Monday, November 25, 2013

Miscellany Monday

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The Monday before Thanksgiving and things are hopping here at the Culp household.  We'll be celebrating Thanksgiving on Tuesday because our DesMoines family will be here then.  So, it's all hands on deck for now.  But, had to make a little time for MM first...........

Decking the halls......

Clancy had good time helping Bridget decorate their tree on Saturday.  She told me that he was beside himself with excitement.  At 5 years old he's all "into" it and he cannot wait for the elf to arrive and the daily fun with him.  Bridget said she may wait a little longer before "he" makes his appearance because she's not sure she can come up with something cute to do that many days.  While the "Elf on the Shelve" is so, so cute, it can put a whole lot of pressure on Moms.  I've never seen anything like what some Moms do with him. Clancy wears his Santa hat almost as well as his cowboy hat. ~such a cutie~

Let the holiday fun begin......
Our son and DIL took the Princess on a little holiday road trip this past weekend. The strolled through a shopping area that was decked out and since it is not a mall and you are outside a lot, they took her stroller so she could ride and be bundled up as well.  Did I mention that it was literally freezing cold here this weekend and on Saturday we had drizzling rain all day. Bur-r-r-r! Then they took her to the Bass Pro Shop to visit Santa.  Bass Pro Shops always have the most realistic Santa's and it was the first time that Hanna Beth willingly got in his lap.  But, he was such a jolly looking soul that I'm sure that helped her willingness. They then took her yesterday afternoon to ride The Polar Express in Tyler, Texas.  So, she is definitely in the holiday spirit!

Busy in the kitchen........
As I mentioned above our DesMoines family will be arriving later today for a very quick trip.  My niece loves all things pumpkin, so I decided that I would make her some Pumpkin Bread to enjoy.  You may be wondering what recipe I used.  Well, I have to confess, I didn't.  A couple of years ago I bought the Krusteaz mix at Sam's and gave it a try.  It was so, so good that I have used it ever since.  The only thing I add to it is walnuts.  To me, everything is better with a few nuts thrown in. ~smile~

Saturday was so cold and dreary that I decided it would be a good day to make a big batch of pralines.~not sure what the weather has to do with that~  I quadrupled the recipe and I had pralines for days.  But, they freeze well and I love having a stash of that type goodie during the holidays.  They always make for a very nice "happy" for someone.  Added note:  the recipe for these pralines can be found by clicking on the recipe tab at the top of my blog.  Scroll through until you see Georgia Pralines.  They are so,so easy and so, so good!

 This will be my last entry before Thanksgiving so may you all enjoy a day of thankfulness with your families and those you hold dear. No matter how dreary the way may get, there is always, always something to be thankful for.  Abundant blessings my friends!     
Lea @ CiCis Corner
Lea @ CiCis Corner

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  1. I have a feeling that Clancy would wear ANY hat well! ;-)

    DD shared some pumpkin bread with us last week ... it was good but it would have been way better with some nuts. ;-)

  2. Oh and Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

  3. Your pralines are beautiful- I am going to try them sometime in the next few weeks! I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!! Blessings from Texas :)

  4. Such cute pictures and the pralines and loaves look delicious!

  5. Adorable photos!
    Happy Thanksgiving...thankful for you!


  6. Well you have been busy....have the most wonderful of times tomorrow.
    Happy Thanksgiving! Love the pictures......

  7. I really need to to make your pralines hubby would love em. Happy Thanksgiving, Lea. Enjoy the time.

  8. Yum, your pralines look delicious, as does your pumpkin bread.
    Happy Thanksgiving!


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