Monday, January 4, 2016

Monday's Musings

Ahhhhh........the new year is here and now things can get back to a normal routine. ~whatever that is~  As I stated previously, the week between Christmas and New Year's is NOT a favorite of mine.  I am so off track, I never seem to know what day it is and I even found myself bored this past week.  I know, I know!
I think a part of the feeling of boredom was that for the last 18 months to 2 years there has hardly been any time to even come up for air.  We were up to our eyeballs with the building of our new house, then moving and settling in after 35 years of living in the same house.  I think this past week was the first week in a long, long time that something wasn't vying for my attention and I hardly knew how to handle it.  But, I heard the Lord saying to me more than once, "Be still and know."  Oh, what powerful words!  I'm not a person that comes by being still naturally.  I like and enjoy being busy or having something to do.  Now, I do not do well with being too busy and really guard against that.  But, I like having something to do.  
And, because I was unusually "still" last week it caused me to spend a lot of time reminiscing.  I thought a lot about my Mom that I still miss terribly, who died 7 years ago this past Dec. 1st.  I thought of our daughter and how I wish she was still just 3 hours up the road.   I wasn't particularly sad, but longing for both of them.  But, it's a new week and a new year and I am ready to meet them head on!

To add insult to injury last week, it was a week of things breaking.
We had an awful storm a week ago last night and the winds blew like crazy here on the hill.  And, the above picture is what I found on our front porch when I got up Monday morning.  Yep, one of my pretty pots was blown to pieces. ~beyond repair~ But, thankfully I was able to order another one  and Hubby is going to fill them completely with sand and we're hopeful they can withstand the strong winds, should they occur again.  They were only filled partially and obviously partially is not enough.
On Wednesday I was getting ready to close the dishwasher door to do a load of dishes and the door refused to close.  After close inspection I found that the gasket on one side was not in proper placement and prevented the door from closing.  Hubby took a look and realized it wasn't something he could fix, so I called a GE Service Provider.  They only come to our area on Wednesdays, so guess what?  I've been reaquainted with washing dishes by hand and will be until Wednesday when hopefully our dishwasher will be back in working order.
Then Thursday my desktop computer started acting very squirrely and then just completely stopped working.  I contacted my trusty computer guy and in short order he informed me that the hard drive had gone out and I would need to replace it.  Thankfully, the new hard drive will be delivered tomorrow ~thanks to Amazon Prime~ and my computer guy says he'll have me back in working order in no time.  
So, in the midst of my boredom last week I was kept busy by cleaning up the mess of the broken pot, and calling repairmen.

And, this little guy turned 4 months old on Thursday.
 I mean, does this not make you want to reach up there and pinch those precious fat rolls!  He may have come into the world a tiny, tiny little thing, but he's wasted no time in getting fluffy.  He goes to the Dr. on Thursday and we cannot wait to see what he weighs.

And, in closing, I have not made New Year resolutions in many years but I do spend time pondering needed changes in my life with each new year.  I have had words for the year in the past and in the past few weeks the word INTENTIONAL has kept coming to my mind.  I want to be more intentional this new year. I'm praying it will cause me to accomplishment a lot more in areas where I need improvement.

Lea @ CiCis Corner
Lea @ CiCis Corner

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  1. Intentional is a good word, Lea and I like it. I am sorry for all the "mishaps" at your home...I wish I had a dishwasher--would make things so much easier, wink. Have a happy Monday regardless.

  2. I had to chuckle when I saw your picture of the broken pot, only because the very same thing happened here a few years ago. ONE porch pot that looked almost exactly like yours, was blown over and broken by the winds. I never did find another one just like it, so have 2 out there that I don't particularly love, and the unbroken one became an entry way tree with lights at Christmas. :)
    I like the 'intentional' word too, it is one that we 'intentionally' use every single day as we make our choices.

    Happy 2016 my friend! May God bless this year in special new ways for His glory.

  3. Good morning! My goodness...he is absolutely adorable! Seriously soo cute. I too chose to be busy ninety nine point nine percent of the time. It's just how I prefer things. Not stressed....but busy. And that week is usually the ONLY week I am not and by the end of it I am itching to get busy again and this week is NO exception, so I will be getting my plans together today. Plus, I ruined last week by being sick and that is never good. Your word is a good one! Have a good week!

  4. I remember when you posted the picture of the broken porch pot on Face Book and it was so shocking. That idea of filling it up with sand sounds really good. We get a lot of wind here along the foothills so I am always open to new ideas of how to secure my stuff!!

  5. Happy New Year to YOU my friend!
    I think it is perfectly ok to just relax.
    Sometimes it feels so overwhelming (especially in blog land, right?).

    Just enjoy!


  6. I hear you about the week between Christmas and New Years!!! Glad it is Monday and I can settle into a routine. It is Monday, isn't it?

  7. It's good to spend time pondering and I've been doing a little bit of that too. Thinking of some things I'd like to improve in 2016 and how to go about that, among other things.

    Your little grandson is adorable!

    Take care.

  8. I am always glad to have the holidays behind me. I enjoy all the activity, but for me it's also that week between Christmas and New Years thats so hard. Things have settled down yet your not able to get back into your normal routine yet. I like the word intentional, it's how we need to live each day, isn't it. I've been doing a lot of reflecting as well and am looking forward to see what the new year will hold....BTW grandson is precious!

  9. Oh! I am so sorry about all the mishaps, Lea, maybe you have had your share for 2016~smile~
    I usually take the week between Christmas and New Years to reflect on the past year, and ponder new beginnings! I also do not make resolutions, just set goals, and usually have a phrase or word for the New Year!
    I like your word for 2016~
    Your little one is so precious, what a smile!
    Happy New Year!,

  10. New Year's blessings to you Lea. It seems life has sailed by so quickly and getting around blog land has been difficult. I'm sorry about you pot but glad you got another. Sometimes computers can be so much trouble. I like you word for 2016. I would also love to come kiss those cheeks.
    Hope your week is peaceful!

  11. So sorry about all the breaking of things during your holiday, but it sounds like you tackled them head on like you always do. Those were my exact thoughts when I saw the babies picture on FB. Nothing more precious and squeezable than fat little arms and legs. He certainly lost no time catching up. He is just perfect! See you Friday.

  12. It is hard for me to be still and that scripture is a great reminder. Your grandson is so cute! Happy New Year :)


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