Saturday, December 22, 2012

Christmas Happenings.........

Christmas means celebrating, gathering with friends, attending worship services, making special memories with family and honoring HIM who made this all possible.  Here's a little snippet about what we've been up  as we prepare for Christmas...........

We traveled to Kansas last week and stopped to spend the night in Oklahoma City.  We stayed in the area known as Bricktown and we had such a fun time.
 We had a lovely dinner at Micky Mantle Steakhouse and then wandered around looking at all the lovely Christmas decorations.

We drove on to Kansas the following day and there's nothing like hearing Clancy say, "Poppa and CiCi" when we drive up.  Just makes our hearts nearly explode!
 We played games, we shelled pecans, played outside and just enjoyed loving on Clancy.

We did our gift exchange on Saturday and what fun to see the excitement in Clancy's eyes with each gift he opened.
Have you ever seen a little boy with more expression? 
 Just too cute! 
We arrived back home on Sunday evening and it was time for me to start preparing my fudge and other homemade goodies for delivery.
As I've stated before, I have as much fun packaging my goodies, as I do making them.  I'm almost finished but still have another couple to deliver.

Our office staff always has a big party on their last day of work before Christmas and that was yesterday.  I made sure that I was there when the fun began.
Jonette, the gal in the picture with me above, is a real Santa, all the time.  She has such a giving heart and she made all the gals and myself a beautiful wooden cross.  Then she filled barrel type baskets to the brim for all of us.  She is a "Coupon Queen" and probably had very little real money in the stuff she put in the baskets. But, there is absolutely no telling how much time she put into these baskets and the making of the crosses.  She's amazing and we had such a fun time celebrating!  After the celebration I left and they all went back to work. Yep, work somehow has to go on in spite of all the festivites.  ~shucks~

My Princess spent yesterday morning with me and we had a fun time making cut out cookies.  Is there any little 3 year old girl that doesn't enjoy cookie dough and sprinkles?  I think not!

This evening we will be attending a Christmas bridal party to honor Jenilee, the granddaughter of my dear friend, Martha.
Many of you will remember that Martha is fighting a tough, tough battle with breast cancer.  I continue to covet your prayers for her behalf as the road gets rougher and rougher.

 On Sunday our church choir will be presenting it's Christmas musical and that is always a nice treat and then........

we will gather around this tree on Monday evening and have our family Christmas.
May your weekend be filled with all things
Lea @ CiCis Corner
Lea @ CiCis Corner

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  1. Oh Lea, what a fun post!
    You are so blessed as are those around you.
    Clancy is such a cutie, happy guy, and I love the pics of you and Princess baking...I can't wait for my granbabies :) I adore the pic of her sitting and eating her cookie creation all cozied up by grandma...too cute!
    I love your gifts, both given and received, lucky gals all around.
    Have a blessed Christmas

  2. What a beautiful post! So much fun, love and blessings surrounding you. I'm sorry to hear about Martha, she is indeed a beautiful lady. Will be keeping her on my prayer list. Wishing you and yours a beautifully blessed Christmas weekend! Love & Hugs, xoxo

  3. What a lovely photo of you : ) Merry Christmas to you and yours. I will continue to keep your friend in my prayers.

  4. How wonderful to see you enjoying the season! Clancy is such a cutie! Soo glad you were able to travel out to see them. Love baking cookies with little ones! Enjoy all of your celebrations this week-end! Merry Christmas to you all!

  5. So many wonderful times you have had and what a blessing to spend time with your grandchildren. Keeping Martha in my prayers. I will be baking Sunday and Monday.
    Wrapping presents today. Your treats look yummy. Have a very Merry Christmas. Hope your dad is doing well. God Bless xoxo

  6. It all looks wonderful! Merry Merry Christmas friend! I hope you and yours have a wonderful day full of laughter and love, and a year blessed with all your heart longs for! I'm thankful for your blogging friendship!

  7. Looks like great times with your family!! Precious grandbabies!

  8. You are so adorable! Merry Christmas my friend and I will be keeping Martha in my prayers!

  9. I continue to pray for your friend Martha. She is so blessed to have you as her friend.

    So glad you were able to have some time with your grands during this Christmas season ... what wonderful memories.

    Wishing you and yours a very blessed Christmas!


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