Monday, November 18, 2013

Miscellany Mondays

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Okay, folks we only have 5 more Mondays until Christmas. Is that not insane?  How can it be?  Yes, 5 weeks from this Wednesday is Christmas Day.  Okay, enough on's on to miscellaneous thoughts with Carissa......

On that note........
This past Saturday a church in our area had what they call "A Christmas Gathering."  It is sponsored by their Women's Ministry and was an afternoon event.
 A group of ladies from our church went and we had an enjoyable time.  They had vendors selling their wares an hour before and an hour after the program started.  We browsed, visited and then went into their sanctuary where the program was to be held.

They had a segment on gift wrapping, holiday traditions and holiday decor.  Everything was nicely orchestrated and it was obvious that a whole lot of work had gone into the planning of an event such as this.
 There were around 500 ladies in attendance and everyone of us were given 4 very nice gifts throughout the afternoon.  The men of the church had dressed as Santa's helpers and at the appointed time handed out each gift to us.  That in itself, was no small feat.
It was the perfect start to the holiday season!

Who comes up with these????
One of the vendors at this show had tee shirts of every description under the sun.  I don't know who comes up with the sayings you see on tee shirts these days, but some of them are so, so cute!  And, of course, there are also those that are most distasteful.  I'm not really a tee shirt kinda gal, except when I'm walking on my treadmill, but I have a daughter and DIL that absolutely loves them.  They always make for a great stocking stuffer for them. Don't you just love the one about the wife???~so cute~

Be still my heart....
 I'm not sure this picture needs any words..........our Princess is growing up and I thought when I saw her in these boots that my heart would burst.  I'm just not sure I have ever seen anything cuter!  Of course, you do understand, this is a Grandmother talking.  But, it's just the plain truth!!!!

And, I leave you with this...... 
Lea @ CiCis Corner
Lea @ CiCis Corner

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  1. What an absolutely fun event you attended. 500 ladies, now that is a huge turn out! The t-shirts are adorable. My daughter would absolutely love them. And the grand daughter in the boots..that is just such an amazing photo! Its difficult to see them grow so quickly sometimes isn't it? Happy Monday!

  2. Your ladies event looks like it was a great time and your picture of your granddaughter is so cute!

  3. I would be disappointed if you didn't think that your Princess was the cutest thing ever. ;-)

  4. Well I survived the dentist : ) It took twice as long as he anticipated, but it's done so whoohoo!

    Yes, the boots are pretty close to the cutest thing ever!

  5. Love the shot of your grand daughter in those boots!!


  6. oh my goodness - THAT PICTURE of your sweetie pie princess! priceless.

    i used to go to a church bazaar that sounds similar to that one. it was seriously a huge tradition throughout my childhood to go with my mom and grandma. i miss it!

    love you, sweet lady!


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