Saturday, March 21, 2020

Saturday 9

Saturday 9

Well, it has been a few months since I participated in the Saturday 9.  But, hey, I have plenty of time on my hand right now and I need to have something to do, so here I am.

Complete Symphonies (2019)

This week we're classing up the joint with a well-received box-set by the Danish Chamber Orchestra. You can listen to the orchestra here.

1) Beethoven is one of classical music's best known composers. Do you often listen to classical music? Well, not sure it would be called classical but I listen to Easy Listening all the time.  It's just the best, not so noisey and very soothing and calming.  And, I love many of Beethoven's pieces! 

2) Though a musical genius, Beethoven never learned to multiply or divide. When faced with a simple arithmetic problem, do you do it in your head? Or do you rely on the calculator in your phone or on your computer?

I only use a calculator for big numbers, I am very good and fast with the less complex problems in my head.  But, I am amazed at many of the younger generation that can't add 2+2 in their head. ~chuckle~

3) Beethoven bathed often, which was considered "quirky" for a man of his time. (Understandable, since you had the heat the water, haul it to the tub, and then empty the tub bucket by bucket when you were done.) Do you bathe in the morning or in the evening?

I shower every morning and generally get the water as hot as I can stand it.  It is soooo envigorating!!!  And, so thankful that I can get hot water just by merely turning a knob.

4) Adam Fischer conducts the Danish Chamber Orchestra for this 5-disc set. He began his musical career young, when he sang in the children's choir of Budapest's National Opera House. Have you ever sung in a choir or chorus?

Oh, many!  I was a part of a youth choir when I was a teen that was composed of teens throughout the area where we lived.  I have the fondest  memories of being a part of this.  I have been in church choirs for many years.  I am not currently in a church choir thanks to Acid Reflux that has pretty much ruined my voice.  Ugh!!!!
5) Mr. Fischer was awarded the Gold Medal of Arts from the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC. Tell us about a prize or award you have received. (Yes, that ribbon you earned for penmanship in second grade counts.)

I won a couple of awards in piano competitions when I was in Jr. High school and I was crowned Miss Science Club when I was a Sophmore in high school.  Goodness, talk about "digging up bones."

6) The Danish Chamber Orchestra is beloved in Demark. When, in 2014, the Danish Broadcasting Company announced it would no longer fund the Orchestra, citizens began a crowdfunding campaign and raised more than $1,000,000 to keep the music playing. Have you ever contributed to a crowdfunding platform, like GoFundMe, Kickstarter or FundRazr?
I have not.  There has never been a cause that I felt passionate enough about to contribute to on those entities up to this point.

7) The Orchestra's "home" is the Royal Danish Conservatory of Music in Copenhagen. Where were you when you last heard music played live?

That would be church.  Our traditional service has a pianist and a keyboardist and the contemporary service has a praise band.

8) In 2019, when this boxed set was released, China became the first nation to land a spacecraft on the far side of the moon. Are you fascinated by stories about space?
Not in the least!  

9) Random question: Tell us about your week. These are extraordinary times, and it might feel good to share.
To say it has been VERY different would be an understatement!  I'll be blogging about it shortly, so stay tuned.

And, I leave you with this.........

“I told myself that I was going to live the rest of my life as if it were Saturday.”
― Chip Gaines

Lea @ CiCis Corner
Lea @ CiCis Corner

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  1. Like you, I love my showers. And thinking about the hassle Ludwig went through makes me appreciate them even more.

  2. Yeah, that we can shower anytime...we are living through interesting times.


  3. I take my shower at night.
    I was spelling bee champ in the 6th grade, went onto compete
    on the radio and spelled the word "odor" wrong. I spelled it
    "oder". I have never forgotten how to correctly spell it since.
    Have a great Saturday.

  4. I love that you were Miss Science Club! Brains and beauty. :) That quote from Chip Gaines is a good one. Enjoy your weekend...though I guess it's all weekend right now.

  5. I like that last quote. I have started taking ending my showers with 30 seconds of cold shower, because I read that it would help build your immune system to do that. For the first week it was not fun but now I look forward to that last blast of cold.

  6. Yes to a hot morning shower to get going! I enjoyed reading your answers today! Happy Saturday in isolation!

  7. Interesting that both of us decided to join up again after all this time away from the Saturday blog. Enjoyed reading your answers.

  8. The Chip Gaines quote is good and aren't most of us pretty much having to live that way now?!!

    Miss Science Club -- what kind of science did you like to win that honor?

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