Monday, December 9, 2013

Miscellany Monday

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Oh, my goodness, it's only 16 days until Christmas!  I hope that each of you are well on your way with your shopping, baking and other holiday events.  I have my shopping pretty much done, the gifts are wrapped and I'm working on the stockings.  Our kids get so excited about their stockings, really good stuff comes in their stockings. But, enough of that, it's time for MM and our sweet, sweet Carissa.............

Girl fun.........

Last Wednesday, my friend Gerri and I packed our bags and headed out for Dallas, Texas. We "had" planned to stay until Friday morning and then head to Shreveport for a while on Friday before we came on home later Friday afternoon.  We arrived in Dallas around 3:00PM and had no sooner arrived than we received word that wintery icy weather would be arriving Thursday evening and it would be BAD!  Well, we're pretty smart gals and we knew we did not want to be any part of that.  So, we reconfigured our plans and decided that we would leave at least by mid-afternoon on Thursday and head on to Shreveport and stay there Thursday night.

Once we got our plans settled, we were off for a little "retail therapy."  Everything at the malls was decorated to the hilt in Christmas finery.  If we had not been in the Christmas spirit beforehand, we certainly were then.  
Without going into a lot of details, let me just tell you that leaving Dallas Thursday afternoon was an experience that neither of us will forget for a long, long time.  Apparently everyone else was leaving Dallas too and it took us 4 hours to go what should have taken a mere 2 hours.  We were too weary to make it all the way to Shreveport, so we rested our weary minds and bodies in Lindale, Texas.  We spent a few hours in Shreveport on Friday before arriving home around 5:30PM.  It was a fun, fun time in spite of "Old Man Winter."

A happy hunter.......
And, happy is the best description for Hubby at this time of year.  He is a hunter with a capitol "H."  He is 66 years old and started hunting when he was 11 years old.  So, if you do the math, that comes to 55 years!  That is a l-o-n-g time to still be enjoying it!  And, he has killed more deer than the law allows. ~smile~  And, he is careful, safety conscious, and respectful of other hunters.  Hunting is almost like a science for him.  I have been married to the man for 42 years and I still don't "get it."  But, I don't have to "get it."  Why on earth would anyone want to get up early, be quiet and freeze too death is beyond me.  But, he reminds me that he has ultra fine stands, with good heaters and comfortable seats. Yes, he is definitely a "happy hunter."

Our house of worship.....
Our church is a beautiful church any time of the year, but at Christmas it is ultra beautiful.
 The Women's Ministry always heads up the decorating and there are usually less than a dozen ladies that show up for the decorating.  And, they don't have a magic wand to wave, they work extremely hard pulling out all the decor, fluffing it, reworking certain items and on and on.  There is generally 2-3 men that volunteer their time to assist with the larger items, such as the tree.  When they get through, it is magnificent and sets the stage for the Christmas season.  

Lea @ CiCis Corner
Lea @ CiCis Corner

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  1. Neat to see your mall pictures. I was at that mall when I went in September. The kids went on the merry go round. Beautiful mall!

  2. I don't get the "fun" of hunting either but I enjoy sharing in the bounty of the hunt. we have a neighbor who has blessed us with venison tenderloins in the past and this year burgers. Beautiful ladies!

  3. Sounds like a fun trip but good thing you were wise about the weather. Got a glimpse of icy when I was at Melody's, and it was enough to see it can be scary! Church looks beautiful! Enjoy your day!

  4. "Why on earth would anyone want to get up early, be quiet and freeze too death is beyond me." That line made me laugh OUT LOUD! The things people do for fun ...different folks for different strokes. He probably doesn't see much therapy in "retails therapy, does he? We shoppers just see it as a different kind of hunting!

  5. A little "retail therapy" is always a good thing, in my book! I'm just about done with my shopping...have done about 95% of it online. Yay, me! Be sure to stop by today and enter my giveaway for a Christmas banner, if you haven't already! :)


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