Wednesday, June 24, 2020

A "Pinky" Hodgepodge

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I've missed the past couple of weeks of the HP and am thrilled to be back today.  And, as always, thanks to Joyce for providing this link up for us each week.

1. This time last year where were you?
Right where I am today, at home.  June is generally not a traveling month for us, our daughter usually comes to see us in June.

2. In honor of National Pink Day (June 23rd) tell us your favorite pink food or beverage. Was it on the menu at your house yesterday? Do you like to wear the color pink? If we came to visit would we find this color in your home decor? Blush-fuschia-salmon-raspberry-your favorite shade of pink?
My favorite pink food would be a dessert called Pink Fluff.  It's a pie made of whipped cream and a can of cherry pie filling, poured in a graham cracker crust and chilled.  It is a wonderful summer time dessert.
No, it wasn't on the menu yesterday nor has it been in a very long time.
I can and do wear soft pink tops on occasions but I currently do not have any pink in my closet.
No, there is absolutely no shade of pink in our home decor.
I would say that blush and salmon are my favorite shades of pink.

3. Stop and smell the roses, looking through rose colored glasses, a rose by any other name, not all moonlight and roses, no rose without a thorn...which rosy saying currently fits your life in some way? Explain.
Hummm......I think I'd have to say, "looking through rose colored glasses."  I say that because that is how I am trying to view the current condition of our country. I'm trying hard to stay positive and hope that it all turns out a whole lot better than the way it is headed.

4. Are you a 'reader'? Do you tend to read lighter books in the summer months? Do you have a summer reading list? If so, give us a title or two.

I have gotten back in to reading since the Covid stay at home order back in March.  While being so confined, I began reading and have so enjoyed it.  I use to read a lot and got away from it for a while but I'm back at it now.  Above is my current stack of books.  I do like heavy or historical books.  I generally enjoy just a good fiction novel.

5. Share with us one rose and one thorn from your weekend.
The rose would be a lovely breakfast with friends on Saturday morning before Hubby and I headed out to find light fixtures and a fan for our pergola.

A thorn would have to be the very sad condition of our country. It grieves my heart.

6. Insert your own random thought here.

Unmarked Graves, a song by 28 Days on Spotify
Monday our illustrious governor gave a Covid update and it was NOT what I wanted to hear.  We were suppose to enter Phase 3 in the coming days but no more.  He added 28 more days to Phase 2.  Good grief!  Phase 3 means that families that have loved ones in senior living facilities would be able to go in to see them.  I am beyond ready to get in to my Daddy's apartment/room.  We have been able to have porch visits the past month but I am tired of having to depend on someone at the facility to do for him what I normally do. Things such as make sure his socks match his clothes, his candy baskets are properly filled, his linens changed in a timely manner and the list goes on and on.  His limited eyesight prevents him from being able to do these things on his own.  And, one would think that "assisted living" means just that, ASSISTED.  But, sadly it doesn't.  I have to contract separately with a nurse to administer his meds twice a day.  Assisted living facilities in Louisiana are not allowed to do anything medically  for their residents.  I mean, really!!!!  Oh, my, guess I'm sounding a bit negative and I don't like that.  So, I'll close by saying throughout this whole Covid ordeal my Daddy has been so content and for that, I am more than thankful.

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Lea @ CiCis Corner
Lea @ CiCis Corner

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  1. Oh I do hope you get to see your Dad soon. Thousands can march arm in arm but you can’t see your own father one on one. The inconsistencies are mind boggling. It is challenging to stay positive but keep looking up!

  2. Enjoyed your answers Lea. I would have to say that salmon color would be my favorite. We've not been able to see our Mother either Lea. So sad. Her mind is so bad and I am so afraid she is going to forget us totally. Even with talking with her by phone she gets so confused. So very, very sad. My favorite pink drink would be pink lemonade. Hope your week is good dear lady. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  3. Our governor's decision was indeed interesting because from all indications, the numbers have gone down, not up. Sure seems suspect to me. Not to mention aggravating! You and Tommy are going to enjoy your pergola so much and it already is such a beautiful addition to your yard. Can't wait to see the finished product.

  4. I hope you are able to see your Dad soon. Having to distance from family is so hard! Have a great day :)

  5. Lea: I enjoyed all of your answers.
    I do have pink in my closet but not in my home.
    I know it is rough taking care of your Dad,
    but I know you will certainly do a good job.
    My Mom lived with us for eight years and it was
    a job of love.
    Have a good Wednesday.

  6. I loved the book, Before We Were Yours! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. So glad that your sweet Daddy seems to be managing this pandemic as best he can. I know it must be so hard and I was just as disappointed with not going to Phase 3 as you were.

  7. I finally got to have a porch visit with my sister. Don't know how long it will be before we can have more than that.

  8. It must be so hard to not be able to be there with you dad. I miss my dad who passed 7 years ago. You have a lovely site.

  9. I hope you can visit inside with your daddy soon. I am glad he is doing well despite the restrictions. The pink fluff dessert sounds refreshing. Have a great week :)

  10. I sure feel for your daddy in the assisted living and you not being able to help him. I definitely had a wake up call about assisted living when my mom went into a facility. "Assisted" really just means meals, and we also had to have nursing help to come in to make sure she kept her medicines straight. I can also relate to your Covid orders. Texas #'s are on the rise so we now have mandatory masks indoors. After going out to restaurants etc for the past few weeks, I plan to stay at home more for timebeing. Take care!

  11. Hello.

    I have thought many times of the people that are in the nursing homes and their family members who cannot see them right now. This must be so difficult on everyone.

    I really like the quote you put at the end, thanks for posting that.

    I wonder if your pink dessert is the same one I am thinking there anything else besides Cool Whip? I would love to make it, except I know I'd just eat it all myself! lol

    God bless,

  12. I'm so sorry that your reunion with your dad has been pushed back. That has to be so hard.

    I'm with you on #3.

  13. How awful that your assisted living facilities are not "assisted" at all! We had to put my grandmother in AL and they gave medications and had three levels of care she could move into. It was wonderful and took such a load off my shoulders as I was her caregiver. I love your attitude and I also try to keep on the bright side of all this but it is harder and harder to do. Hugs for you!

  14. Yes times are troubling in our Country and it makes me sad. I pray that we can heal from it all before too long. Sending HUGS and PRAYERS to you and your Daddy.

  15. I love the way you are "trying" to be so positive...I am really struggling with that these days. My heart just gets so heavy thinking about all that is going on. And I am soooooo very sick of worrying about this virus. My mother is almost 92 and bless her heart she has been almost nowhere. My brother (who lives near her while I don't) does try to take her out riding once a week. She lives at home alone and I know she is so bored and lonesome...and she misses her church terribly. My "favorite" (and only remaining uncle) lives in Asst. Living but so far we have been extremely happy with his facility. I hate though that his daughter and grandchildren aren't being able to visit...even window visits are not great because he is almost blind and he can't really see them. Oh well...I need to quit sounding negative and count my blessings...and I do have many:)

  16. Dang it, I was hoping you’d have seen your dad. Tough times my friend. But I love your sweet attitude and I wish I had some pink fluff, lol.

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