Friday, May 12, 2017

Lea's Favorites

It's been a couple of weeks since I shared any of my favorites with you but I have some good ones for you today.  

These Perfect Portions bags are great if you, like myself, often buy bigger packages of meat and then divide them out into smaller portions.  I use them for chicken, pork chops and hamburger patties.  I can put each individual portion in one of these and then put them all in a Ziploc freezer bag and remove just what I need, one at a time.  You can find them where all the Ziploc products are found.

I have a couple of different bottled waters to share with you.  The first one I just found a couple of weeks ago.  I drink a lot of water and sometimes I tire of plain water.  I've used the flavorings and have tired of them as well.  So, I started looking for flavored waters and I found this by OceanSpray.  It is a cranberry infused water and it is soooo good.  I order it from Amazon but I'm sure that a lot of grocery stores carry it, just not in our fair city. ~shucks~ And, something else I like about this  is the plastic bottle is very thick and not flimsy.

This is my other favorite flavored water.   Nestle makes 3 flavors, Mandarin Orange, Acai Berry and Mixed Berry.  They are all very good and they are not too strong, just the right amount of flavor.  The one thing I do not like is that the Nestle bottles are very, very flimsy.  You have to be very careful just taking the top off of the bottle or you will get water all over you. ~ugh~ But, once you get the hang of it, it's not a big deal.

Okay folks, if you have never owned a steam mop then you are missing out on a great cleaning tool for your floors.  I just recently bought one of these.  I have owned a steam mop in the past but bought the Swiffer brand this time. I only use a steam mop on my wood floors about 2 times a year and on my ceramic anytime I want to.  Steam cleans better than any cleaner on the market and it leaves your floors squeaky clean.  And, I love the sizzle of the steam when using the mop. ~big grin~

You gals may have been using this for a long time but I just found it a few months ago.  And, I have no idea if it's a rather new product or been around for ages.  Like I said, I just found it and the word "gel" is what attracted me to it.  I like cleaners with bleach but you have to be so, so careful if they splash.  One drop on a bathmat can ruin it, so I love the fact that this cleaner is not "splashy."  I sometimes stand on the cleaning aisle at the store and study the various cleaners.  In fact, that's exactly how I came across this.  The choices are endless and it causes me to wonder just how many different ingredients can there be for cleaners.  It's sort of like facial skincare.  I mean, I think the names are just changed and minor alterations made to the ingredients and a price attached and their often pretty much the same. ~just my thoughts~

And, last but certainly not least, is this extra big and loud timer!  I have always used a timer even though my stove and washer and dryer have always had buzzers and timers on them.  My kids would be quick to tell you that timers going off at our house use to nearly drive them crazy.  They saw no need for it. ~smile~  But, I prefer this timer to any other.  And, since moving in our new house I have used it more than ever and turn it up as loud as it will go.  I couldn't hear the buzzers on our appliances if I had to. (and I think I still have good hearing)  They have a very polite sound and one could only hear it if they were in the room.  And, my washer and dryer are a long ways away from the living area.  And, yes, I do use the timer on my Iphone a lot but sometimes it is just easier to grab and set this.  It can be bought directly from the ThermoWorks website, believe it or not, it is NOT on Amazon! 

Okay, there you have it for this edition of favorites.  Hoping one of them becomes one of yours as well.  I'm off to enjoy another weekend with family!  Moms out there, have yourself a wonderful day on Sunday.

Lea @ CiCis Corner
Lea @ CiCis Corner

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  1. Lea, these are great favorites. I use the Clorox gel and really like it. With you recommendation need to buy a steam mop! Have a wonderful Mother's Day weekend!


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