Monday, March 9, 2020

Random Thoughts

Some random thoughts for this Monday morning.....................

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I was searching through my computer folders over the weekend and came across the one that held the journal my Dad wrote after my Mom died.  My Dad began writing his journey of grief within days of my Mom's death on Dec. 1, 2008.   As he wrote each entry he shared it with my two brothers and me via email.  He wrote for almost a year following her death and these entries are soooooo dear to my heart.  I read them often the first couple of years following her death but had not read them in a very long time when I ran across them this weekend.  I became so lost in my memories of Mom as I read Dad's entries and the tears flowed freely.  As he shared from the depths of his heart his loss, it brought back so many memories of all of our grief but especially my Dad's huge loss of the love of his life for almost 59 years.  I know it was so very theraputic for my Dad to write this journal  and it was theraputic for me as I read each entry.  Mom died suddenly 12 years ago this past December but as I reread this journal, it all seemed so fresh and as if she had just died.  Grief is such a strange thing.  I don't know that my brothers and I would have ever known the deep, deep grief our Daddy felt following Mom's death if it were not for his  journal.  What a treasure!  


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I'm pretty sure that this and other similar products are hard to come by right now with the threat of the Coronovirus.  I noticed while at Wal-Mart this weekend that the shelves, where these products are stocked, was completely bare.  One of the stock clerks told me that they cannot order it right now that their distributors send a limited amount when they can and most deliveries have none.  The same holds true for hand sanitizers and face masks.  A lot of folks have gone into full panic mode.  I definitely think that we all should be very wise and careful during this time but I do not think we need to panic.   And, it really aggravates me when the media tries to make something political out if it.  Hopefully this will be short lived and in the meantime may we all go about our daily lives, not fearfully, but carefully and never forgetting that HE knows exactly what is going on.  Perhaps handshakes and hugs should be on "hold" for a while. 

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Most days if you stopped by our house you would hear Alexa belting out the "old hymns" on one of my favorite stations that she offers.  I know pretty much everyone of them from memory and I often sing along.  The old hymns bring such comfort to my soul and in general make me happy.  I can have great worship just listening to them.  I am sorry that most of the children of today will never know the "wonderfulness" of these great old hymns.  I have nothing against the contemporary music that has taken over so much of our worship, but just not sure it  brings the kind of reverence to worship that the hymns bring.  And, I'm pretty sure that when my generation is gone from this earth that there will be nothing but contemporary worship with no hymns whatsoever.  
And, while I'm on the also makes me sad that most children of today will never experience an invitation at the end of worship.  There's nothing quite like seeing folks walking the aisle to accept Christ as their Savior, rededicate their life or desire church membership.  And, there's nothing quite like the hymn Just As I Am.  I could not possibly remember how many times I have sung that invitational hymn in my life.  In so many contemporary services  there is NOT a traditional invitation but rather an area where church staff will meet with those desiring to make a decision.  
It's a different era and one that I have struggles with and we all have our thoughts and opinions and it's doubtful that either of us will change our mind.  But, I will always try to be respectful of each person's way of worship and hymn/song selection as long as it always bring honor and glory to HIM.  And, I'm thankful that we have a choice of which type of worship service we attend at our church.  One is called traditional and one is contemporary. We attend the traditional worship but I really wish we had a "blended worship" service, it's my preference.  To me, it's the best of both worlds, but no one has asked my opinion yet. ~smile~  I'll hush for now as I think I've gone to rambling. ~smile~

And, that's some of the random thoughts that have been floating around in my head lately.

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Lea @ CiCis Corner
Lea @ CiCis Corner

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  1. I am with you on keeping the old hymns. To me part of the faith is worshipping as our grandparents worshipped. Please don't attribute the politicizing of the coronavirus to the media. It's not their fault. The President politicized it first. It's so sad.

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  2. What a wonderful treasure to have those journals your father wrote.

    I totally agree with you on the hymns. We sing the old hymns still at our church and that is what I love, but sometimes I would like to do some of the contemporary stuff too. I can't imagine not singing hymns at least some of the time. They are definitely my favorite too.

    Have a blessed day.

  3. I must agree with you on everything you wrote and I do think the media is greatly responsible for trying to create a scare that sensationalizes any event they deem worthy. Neither can we ignore the affect politics has played into this but I am yet to see how it has or will benefit the current administration to play it up as some have accused. Now, I'm off my soap box. I got out the love letters my dad wrote my mother and read several of them. Oh the love our parents shared with each other and us as well. Blessed!

  4. Our church sings hymns and I absolutely love it. We sang Leanjng On The Everlasting Arms on Sunday and it was rousing. I sang hymns to my babies when I rocked them to sleep or soothe their fussing. I’m doing my part to keep them going 😊

  5. I so enjoyed this post and couldn't agree with your more!!

  6. What a treasure you have with your Dad's journal. I am sure that writing down his feelings helped him get through that difficult time. Sometimes I'll play my Alan Jackson CD of old hymns and it is a comfort. Our church plays more contemporary music so that is the only way I will be able to enjoy it. A blended worship sound really nice (no one has asked my opinion either. ;)

  7. You've shared some precious thoughts with the memories rising to the surface after your mother's Homegoing. What a blessing to be able to read your dad's journal during that most tender of times in your family's life.

    As for the traditional music and invitation at the end of a service -- I'm right there with you girl. We joined a SBC church just two months ago that has a blended traditional service and a contemporary one to follow. We are in the traditional and I joined the choir. The music blesses me sooo much.

  8. I go to a Catholic Church where there is a 90 year old priest who likes to sing everything.
    He's not on pitch but his heart is in the right place. Stay healthy, Lea.

  9. I go to the little Country Church that I have attended my whole life. We still sing the old hymns and still have the invitation at the end of the service. We still gather at the altar to pray, and I still love it. Times change, my Daughter go to a new-fangled Church. Not my thing but they love it and I am happy that they go and are involved. Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

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