Monday, January 18, 2016

Monday's Musings

 Last week started off in such a sweet way.  I was invited to have lunch at a very special lady's house.
This precious lady is affectionately known as "Ms. Virginia."  She is probably one of the dearest ladies I have ever had the privilege of knowing.  On January 4th, her precious husband of 70 years went to be with the Lord.  Mr. Dick and Virginia have been a part of our community forever and loved dearly by all. His memorial service was such a tribute to the man that he was and the wife that she was to him all of their married years.  It was truly a celebration!
We had the privilege of keeping 4 of the Granddaughters in our Guest Suite while they were here for the services.  They were just delightful and we were so glad that we could help them out in this way.
Last Monday Ms. Virginia had, what she called, a "thank you" luncheon for those that helped them out during this time.  When she asked me I was somewhat stunned.  I mean, she had just buried her husband, she is 89 years old, lost her sight to MD about 12 years ago, but she's going to have a luncheon.  This is the kind of lady she is and the kind of lady that I aspire to be.  
It was such fun and she made us all feel so special.  She used many of the flowers they had received to place around her house to add such a bright touch to a really sad time.  
Virginia's sweet sister, Sue (in the purple) spent last week with her helping get things lined out.  Ms. Virginia says that for now she will be staying there in their home and continuing to be used as the Lord sees fit.  Now, is that not inspiring!!  She will be 90 years old in June and one more amazing woman who just keeps on keeping on.
Our little Clancy man got the Antler Pride Award for Sincerity last Friday at his school's assembly.  I'm thinking that if his sincerity is already noticed that he's well on the road to success.  He was pretty excited about his Super Star Award!
It's hard to believe that this little "showboat" is about to be 1 year old!  It is rare for her not to be sporting a big smile and is already such a people person.  She is busy, busy little girl! And, if you look really close you can definitely see that red hair. ~big smile~

Have yourself a wonderful new week!

Lea @ CiCis Corner
Lea @ CiCis Corner

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  1. Such an inspiring story of your friend and the luncheon she hosted. A good role model for those of us coming up behind her. Congrats to Clancy on his award, and look at Andie Kate! Such a cute little dolly!

  2. Good morning! Your right of course....what an inspiring story about this sweet woman. Even against one of those facts...her age, her eyesight, just losing her husband of 70 years, would be reason enough for most to just sink into despair let alone GIVE a luncheon and be ready for whatever the Lord would still have her do. What an inspiration she must be to all who know her. And the Lord is sure to say, well done good and faithful servant when she finally enters heavens doors. Cute grandkid pics....can't believe that cutie is almost a year already. It just flys by anymore. Have a good week Lea!

  3. Oh, my! How sweet of her to do that for everyone. 70 years of marriage...just amazing.

  4. What a precious lady, Ms. Virginia is, she reminds of my Mom, who turns 88 today! So sweet of you to help with her grandchildren!
    Congratulations to your grandson, Clancy, a super star indeed! What a cutie your granddaughter is!
    I am ready for some amazing things this week,
    for you as well!.

  5. Isn't she precious!! We NEED those time tested saints as our examples, and you are blessed to know her. Also love the pics of your little adorable ones!

  6. Such an inspiring story. Thanks for sharing. I told a young minister the other day, yes I love seeing the young generation, but the ones who make me think, are the ones still coming through all the years. We need this generation. Precious pics of the grands.

  7. I am so glad Virginia was able to entertain again. I know how much she used to love to do that. And do it well! She is truly a saint and role model for so many of us. Congrats to that handsome Clancy. Such an honor! And little Missy is just growing so fast. She is adorable and yes the red hair is evident.

  8. Bless her heart! She lost the love of her life and then turns around and shares a beautiful meal with family and friends. I liked seeing her table and how she used the flowers she received, to dress up her lovely table. This just touched my heart this morning.

    As for your little Clancy and the honor he received, well, you must be so proud of him. So cute!

    Once again, I enjoyed my visit here and reading all the last few posts you shared. By the way, your new pots by the front door, look so good!


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