Friday, December 11, 2015

Friday Favorites

I'm so glad to be linking back up with the gals for Friday Favorites.  Life has been a bit busy and I've missed linking up on Fridays, but had to make time this week for some of my most favorites this holiday season.
Of course, this is our first Christmas in our new house so decorating took on a whole new slant.  Our former house only had 8' ceilings and now we have 11' and 12' ceilings.  Quiet a difference when it comes to the height of a tree.  We've used a 7' tree in the past and this year, it's a 10'.
I have used slimline trees the past several years because I am not into moving furniture or cramping things to make room for a tree.  Our tree is in the foyer and it fit perfectly without a whole lot of fuss.  I guess I am a bit of a minimalist when it comes to decorations but there were at least 25 years that just about every inch of our home was decorated.  But, I do think that even though it is quite simple, it has a elegant beauty about it. 
 I love the welcoming look of the front porch.  Again, simply done. 
Our church is absolutely beautiful whether it is Christmas or not.  But, during the Christmas season, it is stunning.  These pictures do not do it justice at all, but I think you can get an idea of why it's definitely a favorite of mine. ~a beautiful place of worship~
A few weeks back I mentioned that I was getting into essential oils.  Well, I got my first diffuser last week and I cannot tell you how impressed I am.  This is by Stadler Form (a Swedish company) and it runs for 21 hours intermittently, 10 minutes on and 20 minutes off.   The essential oils I use are by DoTerra and little by little I am learning the use of them.  Most of them can be used to diffuse, ingest or rub on.  They have one called On Guard and it is for immunity and one that I have used in my diffuser.  I'm thinking that my daughter and DIL both need these in their classrooms.  They could fight off germs with the On Guard and then put one of the calming oils in when their class was getting a bit out of hand. ~just a thought~  I have another one of these on order and will be using it to diffuse lavender in our bedroom at night.  The more I learn about the oils, the better I like them and the benefits of using them.  There is just so much to learn and I'm so thankful for my advisor who is assisting me.
And, last but certainly not least are these handy trash cans.  I am using these tonight for the party we are having here.  I will have them sitting in various spots and then we'll just pull the sleeve up, tie and dispose of it.  I got a few of these in holiday print for 75% off after Christmas last year.  They come flat and when you fling it open it locks in place.  Really, really cool, especially for functions.  If you cannot find them they are available from Amazon.
 ~what isn't~ 

Have yourself a merry little weekend!!!!

Lea @ CiCis Corner
Lea @ CiCis Corner

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  1. You are right, not a prettier sanctuary anywhere unless it is ours. They are quiet similar. I hope you all have a great time together tonight. And your home looks lovely. I agree with the welcoming front porch. We love our essential oils and are keeping our diffuser with an immunity oil, Thieves, with lemon, orange and peppermint going in the kitchen all day. You might also put a touch of lavender on your temples and throat at night for additional relaxation. Have a good weekend.

  2. Thank you for posting your Christmas tree. I love how you have things sprouting out the top of it, reminding me of celebratory fireworks! And slimline -- we've got one in our dining room. I'd like to have a slimmer tree in our family room but somebody else in this house is not ready for that yet (smile). All of your decor is truly lovely. It's all too easy to let the Christmas decor look junky. You have set a fine example.

  3. I enjoyed seeing your decorations in your new home.
    Also, thanks for the diffuser recommendation. I've been wanting to get one and not sure which to get with all the choices and options. I want to use oils more.

  4. I am definitely going to have to check more into the oils....very interesting and intriguing. We went to a slim line tree last year too and I have loved it. Fits perfectly by the fireplace now and much quicker to put up as well. All of your decorations are lovely. And those trash containers! What a good idea...wish I had those last week, lol. Enjoy your week-end!

  5. I love the front porch ,Lea. Simple and so inviting. My daughter is in to the essential oils. She was a skeptic, and admitted she tried to find reasons NOT to like them (because it seemed "trendy' to her and maybe a bit hyped) but she has benefitted greatly and practically "swears by" them now. She particularly likes Thieves (for what, I can't recall) and Lavender for sleeping.

  6. Love your porch Lea, very elegant! I love using essential oils, lavender is a favorite of mine, as is peppermint, which helps with a headache! Thanks for sharing.

  7. I'm loving your decorations- especially the porch! What a lovely home. Thanks for sharing about the diffuser. I love Stadler Form products because they don't look so "electronic-y".

    One word of advice about the oils in the classrooms, please be careful as many suffer from allergies, sensitivities and illnesses that can be triggered by scents and supplements. I have an autoimmune disorder and cannot have my immune system boosted or my disease would go into overdrive. Just my two cents. I do love essential oils, though for other benefits. The lavender oil in my two year old daughter's bath at night has helped her skin and her sleep! Yay!


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