Monday, December 16, 2013

Miscelleous Monday

Is it really just 10 days until Christmas?  I work very hard to not get myself into a frenzy during the Christmas season by getting things done early.  It allows me time to enjoy the season and take it all in.  This week will be busy as I will be doing some entertaining here in our home and we'll be sharing in some holiday gatherings at others' homes.  Today's Miscellaneous Monday will feature some holiday fun we enjoyed this past week........

The best staff.......
Hubby and I hosted his office staff for a Christmas lunch and a time of fellowship this past Thursday.
Tommy has 4 super gals and our son that run his office.  They are tops and we take this time of year to show them our appreciation for their hard work.
Tommy's present staff represent 45 years of experience and one of the gals has been with him 22 years.  A good staff can either make or break a business and Tommy is pleased that his staff "makes" his business.

They had fun "acting silly" before our gift exchange.

The staff always gives Tommy and me a gift and this year they "hit the jackpot" with my gift.
You can see from the above photos that I was more than a little pleased.  Here is what they gave me.......
They had this bracelet custom made for me and I hope you can read what is stamped on the plate, "CiCi's heart belongs to a COWBOY and a PRINCESS."  Is that not the sweetest?  And, notice the little charms on each side, one of a horse head and one of a crown.  So, so perfect!!!  

Making memories.......
The Princess spent this past Friday with me.  I had a couple of holiday projects for us to work on.
I had a Gingerbread House for her to decorate.  The house was already put together and all that we were to do was decorate it.  I felt like it was probably more age appropriate for a 4 year old and for this CiCi. ~wink~  She had so much fun and worked so carefully on it.  She was so meticulous and she placed every candy on the house.  All I did was the icing.  After completing the Gingerbread House I got out the paint and she painted a Christmas tree and a snowman.
 I'm thinking we may have a "budding artist" on our hands. ~smile~ It was a real special time for both of us and I hope she is old enough to remember times such as this for the rest of her life.

May your week be especially blessed!
NOTE:  This is the last time that Carissa will host MM.  Our hearts are so sad, but the Lord is taking her and her family a different direction this coming year, so she is laying this aside. What a joy it has been to be a part of MM these past years.  So, I'll still be here on Monday, just in a different format.  We love you Carissa and pray God's richest blessings over you!
Lea @ CiCis Corner
Lea @ CiCis Corner

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  1. I'm sure it is a pleasure working for your husband. It seems like a family which is so rare. You bring such a brightness to the festivities. Love your red sweaters and love your gift! Merry Christmas to you.

    Blessings and love,

  2. Good morning! Enjoyed hearing and seeing all of your Christmas festivities...looks fun. Glad it is all going well for you!

  3. Awe CiCi, that is the sweetest bracelet. They must know you well. We had hubby's office staff here Friday night, and I did it all. I love it, and they deserve it.

  4. Such a beautiful (and handsome, your son) staff working for you. Love the bracelet. Very thoughtful. Cute photo op with the picture frames.

    I'm always blessed when I read your blog!

  5. The bracelet is spot-on PERFECT!!! Wow .Looks like a wonderful party for the staff. And oh, how I love to see your Princess's creativity on the

  6. i know you treat tommy's work family so well and it shows! they must adore you, like i do! and what a thoughtful gift.

    you are such a good grandma. the gingerbread house looks adorable and her painting is really really good! definite artist.

    thank you for your kind, kind words. it will be strange not having to do a blog post every sunday for monday. it makes me sad and also relieved. but all in all, bittersweet. thank you for linking up so often. i always adore your posts. i will still post often - and there will still be miscellany type posts!


  7. That bracelet is beautiful and what a thoughtful gift!!! Hope you have a very merry christmas!

  8. Love the bracelet, guess they know who has your heart, such a special gift. Blessings to you and yours

  9. That's so wonderful that you all get along so well. I loved seeing all of your holiday party pictures. The gift the girls gave you is so precious. Merry Christmas!


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