Friday, March 22, 2013

A Little of This and A Little of That.............

Good Friday morning!  Decided not to do any kind of a "link up" today, but rather just sort of "do my own thing."  I have a few things to share with you , so grab a cup of your favorite drink and enjoy!
Moms and Grandmothers, if you have not made the Cookies on a Stick by Pillsbury, then you need to give them a try.  I did these for my Grans and they were a huge hit.
 Everything you need to make them comes in the box and while mine were certainly not to perfection, I thought they turned out really cute.  And, might I say, they are very good!  I'm always looking for something cute to do for or with the Grans.  These fit the bill perfectly. And, Grans or no Grans, these are just plain good enough to make for anyone!

Our Princess started taking gymnastics last summer in a little "Mom and Me" summer program.  She enjoyed it enough that
she has been taking regular gymnastics this school year.  Doesn't she look like a "budding Olympian?"  The little leotards are just too cute!

We had the most gorgeous weather last weekend and Hubby and I used it wisely.  We got busy getting the patio all "prettied up"
for Spring and Summer.  We planted petunias, impatients, hybiscus, mandevilla, strawberry plants and sword ferns.  Our pansies are still so pretty, so we will wait a while longer before replacing them.
(sorry for the softness of these pics, I had accidently changed the setting on my camera)

 Hubby also got his little raised garden ready
with tomato plants.  Hopefully the little furry friends will not carry them off as fast as they come on the vine. ~smile~ He only plants tomatoes and will likely have enough for the entire neighborhood. I don't eat tomatoes (I know, crazy, but just cannot stand the texture of them) so it doesn't take very many for just Hubby.  Leaves a lot to share.

Hanna Beth will also be playing "wee ball" in April.  This will be a whole new experience for us, but one I hear that is quite entertaining.  Her Dad and Mom have been introducing her to a bat and glove and I can't get over how "girly" all this stuff comes.    
She has a hot pink bat to go with this glove and check out those "itty bitty" cleats she has on.  I'm thinking that our little Princess will likely be picking daises in the out field rather than chasing after a ball.  We shall see............

Hubby and I will be heading to meet friends in Savannah, Georgia for a few days the first of April.  

It should be perfect timing for the azelea's  and beautiful weather. ~hope, hope~  We have never been to the fair city, so we are very excited.  We are staying at The Mansion on Forsythe Park, and have reservations to eat at Lady and Sons and The Olde Pink House.  If you have been to Savannah and want to give me some "don't miss" suggestions as to sites or restaurants, that would be great.  We will be there for 4 days.

The past two days have been "ultra" cold here and I had already gotten my body warmed up and set for Spring.  I'm freezing now, turned the heat back on and it feels like the beginning of winter rather than Spring.  Well, they say there's always a "cold snap" before Easter, so guess that's what we're experiencing. ~blah~
 And, rain is forecast for all day today and tomorrow. ~blah again~  Oh, well, it will just make anticipating Spring all the better.

Happy weekend and I leave you with this.........

Lea @ CiCis Corner
Lea @ CiCis Corner

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  1. Oh those little cleats are too cute! It does my heart good to see all your warm pictures, we have snow. We woke up to more this morning, blowing crazy! Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. I'm so ready to add color to the patio and front steps. I know better than to do that this time of year, but I'm tempted. The fact that its 32 degrees outside helps me resist : ) Have a great weekend!

  3. Love those cookie pops! And I greatly admire the planting work you and hubby did, it looks great!
    I don't like to tomatoes either......however, I love ketchup.

    I'm desperately looking for spring! That one day fooled me and I got all the capris out and now I'm waiting!

  4. Adorable cookies! Got to give this a try...
    What would we do without grandbabies?
    They sure make life GRAND.
    Sure hoping our cooler weather coming in doesn't do harm to all the beautiful blooms...
    Have a good weekend..

  5. Those cookie pops are adorable! I will get some to have on hand for the next time the Ts are here. That will be so much fun ... to make and to eat. ha!

    I'm so jealous ... I wish we could plant flowers here. Everything is still brown. :-(

    Hanna Beth's little leotards are so cute ... as are those little cleats. When T#2 played softball, she had a pink bat and pink gloves, too. Too adorable!

  6. I bet your little Princess will be picking wildflowers, I know I would with such a pretty glove, and cleats to match. You will certainly enjoy seeing her play ball, my dh was a little league coach for 12 years, watching parents and grandparents enjoy the game was so much fun to watch.
    I am a little envious in all the flowers and plants you have planted, and I have always heard of a cold snap before Easter, and found that it holds true, even found some after Easter too. ~smile~
    Enjoy your trip to Savannah, I once passed through on my way to Florida, and have wanted to go back.
    I would have eaten the whole batch of cookies, they look so yummy. Baking cookies is a must when our grandkids come to visit.
    Thanks for sharing, enjoy your weekend.
    p.s. Aren't grandchildren the most fun, if I had known they were so much fun I would have had them first. ~grinning~

  7. Jealous about the trip to Savannah. It's one of those places I dream about . A lady at the consignment shop I frequent says this is the best time of year to see Savannah, and that it's a "must see city" for American. So rich in history and not short on charm either!

  8. I so enjoyed your "This & That" today. Oh that Princess is the most adorable little thing. Yes, you have so much fun watching the games with a team of little princesses. They are so fun!

    The cookie pops are a great idea for me when we baby-sit with AG in a couple weeks while mom and dad take a well deserved weekend away. I look forward to those few days.

    Your yard is such a lovely site. We haven't had the weekend weather yet to spend in ours other than to poison some determined weeds. I had hoped to finish getting the front beds ready for spring this weekend, but alas, the forecast for rain will put a stop to that.

    Have a great weekend.

  9. Those cookies are cute, I will have to look for them. She looks adorable and the exercise is so important. Love the mitt! Have a wonderful time in Savannah with your friends. Enjoy your weekend and I hope you have a great garden this year.

  10. Those cookies are very cute!!
    Your trip to Savannah sounds wonderful, take lots of photos!!


  11. Love the cookies, looks like a fun project to do with my grands

  12. That little leotard IS so so cute!!
    She definitely looks like a budding olympian!
    And those cookies look like something I'll have to try with Bekah.

    Have fun in Georgia! Sounds like you have some amazingness planned! I would love to visit there someday... Looking forward to hearing about your trip.

    Your patio and plants look beautiful!!
    I'm not crazy about tomatoes either, but I eat them anyway... Bekah loves them. Just found that out for the first time today. =)

    Have a great weekend!!
    ((Big hugs))

  13. What a fun post..from cookies, to beautiful yard, grandchildren and a is full and wonderful..enjoy!!

  14. What fun photos!! I just adore your patio/garden area, it's so pretty!! I am beyond ready for spring to really get here (it's been freezing here, too, and yesterday we had snow!). I want to plant flowers and prepare a garden :) Your trip to Georgia sounds exciting, too!!! Have a blessed day!


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