dad will get better.

    As good as it is to receive your updates please don't push yourself to do them. We can all check in periodically to see if there are updates.

  6. My husband has been through a lot of hospitalizations (for mini-strokes) and tests with no real answers. He just gets to the point where he doesn't want to do it anymore! It's hard to let them keep poking and prodding when it never seems to lead to answers. Praying your dad's tests will bring clarity and direction and that he continues to feel stronger!

  7. I will be praying for some clear answers and a ray of hope. The world of medicine is positively amazing. Hope this next round is nothing too taxing for your dad. Take care-so glad you all are able to share the care giving.

  8. Your dad has been through the gamet. Poor thing. Praying for each of you to have renewed strength and for the doctors to give a good, conclusive prognosis.

  9. Praying he continues to have more and more good days ahead.... thinking of all of you, Lea. You are an amazing daughter!! Love you!!

  10. So sorry for the challenges your going through. I remember the days with my mom and being so worn and tired, I didn't know exactly what to pray. A lot of time my prayers were just two words "Help Father". But he does 'hold us in the palm of his hand' and he 'knows the desires of our heart'. Sometimes all you can do it rest in that knowledge.

    Praying for you, your Dad and your family.

  11. It is amazing what they can do.
    Praying this procedure will help him get his strength back. Keeping all of you in my prayers.

  12. Continuing to pray, Lea. Praying for healing and for strength.

    With great love.



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