Monday, August 26, 2013

Miscellany Monday

So, so good to be back for MM. Seems I never lack for miscellaneous "talk" and always enjoy sharing it with you on Mondays.  I'm so glad that Carissa welcomes us each week!

lowercase letters

Interesting sign.......

While on our trip last week we went into a Jimmy John's to grab a sandwich and this was the sign that greeted us.  Have mercy, talk about being blunt and to the point!  Of course, I had to chuckle after I read it. But, I'm thinking EVERYONE looks best with their nakedness covered! ~smile~

Not sure whose idea this was, but this was the knife holder at the beach house we leased while we were in Gig Harbor a couple of weeks ago.  It is definitely a "coversation piece" but really, it's a bit morbid as far as I'm concerned.  Oh, the things that folks come up with and then laugh all the way to the bank as they enjoy the "fruits of their weirdness." ~chuckle~

Our Miss Priss......
I can almost hear you saying, "awe, isn't she precious." ~wink~  Yes, she is and I got her this adorable outfit on our recent trip.  I wish you could see the detail of the skirt, has a real vintage look to it.  You know sometimes things have someone's name on them and this outfit screamed Hanna Beth, and it didn't hurt that it was one of her best colors either.  All together one more time........"awe."

A real Southern Lady.....
  There will be many of you reading this that know exactly who this lady is and then others of you who will have no idea.  Well, this is Virginia Ireland, and get this, she is 97 years young.  Yep, you read that correctly!  And, this picture was just taken yesterday and it has not be touched up, and she has not had any cosmetic work done.  Isn't she amazing looking??? Ms.Virginia, and her now deceased husband, owned a jewelry store here in our town for many, many years and she has been a resident here for most of her 97 years.   She could write a book on what it means to be a Southern Lady and I have been privileged to observe and learn from her.  When you go over to have coffee with her you are served in a China cup and saucer and are given a linen napkin.  I would venture to say that she does not own a mug or paper napkins.  She enjoys good health, still drives, lives alone and is always put together in fine fashion.  Oh, that I could live and be such a woman at 97 years old!

Deep ponderings........
I often ponder, but the past few weeks have caused me to ponder more than usual. The past month has brought much sadness and concern my way.  We lost a very dear friend suddenly and now we're watching his precious wife make the many adjustments to her life.  I have had two dear friends diagnosed with breast cancer and they are on the journey of their lives. A dear friend had emergency brain surgery this past Saturday and is awaiting the pathology report and I know folks with divisions in their family that is causing hurt and despair.  Thank goodness all of the above mentioned have a strong faith and know that HE is the only one that will see them through.  All of this has caused me to once again reflect on so much of my own life and to know that our lives can make such a drastic change in 24 hours.  If I thought about it long enough it would likely paralyze me. But I've lived through enough changes in my 61 years that I know HE is always faithful and whatever befalls me, HE will be there to carry me through, just as HE has in the past.  I think this says it best........

Lea @ CiCis Corner
Lea @ CiCis Corner

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  1. That knife holder is just a little too gruesome for me. ;-)

    Your Hanna Beth is just so adorable.

    There's just so much heartache in this world ... praise God for being there, waiting to help us through those difficult times that we all will face sooner or later.

  2. Good morning.....your right! Hanna Beth is just adorable, and so is that outfit! I've a lot of the same kind of pondering since my mom passed away. There is just soo much sadness and difficulty in this world, and of course the never ending question of.."what will get me and my loved ones?" because of course SOMETHING eventually will. There really is no escape. And your right, that's why knowing HIM is our hope, our refuge, and our strength. Knowing HIM means that it DOES turn out well for us. Enjoy yourn day CICI!

  3. Good morning Lea...such wonderful musings for a Monday Morning. Miscellaneous or not. That knife holder, has me wondering all sorts of things about the designer. As for Ms beautiful is she!!!!? One can only hope that when I reach my 90's that I will still be as stunning as she is. Now for your ponderings....there is so much heartache in the world these days. So many struggles, so much loss, so much sadness. As you are aware, as I have been going through my own loss...the only way to cope, deal and heal is through HIM. He is my refuge from the storms of life and through Him comes my strength and peace. Beautifully put my friend. Have a wonderful day.

  4. Life is so short and we have to make the most of it. I'm glad to read that your friends who experienced health issues are believers. There is comfort in that but life is hard and can change quickly.

    Blessings and love,

  5. Thank you for the inspiring words. Life is hard, but thank God, He is good.

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  7. Your little granddaughter is precious! I can hardly wait to have grandchildren! A woman gave her testimony in church very powerful! She lost her husband to throat cancer about a year ago. Then, our pastor got up and said something so profound. He said, "God may give you more than YOU can handle, but he'll never give you more than HE can handle!" I love that! I've learned that God will always see me through.

  8. Hi Lea! I love reading your blog =) And wWhen I read the end of your blog this morning I thought wow! I could say pretty much the same ~ I too have lived through enough change in my 38 years that I know HE is always faithful and whatever befalls me, HE will be there to carry me through, just as HE has in the past. I recite Jeremiah 29:11 daily. Hugs to you sweet lady ~ EMichelle

  9. Oh Lea, your closing paragraph is so true. So much pain, but one answer and source of peace. Thank you. What a beautiful tribute to Virginia Ireland. She is indeed a wonderful example of a Southern Lady. Give her a hug for me when you see her next. And Miss Hanna Beth is an absolute doll. But, she is growing up much too fast.

  10. CiCi,

    I'm so sorry for all the sadness, illness and worry that is surrounding you and your friends.. I'm thankful they all know the Lord, I pray they hand it all over to Him.
    I pray this season in there lives passes soon and their faith developed to an even stronger one because of it.


  11. What a joy for me to come by this morning this was such a great post. The sign I got a chuckle out, the knife was a little scary.
    And you are so right Hannah Beth is adorable, love the vintage outfit.
    Your friend Mrs Ireland sounds exactly like my mother, so gracious and lovely. I am sorry for your friend's loss, i will now be praying for strength for her new journey, and I am so glad that she knows where this strength comes from.


  12. Yes indeed, she is precious : ) And what a lovely lady who is 97 years young. My mom is 83 and looks much younger...I think women with great skin don't show their age. Sadly, I've spent far too much time in the sun.

    I love that note at the end...He knows the end from the beginning!

  13. Life can change in a moment, knowing that He doesn't is what gives me hope


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