Monday, December 10, 2012

Miscellany Monday

I'm so glad that in the midst of all Carissa has going on these days that she stops long enough to host MM each Monday.  I bet it gets her week off to as good of a start as it does ours.  
Inquiring minds want to know......
After posting last Monday about using buckets instead of stockings for our kiddos, I had several requests to show what they looked like.  So, here you go!  One is plastic and one is metal and I have two of each of them.  These are for the adults and I haven't really been able to find suitable buckets for the Grans just yet.  But, I'm on the look out and I'm just sure I'll find some soon.  As I said, I found these about 5-6 years ago at Wal-Mart and I haven't seen any like them since.  So, I take extra good care of them.  They hold all different shapes and sizes of stuff very well.

True Southern Belles..........

  Yes, The Formidible Women are true Southern Belles and we take great pride in that fact. ~ grin~ This past Friday I hosted my annual Christmas Brunch for them.  We all bring a gift and then have a gift exchange.  It is always a fun time for us to kick back for a couple of hours and just enjoy being together and celebrating a "Formidible Women style Christmas."

Dirty Santa.........
Saturday evening we attended our Sunday School Department party and after dinner, we played Dirty Santa.  Well, as the pictures show, it was most interesting.  Someone brought the cute Snowman entrance rug and when Mary Lynn got it, she did not plan to let go of it.  You can see that when Becky came to take it away, Mary Lynn got down on her knees begging her not to take it.  But, Becky did not give in and very happily took it and she didn't intend to let it go either.  But, Mary K. had other plans and she very politely took it from Becky and she left the party the happy new owner of the Snowman rug.  Can I just say it was more fun "than a barrel of monkeys."  

Cutie Patootie.........
Just take a look at our Princess in her cute Christmas outfit.  And, by all means, please notice the red shoes with the lime green poka dots.  For heaven's sakes, how much cuter can it get?  She was matching from her head to her toes and notice the "My Little Pony" that she has in her hand.  Yep, that was her Mama's in 1983DIL got it out last week and gave it to Hanna Beth and she hasn't put it down since.  How funny!

Christmas in Dodge City...........

  On Tuesday morning Hubby and I will board our sleigh and head out to Dodge City to see this "cutie pie" and to celebrate Christmas with he and his parents.  This is what you do when many miles separate you and those you love at Christmas - you make it work.  We will celebrate Christmas next Saturday and then return home on Monday and get ready to celebrate with our family here.  Looks like we are in for some very Christmasey weather that includes cold temps and a whole lotta wind.  Oh, me! chills me to the bone just thinking about it. ~Bur-r-r-r~

I'll be "laying low" in blogland the next week, but never fear, I'll be back with lots of pictures and tales!
Lea @ CiCis Corner
Lea @ CiCis Corner

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  1. Lea, these are simply beautiful images and your story telling is awesome! So glad I stopped in from the MM hop! Another Southern Gal here and your newest follower!

  2. Thanks for sharing pictures of the buckets.

    It sounds like you had a wonderful time at your Formidable Women brunch ... and at your SS Department party! I love "Dirty Santa" (although I'd never heard it called that before ... now I have a name for that fun!).

    My 3 y.o. granddaughter loves "matching" ... so seeing your Princess all "matchy-matchy" really reminds me of my T#4. ;-)

    Have a safe trip and wonderful time in Dodge City!

  3. Clancy is so cute!! Thanks for sharing pictures with us of all your fun activities!! We did a dirty santa too with our neighbors. That's on the 21!

    Enjoy laying low for awhile.

  4. I so love those buckets, Leah! Thanks for following through with our requests to show pictures of them. I feel like I've seen them somewhere before...only if I could remember where! Your grandkids are just the cutest! I think Dirty Santa is also called White Elephant, right? So much fun! I can't blame your friend for not wanting to let go of that cute rug! Safe travels!

  5. Love all the festivities and gatherings Christmas brings. We have scattered family, too, and just do everything we can to "make it work." I always feel like it's not the day, it's the togetherness--and seeing our precious grands!

  6. I wish I lived nearby : ) Enjoy your two Christmases! We've done early and late with our extended families some years and you can make it wonderful! I actually think the little ones enjoy stretching it out and playing with what they get. Sometimes having it all on Christmas day is overwhelming.

    Safe travels-stay warm!

  7. Good morning...I somehow missed this yesterday and I would have missed the buckets! Thanks for the pic! Loved all your pictures. Looks like you are thoroughly enjoying the season. Enjoy your self in Dodge City! travel safe! HUGS


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