Friday, June 3, 2016

Lea's Favorites

A few of my favorites today............
My favorite bathing her Momma said, it's the only time in her life that her little pot belly is "too cute for words."  
Succulents....... they seem to be all the rage.  And, the faux succulents are so real that I really can't imagine trying to grow the real thing.  I've been looking for just the right container to have an arrangement of them done in and found it about two weeks ago. It's a replica of an old dough bowl.  I then went on a search for the succulents and then I searched Pinterest for ideas on how I wanted them arranged.  I took it all to my favorite florist and she did an outstanding job of putting it all together.  I've already had two people ask me if it was real.  I'm thrilled with it and it's a favorite for my kitchen table this summer.
 ~~~~~~ what this little book is that Coleman is holding.  If you do not know about these and have little ones or Grans then you need to check these out.  They are made of some type of material that truly is indestructible.  Coleman loves his!  I got him two for Christmas and he has just started playing with them and his Mom tells me that he loves them.  He can bite it and wad it up and it will bounce back.  It's even washable.  They can be found on Amazon, and they are called Indestructibles.
A favorite breakfast's called Cinnamon French Toast Bake and you can find the recipe here.  It's made with canned cinnamon rolls.  My sister in law made this for breakfast one morning when we were visiting and Hubby and I loved it.  The recipe calls for making it in a 9X13 pan and the one time I've made it I made it in an 8X8 pan and halved the recipe. My sister in law had done that and said that she saw some comments about it being hard to get done in the middle when baked in a 9X13.  But, it's just as easy to do it in 2 8X8 and that's what I did for our Branson trip.  I made it and have it in the freezer to take with us this weekend.  It is so, so easy and so, so good!  You should definitely give it a try. NOTE: I did not do the garnish that is suggested on the recipe.  I think it's plenty sweet enough without it and if someone wants added sweetness they can add extra syrup to their portion.

We'll be heading out in the morning towards Branson for a time of family fun.  I'm sure I'll have lots to "show and tell" upon our return.  

Lea @ CiCis Corner
Lea @ CiCis Corner

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  1. Have a fun and safe trip, my friend. Loved the photos. smiles

  2. What a yummy breakfast idea. Have a safe trip and a great time!

  3. Absolutely love the arrangement and especially your selection of faux succulents. Now, that breakfast is one I see my Indiana family enjoying. Big Boy can eat a whole roll of mega cinnamon rolls all by himself. Have a great trip.

  4. Your bathing beauty is adorable. Hope you have a great time in Branson.

  5. I just love a belly on a baby. So cute!! Have a wonderful time with your family!

  6. Your [fake] succulents are beautiful. I made up 2 when we moved to this house, keeping one on the back deck and one on the front porch. I leave them out there all summer long and our strong winds have not bothered them a bit.

    Enjoy Branson!

  7. Love all you favorites Lea! I can't wait to see your pics from Branson-we haven't been there yet.
    Your granddaughter is adorable!
    Hope you have a great weekend.

  8. Enjoyed reading your favorites. I love the cute little pot belly; very adorable at this age. I've enjoyed following you on Facebook and hopefully I'll have more time this summer to catch up with my blogging friends.

    Blessings and love,

  9. There is nothing cuter than a little baby pot belly! Oh that Cinnamon French Toast sounds wonderful. Have a blessed week Leah!


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